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Written by Jane Sophia

My Wife fond of visiting some fantastic holiday destinations in India, and to choose a perfect one I went through a number of travel blogs. Fortunately, I found an excellent online travel guide which guided me to Nainital. After two days we packed all our stuffs to start the most remarkable and unforgettable trip.  In the morning at 6 o’clock we reach Kathgodam, we continue by bus to Nainital (1938m). It rains for the first time right in India and we are freezing at somewhat 20 degrees temperature fall. This excellent Honeymoon Destination is located just before the Himalayas and is a popular tourist destination in the summer. The summer retractable of the British, Nainital packages are a journey into the majestic heritage that is most important in this stunning mountain station.


A Nainital packages consists of a visit to the royal structures, in the mountains, a boat trip to the famous lake and a recreational stint on the trekking. Nainital vacation packages also include day trips get aways like Bhimtal, Sattal. Located within 25 km from Nainital, these small destinations are attractively similar to mountain stations with lakes and flowering hills at the sides. Go for cheap holidays in Nainital with the variety of accommodation options available in the city.

It is just the starting of the wonderful season to enjoy and correspondingly the hotel rates are high. Of signposted trails, this should obviously belong to hiking in the rain is really not the favourite thing for the most. My kids had strayed several times in the tangle of trampling paths leads a fortified way to the Snowview. On the top of the road we had a chai (sugar tea with milk) and the fortunately very good view of the Himalayas.

Finally, after the rain stopped, it goes on. The goal is the Naina Peak (2610m) the highest mountain in Nainital. The path is beautifully landscaped, partly quite steep, with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountain chains. On the way back to the valley of course the same picture, too many crossings without signposting.

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The next day starts sunny and we conclude after a rowing boat ride on the lake with the gondola up to Snowview. Unfortunately, there are waiting times of up to an hour and as trails of clouds again in the afternoon, but the good thing here is it didn’t disturb the visibility of this beautiful lake.

Nainital, a well-known training center of India in Uttarakhand state is also a popular holiday destination. It is mainly known for its forests, which are also equipped with a number of trees that are oak, pine, deodar, sal and many other flora and fauna. A boat trip to Lake Paradise or a romantic stroll through the Thandi Sadak or the cable car to enjoy the bird`s view of the city – are all activities that make Nainital the best place to visit in April in India for honeymoon.

Nainital is the administrative seat of the district in the same name and also the seat of the Supreme Court of Uttarakhand. It is located in Kumaon, in the outer Himalayas, at an altitude of over 1,900 m. Founded in the 1840s, the village is one of the typical hill stations of the British colonial era. Due to the cooler climate and its traffic-friendly connection, Nainital is also today a popular attraction, especially for residents of the North Indian lowlands. On the slopes we can able to find several schools and boarding schools with a somewhat faded elite flair. To find in the Kumaon foothills, Nainital is given a name after the shrine of Naini Devi Temple, which is on the northern part of Naini Lake.

This is the impeccable honeymoon destination for young and new couples desiring a romantic lull and also for those who wants to shun scoring summers in the northern prairies of India. Also perfect for the hiking fans, and the disciples of Lord Shiva and Deity Sati / Parvati

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This lovely, stagnant pool in the heart of the city is bounded by seven grandiose mountains and is a prevalent tourist fascination. You can love row boating as well as paddle boating at the pond, while the splendid picturesque surroundings please your senses. Located following to the Lake is a well-known Hindu temple known as Naina Devi Temple. This shrine is devoted to Deity Sati, and rendering to allegorical folklores the eye of Deity Sati fell at this spot while Lord Shiva was carrying her finite remnants to Mount Kailash.

Next we saw the snow view point via Ropeway

Located at an height of 2,270 metres, SnowView Point suggest us the most remarkable views of the snow-clad Himalayas. Out of the different ways to touch this place, the most sensational one is by cable car, which begins at Mallital.  This temple is also contemporary at this high-altitude point, beside with shacks for mementoes, tea and hors d’oeuvres.

Nainital Best destination for foot trekking

The craggy topography of Nainital is seamless for adventure aficionados who wish to reconnoitre the magnificence of this hill station on foot.  Nainital has numerous places around it, for example Barapatthar, an outstanding trailing spot 4 kilometres away from the central city, and Kilbury, that is 12 kilometres away, impeccable for some amity and seclusion among green forests and the delightful views of the Himalayas.

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Eateries and Local Food

Nainital being a prevalent traveller spot, houses a pleasing diversity of gastronomies from Chinese, North Indian, Continental, Tibetan and the indigenous cuisines of Uttarakhand. Henceforth you can relish ubiquitous Indian delicacies such as Tandoori Roti, Paneer dishes, Dal Makhani , Naan plus savour numerous continental delicacy. The confined cooking can be similarly luscious with preparations like Baadi, Ras, Bhatt ki Churkani, Gulgula, Aloo ke Gutke, Arsa and more.


There are copious escapade resorts and encampments open on prior reservation. Consecutively, legacy homes as well as villas are also open for home-stays. You can likewise find cottages, chalets and guesthouses for rental.

It is definitely the most excellent holiday destination that lures with its gorgeous lakes, shrines and striking backdrop around is the seamless celebratory bliss snuggled in the arms of Kumaon Hills with an air which is invigorating and transmits an elusive charisma.

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