Travel Guide: Tobago, The Best of the Caribbean

by Jane Sophia

A tiny island, situated in a small part of Southern America, Tobago can be called the best of Caribbean. Starting from travel to food, you can enjoy your lazy afternoons here, sipping some sweet wine and witnessing the real charm of the Caribbean Islands. So, if you are a nature lover, this is the place for you to travel where you can escape into the wild and take a break from all the chaos in the city for a change.

Tobago: The tiny world of feast and fantasies

Caribbean Islands

Reason for its mesmerizing charm:

Tobago, unlike other beaches of the Caribbean, has picture-perfect beaches. When at Tobago, you won’t even know when your whole day will pass, surfing and sailing, roaming around the whole place. This place has over two hundred bird species and a lot of under-water activities. This place is perfect for bikers, horse riders, and hikers.

Besides its natural beauty, Tobago is famous for its food and varied cuisine. They are exporters of chocolate and coconut wine and the food here is the other word for happiness. All this and a warm and cozy welcome from the localities will complete your trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Caribbean Islands

Places to visit in Tobago:

Pirate of the Caribbean:

Live your dream of a pirate and go off to sail in the Caribbean. You can for sailing in the tiny islands or take a glass-bottom water boat, hence as you sail, you will be able to witness the sea under you. Cool breeze, beer and the sea. I don’t see a better way of living your life. Want more excitement? Just jump into the sea! Go scuba diving and witness the under-water life of the Caribbean.


Into the wild!

Tired of seeing irritating human beings around you all the time? Well, you can take a break. Go out exploring different animals and bird species in Tobago. They have above 200 different species of birds. You can watch tortoises or may be go hiking in the Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Amidst a jungle which is almost untouched by human species, you will visit the homes of armadillos, hummingbirds, turtles and maybe some nature fans like you.


Never too full to say no!

Trust me, if you are a sea food lover and if you love your food full of local and natural flavors, Tobago is the place to be. Creole, coconut bake, crabs and prawns cooked in a local way will make you feel heavenly. It is also known for its coconut and sweet wine. You need to try out all of them once you are there.


Beaches are a must!

Unlike other beaches of the Caribbean, Tobago has some beaches which are pretty and not so crowded. You can go skinny dipping or for picnics or trips with your family here.

Apart from these, Tobago is always in a festive mood. You will witness a lot of dancing, singing, music and colors all around the streets of Tobago. This is a place you need to travel at least once in life to make sure you don’t leave out one of the best places in the world inexperienced.

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