Travel Guide: Gorgeous Girona is a Must See for Game of Thrones Fans

by Jane Sophia

Are you the greatest fan of the game of thrones in Girona? Do you often wonder how amazing their sets are? Let me tell you, they are not sets. These are real locations and actually, exist in this world.

Gorgeous Girona an Hour Drive from Barcelona

Shocked? Surprised? If it is still hard for you to believe, you need to take a trip to this place.

Girona is a must-see place for a game of Thrones fans and even if you are not, you can travel to Girona just for its beautiful architecture and Roman feel. This article provides you with some travel ideas in this place.


Easy to reach!

Located beside the River Onyar, Girona is a Spanish City that is known for its architecture to date. Landscaped gardens, roman architecture, fortresses, galleries, gothic churches, and cobbled narrow lanes hold till date, the medieval history under its veil, which will slowly unfold in front of you once you are in this place. It is an hour’s drive from Barcelona. You can also take a train or a bus from Barcelona to this city. It’s a walkable city and can be visited for a day or two.


Places to visit:

Game of Thrones in Girona:

The famous series of game of Thrones have been filmed in this city. Scenes from season six have been filmed in Girona. Girona Cathedral is one of the main locations for the series, followed by the Old Jewish Quarter and the Arab baths. The stunning steps of Sant Marti Sacosta. It was the home to the Citadel, the place where masters of the seven kingdoms were trained. You can still visit the places and get a déjà vu of Sam studying to become a master.


River Onyar:

Also known for being one of the busiest trade routes of the city, Onyar is a beautiful river, surrounded by colorful red and yellow houses, with streaming water below it and a plenty of fishes which can be witnessed from the banks.

Girona Cathedral:

La Catedral de Girona, or the Girona cathedral is another sight you can’t miss. This thousand-year-old church can be a challenge to your stamina as you need to climb up about 91stone steps to reach the top of the church. It is known for its gothic and Roman architecture and is a treat to your eyes.


The city walls:

This once formed the outer limit of Girona and now stands in the heart of the city and is one of the oldest monuments present in the city. Surrounded by plenty of new houses, the city walls split into two walkways from where you take a look at the whole city from above to witness the beauty of the city and the countryside.


Besides these, you have plenty of other monuments such as the Jewish Quarters, the Arab Baths. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful streets and street art of this place. Even if you have less than a day, this place will not leave you disappointed and is worth visiting.


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