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Romantic Destination: Puerto Vallarta

by Jane Sophia
Puerto Vallarta

Travel Guide to Puerto Vallarta: Places of Interest in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – the best Romantic Destination was also a small fishing village, and today it is one of the most popular Mexican seaside resorts that welcomes guests throughout the year. Beautiful beaches, picturesque nature and mountain peaks create a panorama that is both positive and relaxing.

The Puerto Vallarta town is steeped in the atmosphere of the ancient times, in the small streets you can see small snow-white houses with tiled roofs, cozy restaurants and commercial pavilions. There are no noisy streets full of the means of vehicles and the ever-rushing city dwellers. It is the place where you can feel peace and harmony everywhere. The best season of this Romantic Destination for the new couples is the period from November to April, during this time a clear sunny weather prevails. In May the rainy season begins, so the rest on the beach can be saddened by Long rain

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Hotels and Restaurants

Most of the hotels in Puerto Vallarta are located along the coast, on the territory of each hotel, there are a few restaurants and a network of shops, as well as swimming pools and entertainment centers for children. Beach Playa Mismaloya is considered to be the most popular and classy beach. It has become famous through the film “The Night of the Iguana“, whose scenes have been filmed exactly in this place. Puerto Vallarta – the best Romantic Destination is also a real find for athletes and those who prefer the active pastime. There are many entertainments here, and the seaside resort will also delight divers. The coastal zone is very picturesque, the divers can see beautiful underwater mountains and sand waterfalls.

The Puerto Vallarta, seaside resort offers many pleasant surprises for those who like to go through shops. In Puerto Vallarta, are many markets and shopping centers to visit. The most popular souvenirs are silverware, elegant leather sandals, sculptures, paintings by the local painters as well as glass beads embroidered tapestries. As the best conclusion of the day is to visit one of the restaurants, which lie on the open terraces.


Among the luxury restaurants of this Romantic Destination, is that caters the international cuisine at Teatro Limon. It accommodates the visitors until the late night and can offer them besides the exquisite dishes, also the excellent entertainment program. Among Teatro Limon specialties, there are scallops with sauce and meat supplements as a complement to which the visitors can order the most diverse side dishes and vegetable dishes. The sea food lovers must try the mussel and shrimp salad. As a dessert, guests can choose from a huge selection of cakes and fruit cocktails.

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The Ocean Grill Vallarta Restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine. As you can guess by the name, the majority of the culinary masterpieces are grilled. The lovers of the exotic dishes must necessarily taste the octopus prepared on the open fire. Those who prefer classic dishes will like the fish huachinango. It is noteworthy that the Ocean Grill Vallarta restaurant is located on a closed private beach and you can get there only with a taxi.

Mexican cuisine

You can continue with the Mexican culinary traditions at the Mariscos Cisneros restaurant. This restaurant is very popular among visitors, who like to relax in a quiet and informal atmosphere. Among the specialties of the restaurant, Buritto is well known for its marine products, exotic vegetable salads, seafood and a variety of desserts.

The restaurant Derby City Burgers is still a nice cheap establishment. Here the excellent hamburger and lots of other interesting dishes are cooked. Crispy fries, vegetable salads, hot cuts with avocado and a huge selection of refreshing drinks – all that the followers of typical American cuisine need for excellent food.

In the nice restaurant The Dog House you can taste the best in the city hotdogs. The restaurant is characterized not only by the varied menu, but also by the original interior decoration. The Dog House is particularly popular with the holidaymakers with the children. If you prefer Asian cuisine, you can recommend this great bistro at Casa Cupula. From the first minutes, it meets the guests with exquisite equipment and a festive atmosphere. Despite the atmosphere of luxury, the court rates are always moderate.


The main symbol of this Romantic Destination Puerto Vallarta and its most famous sight is in the center. It is a beautiful church. Although it was relatively recently built, the church had already a major reconstruction. Their construction started in 1941 and lasted for 12 years. In 1985 the large building destroyed during the earthquake. Thanks to the efforts of modern architects, the church was renovated. Its main feature remains the unusual dome in the form of a beautiful imperial crown.

The most popular place in the city is the Malekon road, which stretches along the coast for several kilometers. The national main celebrations and fairs are held here. The city’s guests can hardly find a better place for walks. The picturesque street decorated with numerous statues by famous modern sculptors. In 2002, the coastal road severely damaged by natural catastrophes and then rebuilt. Along the road are the numerous trading and entertainment facilities.

Other Popular Places in the City, Worth Your View

The popular beach resort also has the most diverse natural sights, among which the nature reserve Los-Arkos is the most famous. The beautiful marine protection area located in the suburbs, from 1984 it included in the territory of the National Sea Park. Divers from all over the world dream of visiting this picturesque spot. The underwater world meets with the variety of reefs, caves, tunnels, corals, and arches.

The botanical garden is the most famous landmark, and situated on one of the high hills, with three thousand tropical plants, among which there are many rare specimens, and visitors visit the river Rio Los Horcones or walk along with the panorama of the surroundings.

The Sierra Madre is the starting point for most of the excursions that are popular among ecotourists. The health resort offers the tourists a few dozen different travel routes, which extend through the most beautiful natural areas.

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