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Salient Tips for First Time Cruise

Written by Jane Sophia

There is a particular type of holiday seekers that I too am aligned with; cruisers. I love to cruise on luxury ships and yachts.  I know I will be frowned upon by majority of the travelers who prefer to reduce traveling time by flying.

For me, traveling means not reaching a destination but the actual time of traveling before reaching a destination.  The longer the duration of traveling, the more pleasure I get and that’s why I love to relax in ship instead of flying.

There is a cliché that I remember reading long ago. “Wang, bang, thank you mam” (WBT).  Those who have also read it know it is meant for something else but I would like to apply it to my kind of traveling; I mean I don’t belong to ‘WBT’ category.

First Time Cruise

Now, before you plan for a long cruise for the first time, there are some salient tips that you need so that you are not caught unaware once you are on board.

  • Browse through various ‘all inclusive’ packages. This means, you pay for everything that include food, local transportation on various alighting points, staying at such places, entrance tickets for rides and shows, guide charges, visa fees etc. However, don’t expect to get free alcohol and casino expenses in that package. The main idea apart from what is included in your package is the complete planning that is taken care of for you which otherwise is a laborious task if you are left to do it on your own.
  • When you buy your cruise trip, don’t just go through the brochure online and pay up. Talk to the tour organizer and enquire about your room with the best view. There is no point in getting shacked up in a cabin that is surrounded by kitchen or theater. Your cruise won’t be a pleasant experience without a view of the sea. These days, a room is attached with a balcony too! That would be ideal if you can get that.
  • There is more than one restaurant on board. Ensure that you have the option of dining at any one of them and you are not charged extra if you happen to eat in more than one restaurant.
  • Ensure that you are allowed to use the various massage parlors, swimming pools without paying extra.
  • Though, cruise yachts are equipped with decent medical facilities, don’t take them for granted. Ask for what types of medical services are offered for senior citizens and children.
  • Take a few pair of formal dresses as you are likely to be invited for dinner with the ship’s captain.
  • Have some loose changes for tips.
  • Since you will be visiting several ports of call, gather enough information about the places to see in each country. At times, you may go on your own for sightseeing. Carry maps of the cities you are visiting.
  • Take time to explore the ship. You have ample time to do that and befriend as many co-travelers as possible. Remember, cruising can get lonely and you need amiable friend to chat during the voyage.
  • Do your research of the cultures of the countries you are visiting and pack your dresses accordingly to avoid any embarrassment.

It is not a bad idea to work out the entire cost of a cruise if you go on your own so that you can compare it with an all inclusive cruise package. You may derive a satisfaction that you have taken the right decision of booking a cruise package. By booking an all inclusive cruise package, you are fully aware of what exactly you are going to spend and how much cash you need to carry.

Bon Voyage!

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