Why It is an Ultimate Fun for a Family to Travel by RV?

by Jane Sophia

Recreational Vehicle shortly called as RV, proves to be the best mode of transport for a relaxed and fun filled travel. It was a very popular way of traveling in the U.S. a few decades ago, though it is dwindling of late. The leftover RVs are being hired by film production companies to provide shelter and privacy to the actors.

Why RV?

RV is a sort of modified and customized bus. It will have a kitchen, bedroom, small living area to watch TV and fitted with a bathroom too. The early models of RV consisted of a separate driving cabin. The contemporary RVs come as single lengthy vehicle; the driver is not separated. Some RVs are towed like a trailer.

RV is also called a ‘motor home’ because travelers used to completely live in it during the entire period of the journey thereby cutting the cost of staying in hotels.

Since it comes with a hi-tech kitchen; you can cook your own choice of food.

As a whole family can be accommodated in a RV, naturally the traveling will be fun and cost-effective. The family can enjoy the option of traveling on the road while still having all the comforts of home.

You can stop at any place you feel like. That’s real freedom and memorable.

You can carry as many luggage as you want. You no longer have to worry about paying for excess luggage. Space is not a premium.

RV _1

RV Park.

En route, the highways provide big parking places for RVs. In India, they are called ‘truck bays’. They are called RV Parks. Once you park there overnight for a halt, you can meet several other holidaymakers who have come in their RVs.

RV parks have all the conveniences for RVs such as replenishing their food and water, cleaning the bathrooms, etc.

On-call rescue team.

Motor homes are hired. There are several logistics providers who rent out the RVs. They assure emergency on-road maintenance service at a nominal cost. If by chance, the RV becomes static, a replacement vehicle is arranged and the broke down motor home is towed away for repair.

Travel Insurance

At the time of hiring, a family is provided full insurance against any mishaps. I read the coverage is exhaustive and thoughtfully drawn.

Valuable Tips for a RV Holiday.

  1. Naturally, you would have planned your trip well ahead. Gather the necessary road maps covering your entire route. It is imperative to plan well ahead so that you can familiarize yourself with the intended places to be covered with the assistance of maps.
  2. As most of the RV renters (owners too ) are known for stopping along the way to participate in road shows and other entertainment activities in amusement parks, it is advisable to gather information regarding the prospects of encountering such fun events. There is no point in missing out on them due to lack of preparedness-right?
  3. Ah yes, regarding the money you need to carry; it is important to have extra money on hand, especially for long distance trips. Please be aware that fuel prices vary from state to state and even city to city.
  4. As you happily ride along, you will come across small villages that sell myriad farm produces. Don’t resist; yield to your temptation of buying. You are helping a farmer this way.
  5. Remember to carry all the needed documents with you that include personal identification cards, driver’s license, and insurance papers for health and the RV. Health insurance papers are particularly important because of unforeseen suffering.
  6. Though you may be tempted to stop your RV as you like, think about safety and act accordingly. Don’t encourage any visitors inside your motor home.
  7. Hire a powered RV so that you get the Internet connection and a facility to dispose of waste.


As an avid road traveler, I know there is no comparison for road trips mainly because of freedom and the time is yours. You need not bother about reaching a place punctually. It is a wonderful exposure to children.

The traveling culture has evolved and gave way to faster travel, quick bites and binocular sightings. I wish there are still holidaymakers who enjoy traveling by road and with their full family.


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