Travel Insurance: Do I Really Need It?

by Jane Sophia
Travel Insurance

You have often heard about the term Travel insurance from your travel agency whenever you go to him to buy a flight ticket. Basically, it protects you against all the travel misfortunes that might occur when you are traveling. It would cost you around five percent of your total trip. Just like the extended warranties, they are not worth it. But sometimes opting for it can turn out to be a great move. One can easily get their travel insurance from their travel agencies, credit cards or directly from the airline or cruise carrier.

Package plans that travel insurance covers: The insurance coverage generally varies depending on the policy. Some of them discussed below:

  • Lost or delayed baggage: While traveling, it might happen that something, stolen from your baggage or it lost or delayed in the airport. In case your luggage lost or stolen, Travel insurance reimburses you for your personal belongings and if it delayed, by the time your delayed luggage arrives, it provides money to buy your essential items.
  • Accidental death or emergency evacuation: If any accidental death occurs to you or your close ones during the trip, it would pay you accordingly depending on the situation. In an emergency evacuation, the insurance feature helps you to transport to the hospital.
  • Cancelled trip coverage: When you are investing money in your trip, those expenses are generally pre-paid and non-refundable in nature. Chances are that sometimes your trip might get cancelled due to the weather, natural disaster or if something goes wrong with the carrier. Then in such cases, your travel insurance reimburses you for such expenses.

Do you really need to buy travel insurance?

Unlike health or other insurances, buying travel insurance is more like a gamble. You don’t want to regret after buying travel insurance so in such cases there are several considerations that you must look into.

  • When you are traveling abroad: Traveling to a location outside your country generally doesn’t cover your health insurance. You have a higher chance of getting ill and without travel assurance, a large portion of your trip expenses are non-refundable.
  • When you are traveling with expensive luggage: Your luggage might contain expensive things or your important business documents. By chance your luggage gets stolen then according to the insurance policies, you get paid for your lost or stolen items.
  • Expensive flights: You don’t need travel assurance when you are traveling on cheap flights. But in the case of an expensive, if the flight gets delayed, your insurance policy will complete look into the matter and reimburse you with necessary requirements.
  • An adventurous trip: This kind of trip involves dangerous activities such as hunting wildlife, water rafting or scaling a mountain. You may be vulnerable to life risks; in such cases, you must opt for travel insurance. It claims to pay for your medical payments.

Before making any travel plans, always make sure that you are aware of where you are traveling, your needs, chances of facing an emergency. This would help you whether to purchase travel insurance policies or not.

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