The Simple Hacks That Make Flying Cheaper and Better

by Jane Sophia
Flying Cheaper

Flying cheaper and better with these travel hacks!

Are you someone who flies a lot? Or enjoys the idea of flying a lot? Or perhaps your job requires you to fly more than others? Whatever be your reason to hop on to that plane, it does not quite change the fact, that flying at times can be expensive. We do sometimes see our favorite bloggers or vloggers flying completely free at times and we think, “man I wish that was me!” well, that could be you, once you get to know these flying hacks that are going to make flying cheaper.

How to flying cheaper than train

  1. There are many airlines which start to list their new sales on Tuesday morning, making their competitors sit up and follow suit. So by Tuesday afternoon you have a queue of airlines giving you the option of flying with them at unbelievably cheap rates which makes your traveling cheaper yet hassle-free.
  2. Now suppose you are on your computer going through various websites to see how you can make flying cheaper, and you see low prices but your gut tells you it should be lower. You know what you should do? Clear your cache. It would ensure you get the newest and the cheapest rate to make your traveling cheaper by that much.
  3. The third tip is a bit of a no brainer. And every flyer would probably know this. But if you book your flight tickets early and plan out your travel at the earliest, chances are you would be flying cheaper– a lot cheaper than you thought.
  4. If clearing your caches was a good hack, this one is even better- go incognito! What does that do? See, every time you visit a flight website it might seem they are showing you a slightly increased price. Why do you think is that? That is because they record your cookies and server details. However, going incognito, at least helps to not let your cookies be read. Or if incognito is not an option then you could opt for using various browsers at various times. That helps too.

More Travel Hacks

  1. Sometimes the best way to get a deal is to visit the official website of an airline. Now while there are multiple traveling cheaper websites that offer you unbelievably low prices, prices so unreal it literally makes you gape! Chances are when you do go to book from these sites, you seem to be paying way more than you were asked to originally. You might wonder what might be the reason for this! Well, the reason is nothing but the surplus service charges and other hidden taxes that seem to be piling up. A great alternative to go without such costs is to book directly from the airline websites.
  2. Remember when Monica and Chandler were beaten by the couple in the queue in their airport line on the way to their honeymoon and they got the upgrade? Well upgrades are more common than you think! And despite you flying cheaper and traveling cheaper you could always ask what is free… you might just be lucky and get a free upgrade.

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