Head to Oman Stunning Coast for Fun and Relaxation

by Jane Sophia

Once upon a time in a land far away was born a little boy, who was called Sindbad! Little Sindbad in Oman would grow up to be a brave sailor who would travel to enchanting places meeting monsters- his tale would go on to live for millenniums!

Here is where it gets interesting. According to legend, Sindbad was born in Oman. Oman unlike her land bordered neighbours is actually surrounded by salty seawater on three sides- facing the Indian ocean. This is the reason for it possessing a magnificent coastline of a whopping 3000 kilometers. Not only are the beaches pristine, secluded away from the public eye but it is the epitome of beauty in solitude! With miles of sand dunes that soar and tremble and the rugged rocks scattered throughout, sometimes it might just make you feel like the world has gone back to their pristine state- when it was untarnished by human fornication.

Oman Untarnished by Human Fornication


The best part of Oman beaches is that you can enjoy and indulge in the fun and relaxation without having to travel far from the busy cosmopolitan life of the capital. These beaches with their tumescent pristine quality looks magical even under the sweltering sun and when night comes and the heat evaporates all you are left with is the cool breeze, the rising moon and its kingdom of white sand scattered with ivory dim light… take a lantern, you might get lost amidst the beauty. But I promise you, you would find your way back… only with a pandora’s box filled with memories.

The sands of Khalouf beach


The sands of Khalouf beach are wide and here you get to see eagles and flamingos! Plenty of those majestic creatures to keep you company. And if you are lucky they might even just pose for photographs, now wouldn’t that add to your fun and relaxation?

Enjoy the Funfilled Adventure in Dhow, Oman

The best thing about the coastline of Oman is probably the fact that at low tide is so easy to snorkel out to the coral reef and lose yourself under the water and be at one with the underwater kingdom and if that is not peaceful, then there is probably nothing that can give you peace. If you want to drive further head on to Bandar Jisaah which has an incredible set of a lagoon and water as blue as the depth of your soul.



If you like adventure, head over to Dhow. This coastline is different and has a splendor filled wildlife able to evoke awe in anyone. The waters are rich in nutrient which is also an excellent spot for scuba diving which leaves with hungry for more. And if scuba diving is not your cuppa, then may I tempt you by saying this is the famous breeding ground for dolphins? There are also a plethora of richly coloured beautiful tropical fishes and you can get up, close and personal with them because there are plenty of cruises which offer diving into the ocean as a part of their tour! And if you are not a water baby, then there is always kite surfing!
No matter what the beaches in Oman will guarantee fun and relaxation.

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