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5 Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling that Offer Boarding and Lodging

by Jane Sophia
Glenburn Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

Come to know the picturesque tea estates in Darjeeling, India. Learn which tea estates allow tourists to stay in their Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling.

Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

Tea Tourism as it is rightly called is not highly popular among the majority of the Indian tourists. I am pointing out only the Indian tourists because these tranquil and picturesque tea estates in Indian states are still visited by foreign tourists as has been their tradition.

Tea plantations are widely cultivated in various Indian states that include Assam, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Tamilnadu, and Kerala.

I will be more specific instead of vaguely naming the states of India. Ooty, Kodaikanal, Munnar, Darjeeling, and several cities of Assam are the places where tea plantations can be seen.

Most of the tea estates have their bungalows (guesthouses) that were originally meant for the owners of the tea estate.

However, when the owner is not occupying his tea estate guesthouse, he is letting Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling out to the tourists. Invariably, the tea estate bungalows are old but offer maximum comforts.

If you ask me if these guest houses built amid tea garden is luxurious, I would say no. Nevertheless, you as a guest won’t have any complaint about staying in tea garden bungalows.

The Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling offer both boarding and lodging. Only single families would be allowed and the charges would be very expensive in order to filter the quality of the guests.

Let us now see which tea estate bungalows in Darjeeling offer staying options.

Overview of Darjeeling city.

Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

Darjeeling city belongs to the West Bengal State of India. It is located at an altitude of 6700 feet in the Himalayan Hills.

Darjeeling Tea Gardens:

Tea cultivation in Darjeeling must have started during British reign but only after the independence, the Indian tea industry, especially the Darjeeling and Assam tea became world famous.

Tea gardens are found in a wide area comprising seven valleys of the Himalayas namely:

  • Teesta
  • East Darjeeling
  • West Darjeeling
  • North Kurseong
  • South Kurseong
  • Mirik.
  • Upper Fagu

Advantages of staying in a Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling:

Naturally, you will feel you have taken the right decision of staying in a sprawling bungalow situated in the midst of mist-filled tea plantation.

You will receive royal treatment by the manager of the guesthouse.  Personal attention is 100% guaranteed.

The rooms will be spacious, dotted with huge bay windows and comfortable antique furniture.

Naturally, you will drink the world’s freshest and most aromatic tea.

Food will be fully customized and prepared as per your preferences.

You will feel excellent privacy.

Names of the Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling where staying options are offered:

Numerous tea estates in Darjeeling offer fully customized and all-inclusive week-long vacation package. As mentioned above, in order to entertain guest from rich and sophisticated families, they charge high that will keep the budget tourists away.

5 Best Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

However, if you cannot afford the Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling but still want to stay in the midst of tea plantations, you can inquire around homestay options. Some tea garden employees are ready to offer homestay in their homes. Food will also be made available to you.

1. Makaibari Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

This tea estate is surrounded by thick forest. It is an added attraction to the green lovers.

Makaibari Tea Estate is located in Kurseong district of West Bengal.

Up to 15 people of a single guest can be accommodated without compromising on the legroom. Homemade food is offered as per your wish.

Darjeeling town is slightly far away, folks! You may have to travel on a winding hill road for about 90 minutes or so to reach your Makaibari tea estate bungalow.

2. Glenburn Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

The bungalow in this Darjeeling tea estate is called a retreat because of it glamorous location in the Himalayas.

As you know, the tea is planted on the slopes of a hill. Hence, the elevation of a tea garden varies. Glenburn tea estate can be accessed from a height of 3000 feet and it reaches up to 8000 feet!

Glenburn Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

There are spacious bungalows in Glenburn Tea Estate that is located in Teesta valley adjoining the Teesta River.

You will have balconies and terraces overlooking the panoramic Teesta Valley. The bungalows will have living rooms, verandahs, and a separate dining room.

Teesta Valley tea has quite a reputation among the tea drinkers of Northern India.

You can reach the Glenburn Tea Estate Bungalows in 45 minutes of flying from Calcutta and three hours of driving from Darjeeling.

3. Goomtee Tea Estate Bungalows in Darjeeling

Goomtee Tea Estate Darjeeling

Looking at the image of the Gooomtee tea estate bungalow above, you can safely guess it was built during the British India period. However, don’t visualize a building in its last stages; they keep the building renovated frequently so that it has not lost its majesty till date. Yes, the floors are wooden and there is a verandah too with comfortable grandfather furniture.

The location is captivating. All the beauties of Himalayan Hills with their mist and faint woody fragrance can be experienced at Goomtee tea garden bungalow that is located 40 km from Darjeeling town. Siliguri town is also located at the same distance.

Kursong valley is only 8 km from this tea estate.

This Tea Estate Bungalow in Darjeeling is surrounded by tea plantations, lovely forest. When you let yourself loose on the hills without treading on the known trails, you are likely to stumble onto near-silent waterfalls, mountain streams, and spot Himalayan birds.

The food is vegetarian and the cuisine is predominantly North Indian. For breakfast, you can eat continental too. During lunch, you can see some Gorkha food also on the table.

The resort arranges several outdoor activities. For extra custom services such as pickup and drop from airport or railway station, Sikkim sightseeing tour, etc, please visit their website

The tariff is not mid-range, folks! Remember, since there are no restaurants nearby, you have to make use of the resort’s in-house dining facilities including fresh and superb tea.

4. Singtom Tea Estate Bungalow in Darjeeling

Singtom tea estate is old and reputed tea farm in Darjeeling. The resort or the bungalow is a heritage building. I suppose you can expect all the guest houses in the tea gardens of India of heritage status that offer comfortable stay but lacking modern and contemporary five-star hotel amenities such as sauna, gym, and spa.

I read Singtom tea estate is one of the first of its kind in the state of West Bengal.

Singtom Tea Estate in Darjeeling

The Singtom Tea Estate Bungalow is located close to Darjeeling town about 30 minutes drive away.

The resort offers a ‘King Suite’ with an excellent view of the Himalayan mountain. As of now, their price range is around Rs.10,000 per night.

The Singtom tea estate has been in existence since 1862, thus claiming to be the oldest tea estate in India.

For bookings, please visit their website

5. Selim Hill Tea Estate Bungalow, Kurseong, Darjeeling

We come across Kurseong often while reading about the tea tourism in West Bengal. Kurseong is a small town in Darjeeling that is located about 20 km away. Most of the tea estates and tea garden guesthouses are located in Kurseong.

Selim Hill tea estate also was owned by a Britisher. You have to travel another 20 km once you reach Kurseong town. The sprawling tea plantation is situated quite deep in the uphills of Himalayas.

The tea farm bungalow at Selim tea estate is certainly old but not out of shape. It has 4 large bedrooms. The dining and lounging area are separate with tea garden views.

The bungalow itself is surrounded by a nicely designed landscaped garden with wildflowers and tall trees. A short distance away from the Selim tea farm retreat is two rivers valleys namely, Mahananda and Balasun.

If you love to spend time watching animals and birds of the Himalayas, take time off to visit Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary. It is not far off from the guesthouse.

Well, only these tea estate bungalows in Darjeeling are listed on the web. There may be a few more tea estates in Darjeeling area that offer farm stay options. You can find the details by talking to some hotel in Darjeeling or a cab driver there.

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