13 Excellent Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

by Jane Sophia
Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

Visit several Excellent Bird Watching Places in Gujarat that are great for bird watching. Gujarat is a haven for migratory birds as well as for bird watching enthusiasts. Learn the names of places to watch birds in Gujarat and the names of birds too that you can spot there. I have also collected some information about staying options (hotels, lodges, cottages, and resorts) for bird watchers.

I consider myself as an avid bird watcher though I have never taken an exclusive tour to any bird sanctuary. The only bird sanctuary that I visited when I went to Mysore several years ago was ‘Ranganathittu’ that is located on the outskirts of Mysore.

When I came to know of all the Bird Watching Places in Gujarat that attract local as well as migratory birds, I feel like planning a trip. However, before that, I intend to buy a high-end video camera to capture the birds on my camera.

You too would thank me for introducing to you several new destinations and bird sanctuaries in India more exclusively Bird Watching Places in Gujarat and are likely to plan a trip to Gujarat.

1. Bird Watching Places in Gujarat: Thol Bird Sanctuary, Ahmedabad

Thol Lake attracts thousands of birds from different countries of the world. This bird sanctuary is situated very close to Ahmedabad (27 km).

Thol Lake was created to irrigate nearby agricultural lands. Since it contains potable water, slowly, birds in India started liking them.

It seems they have somehow communicated this wonderful facility to roost to the birds of far off countries. They have started arriving during winter time in India (November to January).

Finally, the local Government too took notice of several species of birds near the lake’s trees and bushes and declared it as a bird sanctuary in 1988.

What species of birds you can identify in Thol Bird Sanctuary, Gujarat?

  • Flamingo

Flamingo Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

These distinct red birds can be human-friendly too.

  • Stork


  • Pond Heron

Pond Heron in Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

This is very common in India. You won’t be able to identify it immediately because of its camouflaging color. However, they reveal their presence when they take off by their snow-white inner feathers.

  • Sarus Crane

Sarus Crane in Bird Watching Places in GujaratBeautiful bird from Australia.

  • Purple Moorhen

Purple MoorhenAn European migratory bird.

  • Indian Kingfisher

Indian Kingfisher

  • White Pelicans

White Pelicans in Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

  • Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian Pelican in Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

  • Greater Spotted Eagle

Greater Spotted Eagle

If you are lucky, you can spot wolves and hyenas. Such a large number of birds imply, there must be quite a lot of snakes too that are prey to many aquatic birds.

Like any water body surrounded by trees, Thol Lake too has quite a lot of monkeys.

2. Little Rann of Kutch – Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

Well, not exactly the Rann of Kutch is a place to watch birds but there are surrounding areas where you can spot rare birds. Rann of Kutch is where the unfriendly Thar desert is located. They call the Little Rann of Kutch as salt marsh that attracts birds.

The following three places near Little Rann of Kutch are wonderful for bird watching.

  • Dasada

It is located about 95 km from Ahmedabad and is a part of Little Rann of Kutch. Dasada is lucky to sport several lakes (mostly saline) that include Nawa Taloo, Kharaghoda, and Mithaghoda.

To watch migratory birds that love the sight of big water bodies, you have to select a vantage spot near the lake and wait patiently to watch the birds in close quarters.

All the mentioned above (Thol Bird Sanctuary) can be seen here also.

  • Zainabad-located about 100 km from Ahmedabad
  • Patdi

3. Nakhatrana Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

Have you heard about Banni Grasslands in Gujarat? It is part of Little Rann of Kutch A few lakes dot the landscape of Nakhatrana that is located about 50 km from Bhuj.

Organized bird safari tours are arranged by the local bodies.

Apart from the birds that are spotted in Thol Bird Sanctuary, you can identify the following birds in Nakhatrana, Gujarat.

  • Grey Hypocolius

BirdGrey Hypocolius in Watching Places in Gujarat

  • Painted Sangrouse

Painted Sangrouse

  • Common Iora

Common Iora

  • Small Minivet

Small Minivet Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

4. Velavador National Park

Velavadar National Park is also a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to protecting the Blackbuck. Ahmedabad is located about 150 km away. However, the nearest city is Bhavnagar (55 km) and you can conveniently stay here.

Blackbuck Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

Bird species that are seen and identified at Blackbuck national Park, Velavador:

  • Francolin


  • Wheatears


  • Lark

Lark in Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

5. Sasan Gir Exclusive Bird Watching Place in Gujarat

Sasan Gir is popularly known as ‘Gir Forest’, home to the Indian lions. This is a large area of wildlife habitat. Apart from a range of wild animals that include leopards and wolves, you can also spot some rare Indian rural birds such as:

  • Quails


  • White-browed fantail

White-browed fantail

  • Black-naped Monarch

Black-naped Monarch

I did not see any tinge of ‘black’ color. Is it a misnomer? I think so.

6. Popular Bird Watching Places in Gujarat: Pirotan Island, Jamnagar

Jamnagar in Gujarat is a highly popular bird watching destination. There is an island in Jamnagar named Pirotan Island. You can reach it only through a boat ride. You can spot several aquatic birds that include seagulls.

7. Lakhota Lake, Jamnagar

Flamingoes love this lake.

8. Barda bird sanctuary

You can find this bird watching paradise towards Porbander, 100 km from Jamnagar.

Gujarat State in India is blessed with a long coastline dotted with two gulfs. Several rivers that include Narmada, Tapti, and Sabarmati join the Arabian Sea forming versatile estuaries that are ideal roosting places for migratory birds.

Don’t assume there are only 8 places that are excellent Bird Watching Places in Gujarat. There are several more wildlife and bird sanctuaries in Gujarat. I have mentioned most of them below. The range of avian species you can spot in all these places is more or less the same as mentioned previously in this article on Bird Watching Places in Gujarat.

9. Nani Karkad Wetland
10. Timbi Lake bird sanctuary
11. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary near Jamnagar. This is a famous place to see Indian Skimmer.

Indian Skimmer

Knob-billed Duck

Knob-billed Duck in Bird Watching Places in Gujarat

Baer’s Pochard

Baer’s Pochard

12. Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

13. Naliya – Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary

Places to stay for Bird Watching Places in Gujarat:

  • Hotel Aram in Jamnagar
  • Several jungle cottages outside Sasan Gir
  • Black Buck Lodge, Velavador
  • Bhavna resort and farm, Patdi

If you are passionate about bird watching, Gujarat can be your excellent destination. However, plan your trip during the winter season in India as it can be very hot in Gujarat during other periods.

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Abhijit May 4, 2019 - 11:10 am

Beautiful pictures. Gujarat has Rann and Gir, both rich in bird population. I have heard, near Jamnagar also there is bird sanctuary. Nice post, very informative for bird watchers.

Dr Harshad G Thakkar February 26, 2021 - 12:56 pm

Good information.For great bird watching please keep good binocular and camera so if yoy can not identify bird it
can be identify afterward and memory will remain at last in your mind.Keep on good book to gather also.


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