Do you know Saputara, a Lesser Known Hill Station in Gujarat?

by Jane Sophia
Do you know Saputara, a Lesser Known Hill Station in Gujarat?

In this blog post, you will learn about Saputara, a lesser known hill station in Gujarat. Read information such as when to visit Saputara, places to see in and around it, how to reach it, places to stay and what to eat in Saputara, etc.

Overview of Saputara hill town in Gujarat.

For Gujaratis, Saputara is the only hill station in their state. For the residents of Gujarat, the Himalayan hill stations are too far. In addition, they would need to spend a lot even for a short holiday in Shimla or Mcleod Ganj. Above all, those Himalayan hill stations are seasonal. Very few tourists like to visit Manali or Srinagar during snowy winter.


However, Saputara, their lone hill station in Gujarat beckons them throughout the year. It is located at nearly 3300 feet height, thus making it pleasant all through the year.

This small hill station that is lesser known to many Indians is full of rivers, valleys, and artistic and cultural centers.

Best time to visit Saputara hill station:

There is no off-season to visit this hill station. Even during monsoon, one can plan a trip to it.

Location of Saputara.

Saputara, a mini hill station is situated in the Westen Ghats.

How to reach Saputara?

Though Saputara hill station is in Dang district of Gujarat state, it is located very close to the Maharashtra State border. The distance of the Maharashtra border is only 5 km from this hill station.

The nearest airport is Vadodara at 310 km away.

The closest railway station is Nashik that is located about 80 km from it.

Surat railway station is about 155 km from Saputara.

Places to see in and around Saputara hill station:

There are several natural attractions in and around it such as viewpoints, gardens, waterfalls, and lakes. If you have a leaning towards fine arts, the Saputara Artist Village cultural center would interest you because of displays of tribal art products, religious gift items, and more.

There is a Tribal Museum.

Let us have a brief look at each of the major attraction of Saputara Hill Station, Gujarat.

Observation Points (viewing platforms)

Any hill station however small it may be will have several viewpoints to have a bird’s eye of the place. The valleys, distant waterfalls, mountain streams, and forests would thrill us when looked from a viewing platform.

This hill station has several observation platforms namely:

  • Louisa Point,
  • King George Point,
  • Sunrise Point,
  • Sunset Point,

Reach this place in Saputara by riding on a cable car. The ride takes about 10 minutes only and the starting point is called Tabletop Point or Governor’s Hill. While the cable car is through midway, it is stopped so that you can admire a 360-degree of the western ghats.

  • Townview point,
  • Echo point-shout aloud to hear your own voice as it is echoed off

Natural attractions such as gardens, walking trails, waterfalls, and lakes in Saputara:

Surprisingly, even though Saputara is a small hill station, the Gujarat Tourism Department has developed quite a lot of beautiful places for the tourists to see.

  • Charlotte Lake
  • Step Garden -artistically developed garden entirely on steps.
  • Lake Garden -ideal to sit and enjoy a picnic at the Saputara Lakefront.
  • Governor’s Hill Trail
  • Gira Waterfalls-should be seen only during the rainy season. The water falls from a height of 150 feet during the peak monsoon season.
  • Vansda National Park -comprises an area of nearly 25 However, this prime natural attraction is slightly far off from Saputara Lake. You must travel 40 km in a car to reach the Vansda National Park. The forest inside is really dense and humid. If you are lucky and have infinite patience, you can spot wild boar, hyena, sambar, four-horned deer, python, and even leopard. Bird lovers will have a field day as the dense canopy of trees and bushes are home to several species of birds.
  • Purna Sanctuary -160 of lush green forest comprising numerous rare tree species. Wildlife that are spotted in Purna Sanctuary, Saputara are, elephants, rhinos, and wild boars.
  • Saputara lake – an artificial lake surrounded by lots of green spaces. You can enjoy a short boat ride on this lake. Several food stalls can be seen around the lake.
  • Rose Garden -a very beautiful garden of numerous rose species.
  • Forest Nursery – a very busy place for the tourists as they go on a buying spree of healthy flowering plants, fruit tree saplings, and various creeper plants.


There is only one historical attraction in Saputara. The Hatghad Fort is situated just 4 km from the center of Saputara. The beauty of this hill town attracted even the legendary Maratha king Shivaji who built this fort as his resting place.

See how Saputara hills look when viewed from the Hatghad Fort located at an elevation of 3600 feet:

Places to stay in this Gujarat hill station.

Since it is only a mini hill station, the number of hotels and resorts are less than 30. Some of the highly booked hotels are:

  • Shilpi Hill Resort
  • Anando Saputara
  • Hotel Lake View
  • Savshanti Lake resort
  • White Feather Toran Resort
  • Aakar Lords Inn

Food in Saputara:

You can eat authentic Gujarati and Marathi thali that contains mini poori, several cups of vegetables and dals accompanied by one or two Gujarati sweets and spicy buttermilk.

One or two specialty restaurants serve Kathiawadi cuisine that is slightly different from Gujarati cuisine.

You don’t get much South Indian food such as Idly, Vada, and Dosa.

The Dang Durbar restaurant in Hotel Lake View has received a lot of positive reviews.

Pav bhaji,the ubiquitous street food is served in various places as street food in this hill station.


Saputara Hill Station can meet your high expectations as a weekend holiday destination. You are highly like to make a second trip to it in Gujarat.

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abhijit May 2, 2019 - 9:03 am

Nice post. Learnt about a new hill station in Gujarat. Has rhinos been relocated from Kaziranga?

SUNITA SRIRAM May 2, 2019 - 2:55 pm

This is simply awesome …very well described with lovely videos to boot!

Sapana May 3, 2019 - 6:52 pm

Saputara is very close to my native city Nashik. I have been to Saputara many times. It is a very beautiful green hilly tourist place.


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