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Can You Name The 5 Best Resorts in Bandipur National Park, India?

by Jane Sophia
Bandipur National Park, India

The beautiful Bandipur National Park is located in the Chamarajanagar district in the state of Karnataka state, India.

Full address:

NH 67, Hangala Village, Gundlupet Taluk, Chamarajanagar District, Bandipur, Karnataka 571126

Phone: 91 82292 36051 (It’s a landline number)

Bandipur wildlife sanctuary is fairly large comprising 874 sq.km.

How to reach Bandipur National Park?

It is located on a national highway and hence, there are plenty of accessibility options including train.

Mysore is the nearest railway station and is 80 km away from Bandipur.

By flight, you can reach either Coimbatore or Bangalore or Mysore. From these cities, you can go to Bandipur by car.

Bangalore is 255 km away from the park.

Coimbatore is 126 km from Bandipur.

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur wildlife attracts you and I, all through the year. However, for wildlife spotting, you can choose the dry season when the animals vent out in search of water. One can spot tigers if lucky. Elephants are easily seen. Other animals that have made Bandipur as their habitat are:

  • Spotted deer
  • Bison
  • Antelopes
  • Mongoose
  • Fox
  • Sloth Bear
  • Wild Boar
  • Leopard
  • Peacock

Mother Nature looks kindly on Bandipur. The forest can be lush green teeming with flying insects during the rainy season.

To enjoy this beautiful national park, you need to stay at least for two days. Apart from spotting the wild animals, you’ll love those three mountain rivers namely Kabini, Moyyar, and Nugu that flows through Bandipur national park.

I have compiled a list of very good resorts in Bandipur in this blog post. They offer a range of luxuries and comfort.

  • Dhole’s Den Resort, Bandipur National Park

Dholes Den Resort, Bandipur National Park

That looks like a typical forest lodge and it is rated as one the finest resorts in Bandipur. It is located in a village on the fringes of the national park.

Address: Kaniyanapura Village, Bandipur Tiger Reserve, Bandipur, Karnataka 571126

Phone: 91 94444 68376

91 95912 51310

Distance from Mysore: 90 km

Though being in a village, Dhole’s resort is not devoid of luxuries and comfort. Another advantage (disadvantage to some) of staying in this Bandipur forest resort is, the wildlife reserve is very close; so close that you can hear them at times during the night.

Dhole’s Den offers three types of accommodation that vary in size and views.

  • Habitat
  • Garden Mansion
  • Mountain Paradise (the image above)

Whatever type of accommodation you choose, you pay for boarding and lodging.

  • Bush Betta Wildlife Resort, Bandipur National Park

Address: Mangala Village, Gundul Pet Taluk, Bandipur, Karnataka 571318 Phone: 082292 36094


Bush Betta Wildlife Resort, Bandipur National Park

Tastefully decorated room-isn’t it? Such first impressions are important in guessing about the quality of hotels. I think the Bush Betta Deluxe Wildlife Resort would match your expectations of a jungle lodge that should offer sheer silent surroundings, finest and hygienic food and good comforts.

Located on the fringes of Bandipur National Park, the Bush Betta Deluxe Wildlife Resort promises a great time for a family vacation. Amenities include a jeep safari, guided forest walk, swimming pool, open-to-sky restaurant, bar, and social gathering with the local village people over a bonfire.

You can reach the Bush Betta Deluxe Wildlife Resort in Bandipur from Mysore that is only 80 km away.

  • The Serai Resort, Bandipur National Park


I hope this Bandipur resort matches its aesthetic website.

The Serai resort in Bandipur is located closer to Ooty than Mysore. Just an hour separates the Bandipur national park and Ooty.

One look (image below) at the table set on the terrace of the resort with the views of Western Ghats is more than enough for me to like this Bandipur resort.

The Serai Resort, Bandipur National Park

Reviewers say the Serai resort is located very close to the Bandipur National Park. This enables the guests of Serai to make several entries into the Bandipur tiger reserve.

The Serai Resort offers three different types of accommodation namely:

  • Mountain View Courtyard
  • Mountain View Log Hut
  • The Residence

If I ever visit Bandipur national park and if I am asked to choose the accommodation at the Serai, I would choose the “Log Hut”.

The Serai Resort

What a sit-out to gaze into the jungles of Bandipur! Perfect ambience for nature lovers. The landscape surrounding the Serai Resort is simply beautiful and self-made.

  • Bandipur Safari Lodge, Bandipur

Jungle Lodges

Address: NH 67, Angala Post, Gundlupet Taluk,Chamarajanagar District, Mel Kamanahalli, Karnataka 571111  Phone: 082292 33001

This Bandipur resort is set amidst verdant meadows. I think you need not foray deep into the jungle to spot wild animals as they are sure to wander in the vicinity of the beautiful location. It is one of the earliest resorts to have been set up at the edge of the Bandipur National Park. The landscape and the garden surrounding the resort are full of a variety of herbal plants too apart from lovely mountain flora.

The resort management has arranged several wildlife-related outdoor activities that include

  • Bird Watching
  • Animal Safari
  • Elephant rides
  • Nature walk

All the accommodations are of independent cottages with all the modern amenities.

Address: Bandipur NationalPark  Resort

Angala Post, Gundlupet Taluk, Chamarajanagar District, Melukamanahalli – 571 126 Karnataka, India

Phone: 91 9449597880,  91 8229-233001

  • Vana Vihar, Bandipur

Vana Vihar, Bandipur

If you happen to choose to stay at this Bandipur resort, you have a unique advantage of being able to visit Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary also due to proximity. Look at its location and surroundings. Vana Vihar beckons forest animals without effort.

About the types of accommodation offered and their images, there is not much information available at the website. The indicated tariff at the website makes the Vana Vihar, very cheap and affordable.

For day-trippers to the Bandipur national park, they can either stay at Mysore or Ooty.

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