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5 Beautiful Camping and Trekking Spots near Bangalore

by Jane Sophia

When it comes to pitching up a tent in an open camping ground in and around Bangalore or a two-hour night trekking in a hilly terrain, there is no better source for tips and advice than one of my friends who is an adventure freak.Last week, I had a chat with him about a short weekend picnic that I wanted to take and he enthusiastically talked about various camping spots and trekking trails in and around Bangalore that I never knew about till then.He told me that I am not alone but the majority of Bangaloreans are oblivious to various options to spend their weekend in a unique way.

5 Beautiful Camping and Trekking Spots near Bangalore

I must agree with him because, the contemporary youth, though would want to indulge in adventure travel once in a way but lack proper guide to different forms of adventure such as camping near lakes or in jungles, trekking on a mountain trail during the night to have close encounters with nocturnal wildlife that include reptiles and small flying insects. This blog post would act as a perfect guide to them.

Forget about home-stays and resorts and sleep in a tent in the middle of a wilderness keeping company to stars and night sound.

There are several camping spots close Bangalore. You can opt to stay in a canvas camp, jungle huts, or in a wooden cottage. You can either stay overnight or more than one day in which case, you need to equip well to do your own cooking and search for places to satisfy nature’s calls.

  1. Guided Trekking in Kanakpura

Kanakpura is situated well within the city of Bangalore. With its scenic surroundings, it beckons adventure lovers to pitch up their canvas or plastic tents, just to laze around or do a bit of campfire singing and dancing.


These days, camping need not be a solo adventure. It is done in an organized way and there are adventure sports companies that arrange the entire trip for you with all the details covered.

For example, Trip Hippie arranges a camping stay for you at Kanakpura for only Rs.1700+. It includes breakfast, lunch, tea, snacks, and dinner, a guided trekking and boating plus a few more outdoor activities. Oh yes, the price is inclusive of forest taxes.

My friend who enjoyed more than one camping trips with the Trip Hippie told me of the things to see and to do in Kanakpura camping ground that is situated by a pristine lake that offers canoeing ( a sort of water ride) and paddle boating.

For trekkers, they can reach up to the Devara Gudda hilltop in Bananthimaari state forest range.

For details, visit their website

While there, scroll down to read the feedback left behind by real users of Trip Hippie camping experience.

  1. Manchanabele also known as Manchinbele

This is one more spot in Ramnagara district of Bangalore. It lies about an hour drive from Electronic City, Bangalore. It’s known as the best weekend getaway near Bangalore for the adventure lovers.

Apart from the usual bonfire and boozing, other fun activities that attract fitness buffs are zip-lining (sliding on a metal cable hanging on to a pulley), paintball, climbing down a mountain in a rope, called rappelling, and jumaring which is the opposite action of rappelling; it means climbing on a steep surface using cables and buckles.

I am sure these are very exciting adventure sports that are not available in common.

Here is one more location advantage. Manchanabele sits on the banks of the Manchanbele lake situated in the reserve forests of Savandurga

Extreme zone India organizes corporate camping events and offers comfortable tents mixed with modern amenities and also medical facilities.

If you want to experience the camping ground activities of Manchanabele, please visit their online portal


  1. Trekking in Savandurga

Savandurga is a monolith hill that lies 60 km to the west of Bangalore. It is the largest monolith hill in Asia. The Akravati river within the vicinity of Savandurga is the main reason for it to be an ideal camping ground. When the campers go to the top of the hill which is at a height of about 3700 feet, they can view the river. The view from this height can be captivating for anyone.

Attractions in Savandurga:

trekking trail in savandurga

  • An old and dilapidated fortress which used by the legendary Tipu Sultan.
  • Akravati river
  • Trekking trails in Karigudda and Billigudda hills.
  • A Hanuman sculpture (I wonder who sculpted it at such a remote place)
  • Nandi tower
  • Thippagondanahalli reservoir.
  • Savandi Veerabhadraswamy temple.

For just Rs.1250, you can have a memorable time at Savandurga trekking site.



  1. Organized Trekking in Anthargange

Antharange situated in Kolar district, 70 km away from Bangalore city railway station. It is basically known for trekking during the night.


Though it is known for the cave temples, it is for the same reason trekking is famous. Generally, night trekking is more exciting than trekking during the day mainly because of the silence that attracts the nocturnal creatures to venture out.

Anthargange means as the name suggests, the Inner Spring. In fact, a freshwater spring is sighted at the top of the hill where the caves can be seen. The caves act as a camping ground.

For Rs.1600, Trawell.in organizes a short trip to Antharange caves.

  1. Bananthi Betta

Looking at the images, I reckon it is a wonderful camping site located very to Bangalore city. Bananthi Betta is only 3km from Kanakpura, a residential area in Bangalore.

As you climb on to any one of the small rocks, the view surrounding the place will charm you. The valley below dotted with a stream is a sight to behold.

There are two villages near Kanakpura namely Konanadoddi and Kuthnahalli. Both situated at a hillock, off the Bangalore-Mysore

Plan a trip to Bananthimari Betta through



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