Caviar Buffet at Bellagio, Las Vegas Invites You

by Jane Sophia

This blog post is meant for gourmet travelers and for those who are heading to Las Vegas for the Christmas holidays (can there be a better place to spend the winter holidays than Las Vegas, the town of ultimate entertainment, and never-ending nightlife?) where something wonderful awaits them. It’s their favorite, and irresistible food ‘Caviar’ that included in a Bellagio buffet spread at the MGM Resorts International owned Bellagio, one of the luxury resorts cum casino in Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.

Caviar Buffet at Bellagio

Caviar Buffet Timings:

On all Fridays and Saturdays, the buffet table is set from 3:30 pm and is cleared by 10 p.m.

Which caviar served at the Bellagio buffet?

The ‘ikura’ and ‘tobiko’ caviars are served but not charged anything extra in the buffet. Both the above two varieties of caviar are common in Japan. The ‘ikura’ is a kind of salmon fish while the ‘tobiko’ is flying fish roe (fish egg)  in Japan.

Any accompaniments to Caviar?

The most eaten accompaniments to caviar are the ‘blini’ and crème Fraiche. The Russian pancake ‘blini’ on which a generous spread of the crème Fraiche applied and the caviar is placed on top it.

caviar buffet fish roe

So, what exactly is ‘Caviar’?

A jar of fine caviar accidentally reached me in my sister’s bag, which meant for someone else. I found it as a strange coincidence as just a few minutes before; I read about the ‘caviar buffet’ in Las Vegas as a news item on my mobile. And I knew caviar is an expensive delicacy, and to be included in the buffet spread sounded odd but a bold and strategic move to attract customers towards the buffet.

The caviar makes any first-timer an instant addict, and he or she would be left wondering why they haven’t come across the caviar before.

Caviar, originally a Russian delicacy, is nothing but the eggs (roes) of a fish species called the ‘sturgeon.‘ These fish found in the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. The most expensive variety of caviar extracted from the Beluga sturgeon.

The Beluga is not found all over the world, and hence, other countries make caviar from the roes from salmon, trout, and the lumpfish.

Like many of you, I also wondered, ‘is caviar just fish eggs’! The answer came from one of the resources to write this blog post. All the fish eggs called roes, while only some of the roes are caviars. To put it simply, all fish eggs are roes, but not all roes are caviars. Caviars are ‘salty’ to taste.

Caviar Buffet

Trivia: The Black Sea is an inland sea because six countries’ shore, shares this sea. They are Russia, Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Can ‘caviar’ producing fish be farmed?

Of course, it can and are being done so on a large scale due to the depleting numbers of the sturgeon fish population. These authentic caviar farms are now found in Italy, too, as well as the United States, France, and Israel.

The color of Caviar:

The typical color of sturgeon fish caviar is black; however, the most expensive caviar that comes from the Beluga sturgeon is amber or gold. The salmon fish caviar is in orange color. Some caviar is in red too, and that looks attractive when placed on a buffet table along with other color caviars.

How is caviar served in a buffet?

It is never scooped up with a metal spoon as it is said to taint the eggs. The most preferred spoon made from the mother of pearl.’ Crystal spoon can also be used. It is always served cold as it is refrigerated.

How to eat caviar?

It’s eaten chilled along with blini or just the caviar alone without any accompaniments. You should consume the full contents of a caviar jar within three days of opening it.

The most expensive caviar

It branded as ‘Almos,,’ and it comes from the Iranian Beluga fish that lives in the Caspian Sea.

Five other restaurants in Las Vegas that serve authentic caviar buffet.

The Bellagio’s buffet doesn’t serve caviar on Sundays. So, where do you go to eat delicious caviar?

Try the Sterling Brunch located in Las Vegas Boulevard. They serve chilled premium champagne, sushi (caviar regularly is eaten with Sushi in Japan), and whole lobster.

A short distance from the Sterling Brunch is the Michael Mina, who serves an exotic dessert called ‘caviar parfait.’ It seems a moving cart is filled up with 5 different types of caviar and a bowl of a parfait. You can help yourself as per your choice of caviar.

Other Mama is a sushi restaurant located in Durango Drive. You are served caviar on a French toast.

If you want to eat the expensive golden caviar, you have to visit a typical Russian restaurant called ”Red Square” located in Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, Las Vegas Boulevard. Other varieties of caviar served here are the American Hackleback and Siberian Black Sturgeon. Both are black caviar, a proof of authentic sturgeon origin. If you are a vodka lover (why else should you go to a Russian joint), you can drink the rare Skyy wild strawberry vodka ( I have tasted this fruity vodka), Grey Goose cherry noir vodka, and the Ciroc wild berry vodka.

At the Rose. Rabbit. Lie. (notice the period after every word, strange for a name of a restaurant-right?), you can eat the expensive golden osetra caviar along with with ‘taco,’ a totally different combination. Taco is a Mexican wrap. Another rarity here is the Hamachi, a Japanese amberjack fish.

Though these 5 outlets for eating good caviar buffet, I wish you take the caviar buffet at the Bellagio and leave your feedback here.


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