5 Waterfalls near Mumbai (with Photos)

by Jane Sophia
Dabhosa Waterfalls near Mumbai

Mumbai is a city located amidst waterfalls and oceans, Yes there are more Waterfalls near Mumbai. Generally, Indians don’t visit Mumbai if they do not have any relatives or friends to stay with them as the hotels in Mumbai are expensive and the rooms are terribly cramped.

In addition, visitors to Mumbai are mostly taken out or go out on their own mainly to local street food outlets in the evening as there are not many tourist attractions in and around Mumbai.

These two above opinions of Mumbai are not completely true; nevertheless, there is half-truth in them. Yes, staying options in Mumbai can empty of your wallet but there are wonderful natural attractions near Mumbai that can tie your Mumbai Homestay for more than 4 days!

For example, do you know there are eleven beautiful waterfalls near Mumbai that you can visit with your family? Mumbai city can be chaotic, especially for the tourists. They can unwind and stay calm at these waterfalls.

Shall I take you around for a virtual tour of waterfalls near Mumbai (Bombay) now?

1. Waterfalls near Mumbai: Bhivpuri Waterfalls

Waterfalls near Mumbai Bhivpuri

I think you are hearing about this waterfall near Mumbai for the first time-eh? Bhivpuri railway station is connected by the Mumbai suburban train and is located 80 km from Mumbai. If the name Bhivpuri is not familiar to you, you may recognize Neral and Karjat railway stations on Central Railway line. Bhivpuri is located in between the above two stations.

Once you reach the Bhivpuri station, you can quickly walk up to the Bhivepuri waterfalls.

If you prefer to drive from Mumbai, take the Bangalore highway to visit the Bhivpuri waterfalls.

Apart from the waterfalls, there are several small river streams too where you can just sit and relax with a snack. For adventure lovers, they can do a bit of ‘rappelling’ from the top of the waterfalls to the bottom. This adventure sport called ‘abseiling’; it involves descending on a rocky surface with the help of a rope. You can control your descending speed.

Since the Bhivpuri Road railway station is less than 100 km from Mumbai and is connected to the local trains, you can make a day trip to Bhivpuri and return to your Mumbai budget hotel on the same day.

2. Waterfalls near Mumbai: Pandavkada Falls

It seems the water is falling with great force here and it is really crowded. I think, if you reach the Pandavkada before 7 am, you can enjoy the place.

It is located at Kharghar (30 km from Mumbai), a place near Navi Mumbai. From the Kharghar railway station, the waterfall is just 4 km away. Autorickshaws are available at Kharghar railway station.

3. Kune Waterfalls

The ‘Kune waterfalls’ is located about 80 km only from Mumbai; one can make it a day trip to Kune waterfalls from Mumbai. One can reach the Kune waterfalls near Mumbai from Lonavala railway station too that is located just 3.2 km away.

Khandala is a very popular and highly visited small hill station near Mumbai. Tourists to Khandala take time off to visit the Kune waterfalls too as it is only 2 km from Khandala. The water falls from the Sahyadri mountain. At some points, the water is falling from nearly 330 feet!

4. Bhagirath Waterfalls, Vangani

The distance from Mumbai city is only 68 km and there is a railway station at Vangani on the way to Karjat railway station on the Central Railway line. Local transportation is available from Vangani to Bhagirath waterfalls. The water falls from Chanderi Hills.

5. Water falls near Mumbai: Kalote waterfalls, Karjat

So, one more waterfall near Karjat near Mumbai! This makes it the third waterfalls near Karjat. If you plan it carefully, you can visit all the three (Bhivpuri, Bhagirath, and Kalote) waterfalls from Mumbai in one day. A Kalote waterfall is also known as Dhabdhaba waterfalls. I think it indicates the sound of the falling water.

The location of Kalote waterfalls is on the way to Pune. The suburban train can take you up to Kalote Mokashi railway station. The distance from Mumbai is 75 km only.

These 5 waterfalls are located within 85 km from Mumbai city and one can easily visit them as day trips.

There are 6 more waterfalls that are located over 200 km Mumbai. I will just mention their names and distance here; if you have the time and transportation, you can plan a visit.

Lingmala Waterfalls near Mumbai

  • Vihigaon Waterfalls, near Nashik (125 km from Mumbai)
  • Lingmala Waterfall, Mahabaleshwar, 250 km from Mumbai
  • Randha Waterfalls, 165 km from Mumbai
  • Vajrai waterfalls, 283 km from Mumbai
  • Chinaman’s waterfall, near Mahabaleshwar
  • Thoseghar Falls, near Satara, 300 km from Mumbai

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Reshma Kongarampilly September 19, 2018 - 5:36 am

The crowd at Pandavkada waterfall!!! (sigh)

Yogi Saraswat September 19, 2018 - 7:52 am

Very Good Information about falls near Mumbai !! Thank you

Adite September 19, 2018 - 9:32 am

Informative piece. I remember visiting Kasara ghats during my childhood. Though it didn’t have waterfalls, there was a lovely stream and it was a nice quiet place for a picnic. Wonder what it is like now.

Shoma Abhyankar September 19, 2018 - 5:03 pm

Wow beautiful. Didn’t know about these waterfalls.


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