4 Good Tips for Fishing in Arizona

by Jane Sophia

Despite being a rather dry state, Arizona has loads of fishing options. If you’re planning a visit to Arizona anytime soon and want to make sure that you have the right angling equipment with you or that you get to some of the amazing fishing spots scattered throughout the area, just keep on reading. We’ve prepared four essential tips that can help you make the most of your Arizona fishing expedition.

  1. Make sure you have your license

Unlike other states where anglers younger than 16 are allowed to fish without a permit, in Arizona all people older than 10 are required a license. Children under that age, as well as blind individuals are exempt from buying a license. Most of the permits you can either get online from the Arizona Game and Fish Department last for a year.

Arizona Lake Powell

On the one hand, owning a fishing license is necessary if you want to make sure you don’t break the law. Any incident such as the police discovering you have hunted or fished without a permit can lead to a civil damage amounting up to $8,000. What’s more, it is important to note that licenses are needed because species conservation and protection require funds that usually come from the sale of these permits.

  1. What types of fishing can you do in Arizona?

Lake and pond fishing, river fishing, and fly fishing are three activities you can engage in when in Arizona. Opportunities for boat fishing do exist, although it is less common compared to the three types mentioned previously. In such circumstances, you can use a good fish finder like the Lowrance Mark 5x Pro to make sure that you never miss the catch you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. Species you can catch in the area

Some of the fish you can target in Arizona range from Northern Pike to Tiger Trout and Tilapia. These three are some of the popular you can reel in, but you can also get your fill of Bigmouth Buffalo, Green Sunfish, White Crappie, Common Carp, Yellow Bass, as well as Flathead Catfish. Largemouth Bass, Apache Trout, and Rainbow Trout are three other fish you can catch here.

  1. Great Arizona fishing spots

For bass fishing, we recommend Roosevelt Lake, located in Tonto National Forest. It covers more than 20,000 acres, so you will be able to find plenty of catfish, striped bass, as well as white bass. It’s a perfect destination for a day spent fishing from the shore, especially as it is rich in submerged trees that this species enjoys lurking in.

Lake Pleasant is another popular spot what with it being in the Phoenix area. The reservoir hosts a broad array of species ranging from catfish to tilapia, and you’ll also have the opportunity to reel in the largemouth bass you’ve always wanted to catch.

Oak Creek is an excellent location if you’re into fly fishing. It’s calm and beautiful and jam-packed with rainbow trout. Because of the scenery, we suggest bringing your whole family with you as the landscapes and the diverse types of water will allow your kids to learn a bit about nature.

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