Hotels That Offer Over the Top Amenities for Your Pets

by Jane Sophia
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Hotels are now encouraging the healthy practice of traveling with furry buddies

Every pet parent will know the importance of the nurturing relationship they share with their four-legged buddies. The intimate moments you get to share after a long tiring day with the furry family member is rejuvenating in its own way. The ‘love-care’ bond that you share with your pet partner is not only special but also unmatchable. People around the world have started taking this bond to a level further by making their furry friends accompany them on vacations and tours. Road trips and pets go especially well, and according to the latest research, about 37% carry their four-legged partners on vacations. Resorts and hotels are responding to this practice with open arms and are offering special pet services and the chef made treats.

Pet-friendly Hotel brands

The best travel advice would be to never leave your pet in someone’s care while you are away having fun. Carry them along with you, and you will witness an elevated reaction of joy in them that you may have never noticed before. They simply love and cherish every moment they get to spend with you.

Several pet-friendly brands have emerged across the USA and more and more hotels are encouraging this healthy practice of traveling with pets. Some brands like Red Roof Inn, La Quinta, and Motel 6 welcome pets but have certain rules regarding their size, type and number. Others like Kimpton Hotels are extremely liberal about their pet policy and welcomes pets of all sizes and shapes without charging an extra fee.

Some brands like Best Western and Drury Inn charge a pre-decided fee for offering the best of services for your furry partner. With the increasing travel movement, the amenity bar is getting higher in top-notch hotels that offer fancy services like branded food bowls, fluffy dog beds and so on. Some of the over the top perks offered by reputed brands include bacon-infused water, dog spa, pet butlers, and room service menus.

Hotels with Special care for your special dog

If you are a proud pet parent and want the best for your furry partner, the best travel advice would be to let them enjoy the vacation by investing a little more in hotels that offer first-class services for pets.

At Loews Hotels and Resorts, pets are offered bakery made treats on arrival. Moreover, your pet will no longer have to look at you and drool while you are eating. Both you and your pet buddy can eat in peace, as the veterinarians collaborate with hotel chefs to fashion gourmet menus for pets.

Dedicated pet menu

Most of these pet-friendly hotels have a dedicated pet hour, in which dogs can eat their favorite treats, sip on Evian, relax their canines, and connect with other pet friends. Scrambled eggs, potatoes, Tartare, shepherd’s pie, poached salmon, brown rice and a lot more are included in the menus of top-notch pet-friendly resorts. Manhattan’s Taj Hotel has a specially designed menu just for dogs which include baby carrots, boneless chicken, aromatic rice, salmon filet amongst others. Embark on a new adventure with your pet, let them enjoy the best time of their lives.


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