2 Gorgeous Waterfalls in Victoria, Australia

by Jane Sophia
Silver Cascade Waterfalls

I am sure there is not a single soul in the world that can turn his eyes away from Waterfalls in Victoria. Water has that power to arrest your wandering attention. We love to see any kind of water-body such as a lake, a river or an ocean. The waterfalls have more attraction because of the sound it makes. The sound of a waterfall is said to calm us beyond words of explanation.

In this blog post, I am sharing all the information that I gathered about two gorgeous waterfalls in Victoria, Australia.

Basin Creek Waterfalls in Victoria

Image Credit: An American in Australia Website

Basin Creek Waterfalls in Victoria.

The prime pride of Victoria is the Snowy River National Park located in the alpine regions of Victoria, Australia. Basin Creek Falls is a cascade waterfall which is different from a ‘plunge waterfall’.

Cascade water fall is usually water rolling over a series of rock formations. It is less dangerous than a plunge waterfall wherein water falls from a great height. Cascade waterfall won’t make much sound when compared to the plunge water fall. Sometimes, a cascade of water flows over from the plunging water over rock steps. I mean, you can see both the types of waterfalls in one place.

Most of the plunge waterfalls can be seen from a distance whereas you can watch a cascade waterfall from a small boat or canoe. In India, there are several cascade waterfalls over which you can walk and dance.

Example: Silver Cascade Waterfalls, Kodaikanal

The exciting part of the Basin Creek Falls is viewing the Snowy River from a cliff that you can reach by walking on a trail.

The Snowy River starts from the highest mountain in Australia called Mount Kosciuszko and ends at the Bass Strait.

I read that the access to this tourist spot is not easy. You must get a map of the region to drive and walk. One should not plan a trip to the Basin Creek Waterfalls during the rainy season when the entire mountain is transformed into waterfalls.

When the water flow is thin, you can actually stand under the water. The place where the water finally gathers forms a swimming area.

Waterfalls in Victoria

Beehive Creek Waterfalls, Coopracambra National Park.

It is another cascade type waterfalls located in the Coopracambra National Park, Gippsland, Victoria. The park itself is located in a far enough place where the modernization has not touched its beauty whereas; still further away is the cascade, rather a series of cascade through the colorful reddish rocks.

Coopracambra National Park is located 500km east of Melbourne and 250km south of Canberra.

Coopracambra National Park is really in a remote wilderness and thus is the least visited tourist destination. I love such less crowded places where one can purely sink in nature.

The park is a site with rare flora and fauna and a largely unpolluted by visitors. The river Genoa flows inside the park’s red sandstone. The river’s border is lined with peppermint trees. An insect eating bat is found here along with sooty owl.

This waterfall is purely for the adventure lovers because the access path is treacherous and the wild dogs scare people away. However, the path to the waterfalls is through a dense forest and it is an enchanting walk.

The sight of waterfalls and the pleasure it gives cannot be accommodated in a page full of words. One must see it to soak in the majestic beauty of water falling from a height, and cascading over rocks.



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