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My Fantasy Destinations [Updated]

by Jane Sophia
Fantasy Destinations Taj Lake Palace

There may be several interpretations of the word, Fantasy Destinations  but for me, it means the places that one is truly thrilled to visit and for the first time. I may like to go to countries that are very popular travel destinations such as Singapore, Sri Lanka or Hawaii but I would do a research for unknown and less popular places in those countries and in the world. As I read or view text or video, I start to fantasize that I am alone in those exotic places.

 Fantasy Destinations Tinker Bell

Fantasy getaways or Fantasy Destinations are sometimes known to people as something untrodden by other travelers. Yes, I would call them too as fantasy destinations as I would love to fantasize of visiting such places.

Moreover, you would have dreamed of living like a king in beach front hotel where you are pampered by several servants. Yes, that too would fall under fantasy travel.

I am covering here 3 fantasy destinations that are in my mind and I hope to enjoy them one day. Right now, they exist only in my mind.

Jurassic Park

My Fantasy Destinations Jurassic Park

This is a real park folks, not a film set. Oh, I mean, in my mind, it exists.  Jurassic Park is located on Isla Nublar near Costa Rica. The very idea of going to a small island thrills me.

Doing a bit of Googling about it?

Isla Nublar is a fictional island where the movie Jurassic Park was canned. It is in Central America, Costa Rica to be exact. It is visited by a chopper and a jeep ride enthralls you when you see the once extinct wildlife.

lost boys

My Fantasy Destinations Never Land

It is another fictional fantasy destinations where the famous characters Tinker Bell, The Lost Boys, and other mythical beings live. It is a faraway place but an imaginary one. (I wonder why we all imagine our fantasy destinations located very far away from our home town.) Go there and turn back the clock and live like a child, watch angel or mermaid..

Well, those two are fantasies only. I wish such places really exist; how else one could have visualized them and made a film or wrote a book?

Now, let’s get back to reality.

 Fantasy Destinations lake palace

Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur-India

Ah, this is one of my fantasy destinations. I want to spend a minimum of three days in a hotel where a kingly holiday awaits me. By kingly I mean, huge super soft luxury bed, a bathroom with all the works, the food that is served only to Maharajas, servants to disrobe and dress, and so on. Oh, I take back my words. The dressing and undressing need no assistance, from servant or spouse.

Well, I think I can realize my fantasy in the hotel Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. Udaipur itself was a place where the Rajput kings lived in palaces. The Taj Lake Palace hotel itself is built like a palace in the Aravalli hills.

The bed that I dreamed about is certainly no match to the one the hotel provides. It is said to accommodate 8 or more people. The hotel wood work would certainly take your breath away.

 Fantasy Destinations Lake Palace

The hotel is all marbles that are found in abundance in Rajasthan. The carpets everywhere are said to be real deep.

The bath tub is of a Maharaja size.. You won’t find another in any hotels in the world.

The food is a royal India cuisine. There are courtyards just like in real palace and you bump into indoor fountains too.

You can experience a royal massage in the vast spa.


This majestic palace like hotel is located tight on the shores of Lake Pichola offering stunning views.


At times, the hotel will announce offers such as, if you book a room for two nights, you get one more night stay, free of cost. I would grab it happily if I got such an offer.

Oh, enough of imagination. Book a flight to Udaipur and check in during the winter months.

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