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5 Airlines for the Best Customer Service

by Jane Sophia

The competition between various airlines is about to thicken. The New Year is just days away. Already, hundreds of families have bought their flight tickets to the destinations of their choice. Now they are spreading their travel plans by word of mouth. Airlines, flight booking agents, travel apps are in full gear to service the rush. They are luring the prospective clients with freebies, upgrades, and promise unmatched customer service.

5 Airlines for the Best Customer Service

The airlines’ ulterior goal is to make the passengers wish their flight lasted a little longer. Hmm… I think is an excellent goal set by the airways and I wish they extend their impeccable customer service throughout the year.

Airlines _6

What are all the additions that can keep the passengers happy and continue to be loyal to the airlines?

  • More baggage allowance
  • Increase the number of in-flight freebies that include free toiletries, free chocolates, (at least to the children) free gifts etc
  • Increase the choice of drinks
  • Offer discounts on future flights
  • Better lounging options in the airport
  • Speedy check-in facility
  • Punctual departure and arrival
  • More courteous in-flight staff

As a person who has traveled several times in this year, these are the discounts and allowances that I expect. The same wishes were conveyed to me by a few fellow passengers from different parts of the world.

Frequent flyers also rank the flights based on all the above.

Let us see who offers what and who beats who!.

  • Singapore Airlines

Airlines _1I am not surprised ( I am sure you too ) to find the Singapore Airlines topping the list airlines that offer the best customer service. I have experienced their service both at the airport and in-flight. The entire airline staff is very well trained and they are the most efficient people in the entire airlines’ industry. Hats off to them and gratitude too!

  • Qatar Airways

Airlines _2Qatar Airways has been improving their customer service and their onboard food is unanimously appreciated by all the passengers. Recently, a relative of mine flew with them to Michigan , said he did not feel he traveled 14 hours because of the frequency of food and drinks served onboard. He was kept active all the time, I suppose.

  • Etihad Airways

AirlinesEtihad Airway’s flight staff is reported to be extremely attentive and courteous. I foresee they grab the bulk of the business during the current holiday.

  • Air New Zealand

Airlines _4Though the majority of the positive reviews are left behind by the Kiwis, I think they are still justified to occupy the third rank in the list of best customer service by airlines. Most of the positive votes were for the frequency of the drinks served and the quality of food onboard. There were some grumblings about the seat comfort and I hope the Air New Zealand would look into it.

  • JetBlue Airways

JetBlue AirwaysPassengers who have traveled with JetBlue Airways were happy with several aspects that include free branded snacks that were served any time you ask for, without batting an eyelid. This is a rare quality among in-flight staff. Kids loved the Donuts and cheese-its.

Elderly passengers welcomed the ample leg space. Probably you may not know about the JetBlue Airways’ Customer Bill of Rights that guarantees you get the highest level of safety and satisfaction or you get your money back.

There is also the $25 discount on your next flight with JetBlue if your traveling is delayed by an hour and a half.

What more you can ask for with any airlines?

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Veidehi January 3, 2018 - 6:34 am

Of all the airlines I have travelled so far, I think I like Jet Airways the best for customer service 🙂


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