The Cheapest Option to Stay in Singapore

by Jane Sophia

What is Mean By Cheapest Stay Option?

Only very smart travelers utilize the option to stay in hostels instead of lodging in hotels. Staying in affordable hostels while going abroad for a holiday would greatly cut down your travel cost. As you read further, you will realize how much it is cheap but still, you get all the basic comforts like bigger city like Singapore.

Staying in budget accommodations while traveling is only for people who explore the city of their travel fully; so much so that, they just come back to their lodge just to sleep.

Isn’t it wise to spend less on accommodation if you spend more than 12 hours of a day out?

Another uniqueness in staying in budget hostels is you get to meet fellow travelers from distant places of varying culture. This kind of cultural exchanges is not possible while staying in star hotels. In addition, sharing their travel knowledge with you and you with them would be beneficial on future travels.

I urge you to carry a small pocket notebook with you so that you can jot down the addresses of similar, low-cost hostels in other places of the world.

Singapore _1

Don’t think that these hostels would be threadbare when it comes to amenities such as:

  • Food
  • Internet access
  • Availability f local transportation
  • Clean bedding

The times have changed folks! Everyone knows that travelers’ expectation. If they are not happy, the business would have to be closed. So, everything is taken care of but not of very high quality. Mostly they filled your expectations and in some cases might even exceed.

Let us now look at one of the cheap hostels to stay in Singapore.

Singapore - China Town

Lotus Hostel Jalan Bukit Merah –China Town, Singapore

Lotus Hostel is open to all kinds of travelers around the world. They promise memorable stay based on three basic self-imposed rules:

  • Comfort,
  • Cleanliness,
  • Competitiveness

There is a total of 7 rooms that range in size and facilities that include a private room where two people can stay, a four bedded dormitory. In addition of 5 rest rooms, there is also another dormitory with beds. Since Singapore is hot most of the time, all rooms are fitted with air-conditioners and fans. What else do you need?

Singapore -2

Extra amenities Available Lotus, Singapore:

The building consists of two floors and each floor has a lobby that you can call as a living room.

There are two desktops in each room with free wifi. If you want your travel-dirty clothes to be washed, you can avail the in-house laundry service.

Your lodging price is inclusive of free breakfast.

Singapore has so many attractions that require tickets to be bought. This hostel sells tickets to all the attractions that include Sentosa Island and the various shows there. You need not spend time and money to run around in search of a travel agent to buy the tickets.

Location advantage:

If there is a police booth which is just a minute away, you can imagine the safety of your stay in the Lotus Hostel. There is the Singapore General Hospital near by the hostel. A food court is also nearby. Singapore is littered with these food courts that offer affordable food. The food option in China Town can make you confused because of the varieties.

The check-in time is 24 hrs and the check=out time is 10 AM

Price: It is Rs.1800 plus as of now. (7th August 2017)

Phone: +65 6376 2373


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