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5 Best Whale Watching Destinations

by Jane Sophia
Whale Watching

Whale watching is not a sport but a real thrilling activity during holidays. Some lucky people who happen to live nearby oceans where whales congregate are usually busy during the whale watching season hosting relatives and friends who visit them for whale watching. The unlucky people like me will have to make elaborate plans for a whale watching trip.

Whales do not roam across the oceans; they too have favorites.

 Whale Watching _1

Whales do not expose themselves all through the year to visitors; they are selective. During breeding season, they may live in an ocean but may migrate to another place to feed because of the abundant availability of prey. Whales rarely make a permanent home.

5 Best Whale Watching Destinations

Whale watching is not possible from the shore dear. To encounter them, you may have to take a small tour on a boat. Ready?

Let us now travel to some known and unknown places to watch the big fish. I read that whale watching is possible in nearly 120 countries!

Warning: Brace yourself to stay focused on your gaze for a testing time as whales don’t pay you a visit just because you have crossed continents just see them. You must have patience and lots of it. In fact, any wildlife watching requires infinite patience.

Whale watching Iceland

  1. Iceland, Whale Watching Destinations

I told you, you may have to go distant lands for a date with whales. Therefore, our first stop is Iceland, which is really far away from India. Mind you, Iceland is just below the Arctic Circle.

Whale watching short trips are arranged during the months of May to September from the Reykjavík city centre. Some of the whales that will surface off the Iceland coast are:

  • Humpback whales
  • Blue Whales
  • Minke whales

I have read about the first two types of whales but the last one, the Minke whales are new to me. They said to be the smallest of whales but still measuring about 32 feet!

  1. Isle of Mull, Scotland

This is one more Whale watching destination to watch the minke whales in case if you cannot afford to go Iceland. If the weather is friendly and if you have the required patience, the west coast of Scotland is a great place to see minke whales.

 Watching Destinations

  1. San Diego, California

Even me, who never travelled to the United States of America, know about the pleasant climate in California and its beautiful beaches. San Diego is a famous beach city on the Pacific coast of California.

In this coastal area, one can watch the Gray whales that measure up to 44 feet and weigh 33,000 KGs. The best time to visit is between January and March. Some have spotted these huge mammals even during the Christmas times.

I believe the whale watching first started here in 1950. It all began when the Carbrillo National Monument, San Diego allowed the tourists to view the Gray Whales.

  1. Monterey Bay, Whale Watching Destinations

Ah, the most awaited news is finally here. The Killer Whales spotted here. They are said to hunt down and kill the grey whales. Uniqueness is the blue whales are spotted throughout the year. In addition, the humpback whales give company to the blue and grey whales.

Monterey Bay

  1. Western Cape, South Africa

South Africa- No wildlife travel is complete without a visit to Africa. From here, you can watch some of the land based whales.  The ideal period is from June to November.

Not many whales are spotted in India. Lakshadweep is reported to spotted whales and dolphins.

Ready to go for a whale watching voyage?


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