How much would it cost for a 5 day trip to Singapore?

by Jane Sophia

I am going to explain how much would it cost to plan for a 5 day trip to Singapore and where can you stay safely and what are all the places that you should not miss seeing in Singapore.

Why Singapore?

It is simply the cleanest city in Asia and it won’t be an exaggeration to say it as the most beautiful city in Asia.

The places to see and the varieties of street sea food plus the ever available Guinness beer make Singapore to attract all classes of people from all over the world.

When to go?

This is a tropical country. Though it is an island that the rain frequents, the climate is hot and humid almost throughout the year except during December and January during which, the heat is bearable. Overall, traveling to the little island is worth spending.

Singapore _2

How much would it cost per day in Singapore?

Based on my personal experience, I would say anything about SG$200. (SG$ is Singapore dollar) is sufficient. If you want a break up, read it below.

Lodging SG$50 (look for boutique hotels, they are small but comfortable)

Food SG$60

Local Transportation by metro rail SG$20

Sightseeing SG$80

twin tower

Where to go in Singapore?

If you want to see the real Singapore, don’t forget to see the following places. Some are certainly a deviation from beaten path.

Begin with the local breakfast of mee pok (flat egg noodles) at a 70-year-old stall called Hua Bee.

Next, go to busy Tiong Bahru market and see how Singaporeans shop for groceries in the morning.

Have coffee or tea at any one of the roadside restaurants. The coffee will be mostly served as black and milk is an option for those who are used to drink thick coffee.

Marina Bay is a must to visit in the evening, after the lights are on. Enjoy a global cuisine sitting by the quayside watching the boats taking the vacationers along for a pleasure ride on the backwaters. Singapore looks stunning in the night.

A half a day visit to Sentosa Island will be memorable with myriad rides, encounter with exotic and colorful birds and friendly dolphins. The eating options in the Sentosa island would make one a gourmet. The evening laser show in the beach is simply breathtaking.

Sentosa Island

A stroll in the relaxed China Town can make you to plan for your next trip to this country then and there. One can taste food from several countries including India. One particular street is full of restaurants only and the dining area is on one side of the road while the other side is filled with cooking area. The aroma is heady there. One can shop around gathering mini gifts and collectibles.

Little India would be in every tourist’s itinerary because of quality Indian food.

 Singapore _6

Cheap Local Transportation

You can save substantial money in Singapore if you use the MRT Singapore’s public transit system that keeps top punctuality. The minimum fare is just one dollar.

Note to tourists.

Chewing will not be sold in Singapore.


Taking into consideration of the cheap local transportation, affordable and quality street food and the number of places to see, Singapore is an ideal travel destination.

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