Best Cities in Mexico to Visit: 7 Top Mexican Holiday Stopovers

by Jane Sophia
Best Cities in Mexico to Visit Puerto Vallarta

If you decide to visit Mexico for a vacation, goaded by travel blogs’ luring descriptions of Mexico, its long and sunny coastline, worldly gourmet food, unique drinks and extensive wildlife to see, you need a handy guide to Best Cities in Mexico to Visit. You just can’t book a flight ticket to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico and feel overwhelmed by the heat and noise.

Mexico is a very large country located south of North America and bordering California on its north and the Caribbean islands and Cuba in the south and southeast respectively.

Mexico comprises a massive 20,00,000 The majestic Pacific Ocean guards huge Mexico on it its south and west.

Mexico Map

There are just too many Best Cities in Mexico where you can land and still feel lost. To see at least 50% of the beautiful cities and small towns of Mexico, you need a mind-boggling 3 weeks on a conservative estimate.

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit- 7 Top Mexican Holiday Stopovers

I intend to publish this blog post as a sort of ready reckoner to Best Cities in Mexico Travel Guide. This Best Cities in Mexico to Visit Guide will feature all the highly visited tourist cities, villages and small towns. You need to do a bit more research on your choice of city such as sightseeing attractions, adventure activities, places to stay and what to eat and drink.

  1. Oaxaca, Mexico

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit Oaxaca

This image was sent to me by my aunt who recently had been to Mexico with her family. It is a scene where the local farmers were taking their produce to the bazaar to display their wares in Oaxaca, city and the capital of a state with the same name in Mexico. As soon as I saw this picture, I could not visualize any other attraction in Mexico. I am hell-bent on going to Oaxaca City, Mexico, at least once in my life.

  1. Best Cities in Mexico to Visit- Celestun

I urge you to copy ‘Celestun, Mexico’, paste it on Google search box and hit the ‘enter’ button. The result will show you a large flock of the flaming flamingoes on the top right of the search results.

flaming flamingoes

Yes, Celestun is that famous for its flamingoes and pelicans. Celestun is just a small village in the Yucatan peninsula area in Mexico.

If you are fascinated by the sight of these spectacular flamingoes, you will certainly show interest to explore the avifauna-rich Celestun Biosphere Reserve and the El Palmar State Reserve, where you can spot more exotic and migratory birds (provided you visit Celestun during the migratory season) such the Canadian Geese.

Canada goose

Canadian Geese

  1. Best Cities in Mexico to Visit: Yucatan Peninsula

The European and American tourists who look to burn their skin to a dark tan would frequent the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico where the sun seems to literally linger throughout the year.

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit Yucatan Peninsula

Yes, it is hot and blazing hot. The Yucatan Peninsula’s position on the map of Mexico is very interesting.

You can see the Yucatan on the tip of the upturned tail of Mexico. Belize is right below the Yucatan area.

In addition, the world-famous Riviera Maya is part of the Yucatan, Mexico. It was the seat of Mayan civilization aged 4000 years.

Riviera Maya is the hottest vacation spot in Mexico and it is where Mexico’s most expensive all-inclusive seaside resorts are built.

Tourists simply laze around on the sunny beach, sunbathe and can’t wait to have a large bite into the juicy and succulent ‘cochinita pibil, a pork dish where a whole white pig is roasted slowly after stuffing.

El Castillo temple

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit El Castillo temple

No, it is a not pyramid, buddy but a temple built by the Mayans and for the Mayans. It is an important tourist landmark in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

The exact location of the Mayan temple is Chichen Itza in Yucatan.

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit Chichen Itza

The row of columns depicts Mayan warriors.

  1. Best Cities in Mexico to Visit- Zacatecas

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit- Zacatecas

This is a mountain city with a picturesque setting and a salubrious climate which is a rarity in the steaming Mexico.

The road to Zacatecas is scenic. Trees of pine will be a pleasing sight to the tired eyes. The city was once a mining town producing silver.

Strangely, this is an obscure mountain city in Mexico that is home to several museums which fail to beckon tourists who turn their focus elsewhere such as cities that include:

  • Cancun
  • Guadalajara
  • Toluca
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Isla Holbox
  • Tulum
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Playa del Carmen
  1. Best Cities in Mexico to Visit: Puerto Vallarta

As a coastal city, Puerto Vallarta has gained considerable tourist attraction over the last twenty years. I foresee this Mexican beach city will compete with the much-celebrated Cancun in a few years.

Mexico’s west coast, though far away from most of the American states is stealing the limelight exclusively by Puerto Vallarta’s high-end beachfront resorts, spa clubs and sprawling Mexican villas overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Best Cities in Mexico to Visit Puerto Vallarta

There are spots that are conducive to bungee jumping and hang-gliding.

One thing you should notice and appreciate is the way the local Spanish chefs have been honing their innovative culinary skills. The added attraction for the gourmets is the Mexican beer.

Incredible beaches, relaxed atmosphere and the highly colorful dances of the Mexican entertainers draw big tourist crowds to Puerto Vallarta.

While all the beaches on this west coast Mexican city are good to pay a visit, the following four beaches are where you notice the tourists hanging around till midnight:

  • Los Muertos Beach
  • Boca de Tomatlan
  • Conchas Chinas
  • Playa Las Gemelas
  1. Best Cities in Mexico to Visit: Santa María Huatulco

Santa María Huatulco

Remember, I placed Oaxaca, a place to see in Mexico at the top of the Mexico City Travel Guide list above. Santa María Huatulco, now popularly known as Huatulco (Mexican names are tough to remember and pronounce) is part of the Oaxaca state of Mexico.

The beaches are just too beautiful to bypass and stay up on a barstool in a bar facing the Pacific Ocean. If you do that still, you are missing something while in Mexico. There is a national park too here called “is Huatulco National Park” right on the beach assuring you of spotting marine and wildlife.

The tourist crowd has been swelling constantly paving way for real estate promoters to develop quite a range of accommodation that includes:

  • Condominiums
  • Holiday homes
  • Beach villas
  • Inns that provide bread and breakfast
  1. Baja California, Mexico

Baja California is one of the Mexican states located near the California coast.

Baja California

Well, the image says it all. Baja California is the most visited vacation spot in Mexico for the stunning beaches and its surrounding mountains from where the view is gorgeous.

People prefer staying in Baja California’s many beautiful small towns such as Tijuana and Rosarito. Both are famous never-ending nightlife in Mexico.

For nature lovers, there is the charming valley called “Valle de Guadalupe”. Incredibly, the cool mountainous area, the Sonoran Desert dramatically changes the landscape.

If you are an island buff, you can visit the following Mexican islands namely:

  • Guadalupe Island
  • Coronado Island
  • Cedros Island
  • Angel de la Guarda

Oh, not a spectacular tropical island but it is a different landscape, almost like a desert.

You may infer from this Best Cities in Mexico to Visit , Mexico tourism revolves around beaches and more beaches that promise abundant sunshine and the colorful life of the Mexicans.

To top the scenery, the Mexican food will make you extend your stay in Mexican small towns with the help of the this Best Cities in Mexico to Visit guide.

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