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5 Beautiful Places to see in Alberta, Canada

by Jane Sophia

Alberta in Canada has more places to see than the 5 places that I covered in this blog post.  I cut short the number because of fear of content length that will annoy the visitor.

Alberta is said to be more picturesque than the other provinces in Canada. Natural places in the world most are not on easy terrain and Alberta is also one of the rugged ones. I believe because of its situation, it is stated to be a wonderful tourist attraction.

Alberta is famous for the vast frozen lakes that are ideal for ice skating.

Here are the 5 places in Alberta that I would give priority.

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1.) Medicine Lake in Alberta

Medicine Lake is actually within the Jasper National Park but the actual town of Jasper is nearly 20 KMs away. One can sit in front of the beautiful lake for hours together and laze around.  There are caves underneath the lake but are inaccessible to visit. Some of the wildlife that one can spot there are bighorn sheep, black bear, and Elk. Another unique animal that one can spot during summer is ‘Pika’ that looks like a rabbit. The lake frozen during winter. So it is advisable to visit during the summer to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of it and its surroundings. The lake gets its water from the snow-covered mountains and hence Medicine Lake is called a glacier lake.

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2.) Calgary

The Calgary city would beckon me at any time of the year. I wouldn’t mind visiting it even during the harsh winter. It is located at the meeting place of rivers Bow and Elbow. What apt names for twin rivers! The lovely city is witnessing abundant migration from other corners of the world. The Canadian cities dotted with big lakes.  They mostly known for pure water. Calgary’s major lake attraction is Lake Louise. For it lovely blue color, it is also fondly called Liquid Sapphire.  There are several walking trails around Lake Louise. The Banff National Park requires to allocate a full day to fully explore. I reckon it would take at least 12 hours to exit the park.

3.) Drumheller in  Alberta

It is part of the Red Deer River Valley. You will bump on to this town after an hour and a half drive from Calgary. I think it is conveniently located.  There is a Royal Tyrrell Museum, one of the finest dinosaur museums in the world which suggests that the Red Deer area must have once been the home of dinosaurs. I read the people spend hours to collect fossils of Dinosaurs at a place called Dinosite. The fossils of real Dinosaur folks!

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4.) Columbia Icefield

Ah, as the name suggests, Columbia Icefield in Vancouver is part of the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Jasper.  It is said to be the remnants of Ice Age, whatever that is. You should see the world’s largest non-polar icefield. Looking at the vast expanse of ice, you get an eerie feeling. To beat the gloom, one can participate in a variety of dining experiences.

5.) Maligne Canyon

Located inside Jasper National Park, it is one of the ‘lifetime-must-see’ places in the world. Canyons always enthrall us; the sheer beauty of the wilderness is breathtaking. The 50-meter drop is a sight to capture in your memory. The main activity here is the ‘Ice Walk’ that a guide will take you long an ice trail.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there are more places to see in Canada. Stay tuned for more updates.

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