3 Unique Travel Websites You Might Not Have Heard

by Jane Sophia
There is no dearth of Travel-related information on the Internet. There are blogs, travelogues, forums, cheap flights finding search engines, hotel reservations websites, packages for complete travel, etc.
Who is the target audience for such a wealth of travel information?

The Bloggers and Blogs

Travel writers and bloggers
The Travellers
Advertisers Of the three,

I believe travel bloggers make use of all types of travel data but do they all properly and effectively put them on the web so that they reach the target? I doubt so.
Travelers actually search for reviews of hotels and hotel deals, last minute reservation discounts, cheap flight tickets and places to eat and so on.
Well, in this blog post, I target the travel bloggers and travelogue writers and introduce them to a few travel-related websites that I believe will be useful to them.

Unique Travel Websites

Travel _1

Homestay is a unique concept targeting travelers who are looking for affordable accommodations other than hotels. They prefer to be hosted by local people who can offer them decent lodging plus food. Homestay connects both the travelers and the local people who offer to host them. There are raving reviews about Homestay and the majority of them are positive.

Both the hosts and the guests review each other and prospective guests are truly benefitted. Go ahead and look it up and browse to find the right places and people to make the most of your vacation. The advantage with HomeStay is you can plan to stay in any remote place where there are no hotels but still can stay with a local family and enjoy the loving hospitality.

Triptease is a hotel booking aggregator. One glance at the site and they mean business and transparency in bookings. Its search engine gives you the best rates. I did try and compared it with other sites. I must say I found the rates offered were satisfactory.

Other Travel Websites

Triptease allows you to search for specific locations or use a stumbling feature to inspire your passion to travel. The second feature is exciting to use. Passionate travelers who choose to stay in offbeat locations can make use of such a facility. The statistics at the website says the site has partnered with 17,000 hotels and generates over one billion dollars worth of booking revenue to the hotels every year. Mind boggling!

Rome2rio is a unique website that travelers can make use of. It helps one to plan a trip as the site gives you the flight, train and bus timings to your choice of destination. It works like this. You key in your place of departure and the exact address of your destination instead of just the name of the city you want to travel.

Rome2rio will display the timings of all modes of transportation and even gives you the fares and the estimated travel time! The site has in its database, 4800 tour operators from 150 plus countries.

I am sure not many of you have heard of these sites before. There are some more sites to the list and I will write about them at a later date. If you think the information provided here is useful, please share it with your social contacts.

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