Why Canada is the World Most Beautiful Country

by Jane Sophia

Canada can be considered as the most beautiful country in the world. Here’s why?

What can someone possibly fin in a country like Canada? Well, for starters it has deep green forests surrounded by glints of ice and snow-capped mountains, the refreshing scent of pine trees filling up the air, the soothing music of gentle breeze and the occasional heavy winds. Now, as deep as you go you can hear the quiet footfalls of moose, elk, and bears.

But these are only the primal things to view and acknowledge in Canada. As long as you stay in that gorgeous country you are bound to find a lot more reasons to deem Canada as the most beautiful country in the world.


What makes Canada so beautiful?

Speaking strictly about size, Canada only lags behind Russia which is a massively large country. In terms of beauty, many will not be able to move far beyond the scenic beauty that nature has to offer at the Rockies.

Others will find it hard to reach out of the limits of the luxurious cities which bind the travelers with its exotic flavours, taste and wonders. But for a country this big in size, there has to many more attractions for it to become the world’s most beautiful country. Here we mention just those aspects. The Globe rental car agency offers special budget car rentals exclusively for the budget travelers and make use of it wisely.


Quebec and Ontario

Not the usual choice for many who visit the country for the first time but one of the finest locations that this country has to offer. The dynamic views in Toronto can be solely worth your time and money. It is very close to the Niagara Falls which is the main attraction of this place.

Montreal and Quebec are also worth investing a few days. Cultural attractions include Art Gallery, National Museum and Canadian War Museum which is sufficient to quench the thirst of the culture hungry people.


Central Canada

Central Canada boasts one of the most profound natural sights that the country has to offer. Although it is very pleasing to lie across rippling grasslands and age-old barns, it can get a bit monotonous after long hours.

There are of course many more things to do and places to visit at the heartland of central Canada. And from here you can go towards Churchill and spend a lovely time with polar bears.



The tour of the Rockies, best started from Calgary. The best trip of the Rockies would start from England to Calgary and then fly back home from Vancouver. Having considerable time in your hand will allow you to visit the main Banff, Kootenay, Yoho and even Jasper national parks through the beautiful yet very busy Waterloo Lakes National Park.

Next up in the Rockies you might want to see the Icefields Parkway Drive. Other attractions for the day include a Maligne lake boat ride and a pleasant drive along Mount Robson en route to Clearwater and a day’s stay at Wells Gray Provincial Park.

Besides these Canada possesses a lot more scenic and mesmerizing sights which will be etched in your memory for the entire lifetime.


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