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by Jane Sophia

When you are planning a vacation, London may come to your mind as the most important place to visit for its rich historical values and archeological masterpieces. It is well-known fact that planning for a perfect vacation is very much needed and there are ample resources, which might be of great help in structuring a travel plan, according to specific interests and requirements.

London Museum

There are many avenues to gather information about the country and especially for London, which can be helpful in preparing the travel itinerary. The Travel Guide is one of such scopes or avenues, who is having the potential of helping their valued clientele in almost all aspects of a well-planned tour of London.

London Bridge

The service not only confined to guide the client to places of interests, rather they are helpful in getting the visa and other services like boarding, dining, and transportation, which are all essential parts of any vacation.

Travel Guide to London

In London, there are some important places of interest, which are usually shown by the Travel Guide and cannot be missed by any potential traveler, who wants to have the experience of touching the soul of England and its history. Some of these places, which are being shown by the Travel Guide, are as follows:

London Westminster Abbey
The Soul of England and Its History

  • National Gallery: It is considered as the world’s biggest and greatest collection of various artifacts and painting, including great European painting from 12th century to the 20th century, made by Leonardo, Velazquez, Botticelli, Van Gogh, Turner, Rembrandt and collection of impressionists artists;
  • Westminster Abbey: This is the finest church in Britain and also the place for royal coronations and burial ground, since the year 1066 to this day;

London eye

  • British Museum: Here one can find world’s biggest and important collection of numerous artifacts of the Western civilization, which includes the Elgin Marbles of Parthenon and Rosetta Stone; reminiscent of earlier civilization;
  • British Library: It is having the unique collections of almost all the literary treasures of the world, especially of Western hemisphere;
  • House of Parliament: This consisting the House of Commons and the House of Lords; the Neo-Gothic, including the famous Big Ben landmark, which is a must-see issue in i.e. shown by the Travel Guide;
  • Trafalgar Square: This considered as the heart of London, where The City, Westminster and the famous West End meet and help this area to be the most populated place of domestic and international touristsLondon Tower
  • London Eye: The great and giant observation wheel, which offers the most commanding and extensive views of the London skyline – a loveable place for the Travel Guide;
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral: It is the main cathedral of the popular Anglican Church, conceptualized and designed by the famous architect Christopher Wren, which is having a climbable dome and also offers routine evensong services;
  • Tower of London: This has to be included in the travel itinerary of any visitor, who is traveling in London; where the palace, historic castle and the prison housing the famous crown jewels and also the witty band of interesting beefeaters can be found.

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