What You Need to Know Before Traveling to England

by Jane Sophia

Traveling is considered as the best medicine to be rejuvenated, while people get bored and depressed, due to monotonous daily life; it provides the best support to get back the enthusiasm. When somebody planning an international vacation; most of the time it is found that the name of England cropping up in the mind and people are quite interested to know a bit more or in detail about the country, as well as, other nitty-gritty of relevant issues. Like any other place, there are certain issues, which are having enormous importance in making a perfect plan of vacation in London or say, in England.


To visit this beautiful place, one has to acquire some sorts of information regarding transportation, visa, places of interests, boarding facilities, etc., which are helpful for any person to get a well-planned travel experience.

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While there are lots of travel agencies or tour operators, who use to take all responsibilities, from planning to return ticket, but one can try to avail information through available sources, such as; internet, travel magazine and tourism department, etc., where almost all sorts of information are available.



The most important of all issues is the visa to travel in England, which need to be taken to get a lawful entry into the country and for a particular period. It can be noted that if the person is from an English speaking country, he does not need a visa and allowed to stay in the country for six months.

Issues to be noted

But if the intended tourist is not from such a country, he needs to have a valid visa, obtained from the appropriate authority. To obtain a visa of England; one has to check some issues, like the validity of the passport, which must have the expiry date after the intended date of return, otherwise, the visa will not be approved.


While the US citizens are getting some relaxation or simple terms but there are other countries, from where the availing of the visa is quite tough, as the requirements are quite stringent. The frequent international traveler has to check, whether there is at least one blank page, where the immigration or entry stamp can be made for valid entry in England.

Another most important issue is the currency, while there is a custom of traveling with US Dollar or Euros, but in England, most of the shops and establishments are use to taking Great Britain Pound, which is quite strong a currency and can be found in almost all ATMs.


If someone is willing to exchange Euro or Dollar or pay by credit card, he has to pay an exchange rate of three percent to get the GBP. There are lots of hotels and boarding, not only in London but in almost every notable place, where the staying options are available for the traveler of different budgets.

The famous London black cab and other transportation facilities, including The London Underground, can be of great support for smooth and reliable traveling in England.

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