Hotel Barge Cruise: European Barge Cruise Destinations

by Jane Sophia
Hotel Barge Cruise

Have you chosen your Hotel Barge Cruise and destination?

If not let us learn all about hotel barge cruises, canals and rivers to cruise, the romantic French and other European barge cruise destinations and more in this blog post.

Hotel Barge Cruise-what does that mean?

A barge is usually a very small ship that can take in a maximum of 20 passengers and sometimes just two. The passengers feel luxuriously pampered because of tailor-made food, locally grown vegetables and fruits that are freshly harvested, freshest wines and cheeses.

You as a passenger will feel as if you are staying in a hotel with assured personal attention while you cruise. After all, it is a floating hotel, buddy.

Your barge cruise price is an all-inclusive deal such as three sumptuous meals a day, drinks, and local tours on a daily basis.

What exactly is a barge? Is it a crude ship?

Not at all. Barges were once used to transport cargo. Long before the freight trains were used for the long haul of food grains, chemicals, and clothes, only the barges were engaged to move goods around.

After the introduction of freight trains, the barges were remodeled and refurbished as hotel barges. They are still in vogue for relaxed travelers.

Where do the hotel barges cruise?

I mean, on which rivers and canals are treated as barge routes?

Do you know?

Do you know the total length you can traverse in a barge in France alone? Hold your breath, buddy; it measures to over 4300 km!

  • Canal du Midi- Runs for 240 km.

Canal du Midi Map

  • Canal de Garonne

Canal de Garonne

  • The Canal de Bourgogne

Canal de Bourgogne

  • Canal de la Marne au Rhin

Canal de la Marne au Rhin

  • Nivernais Canal

Nivernais Canal Hotel Barge Cruise

  • Canal de Briare-the oldest canal in France

Canal de Briare Hotel Barge Cruise

Never heard of so many rivers and canals of Europe-eh?

Advantages of going on a hotel barge cruise:

Do you realize the number of options to choose your hotel barge cruise routes?

Can you imagine how many small towns and French villages you can visit as your daily local excursions?

Since only 20 passengers are allowed, you get the opportunity to interact and make friends with almost everyone.

There will be just one big dining table where all the passengers sit together during lunch and dinner. You will enjoy the conversation with fellow passengers.

Similarly, there will be just one bar.

Wherever your hotel barge stops, you will be taken inland. You can mingle with the soft-spoken peasants, enjoy their hospitality and appreciate the freshly baked bread and buns.


How long a hotel barge cruise lasts?

It varies with the cruise operators and the destination of your choice. The maximum duration for a hotel barge cruise is for 6 days.

How much distance a hotel barge covers in a day?

The cruise ship or the floating hotel will literally be cruising at a very slow speed. A hotel barge may cover up to 16 km a day. Therefore, if you buy a 6-day hotel barge cruise package, you will travel a maximum of 100 km approximately.

Are there demands for hotel barge cruises even today in the jet age?

Absolutely yes! Hotel barging tours are growing at a reasonable pace. There are still real travelers who take maximum pleasure in the act of traveling than reaching a destination in a jiffy.

The slow pace cruise, chances of making new friends, tasting cuisines that are not tasted thus far, drinking wonderful French wines, eating new and fresh cheeses make the hotel barge cruise attractive.

Which countries offer hotel barge cruise packages?

While France offers numerous cruise destinations, the other countries that also offer hotel barge cruises are:

  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Scotland
  • Holland
  • England
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Myanmar
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Bangladesh

Thematic cruises

Here is a surprising aspect of the hotel barge cruise. The cruise destinations selected based on certain themes.

For example, the leader in Hotel Barge Cruises, “European Waterways” offer the following very interesting theme barge cruise tours:

  • Culinary-I guess this theme cruise tour’s seats are grabbed fast. It is a perfect holiday cruise for connoisseurs and gourmets.
  • Antiques-this theme will lure both the antique dealers and curious travelers
  • Art
  • Flowers
  • Honeymoon
  • Wine tasting


What’s your favorite hotel barge cruise destination?

Here are some of the hot hotel barge cruise destinations in Europe.

Mind you, no jet plane will take you to these beautiful places.

  • Bordeaux


  • Loire Valley

Hotel Barge Cruise Loire Valley

  • Burgundy

Hotel Barge Cruise Burgundy

  • Champagne


  • Luxembourg
  • Black Forest

Hotel Barge Cruise Black Forest

  • Belgium
  • Canal du Midi

Hotel Barge Cruise Canal du Midi

  • Picardy


How many hotel barges are in Europe?

I have read there are 75+ barges that are transformed into floating hotels.

There are numerous hotel barge cruise ships in Europe. The most popular among them is the “European Waterways”.

Which is the hottest hotel barge cruise destination in the world?

I reckon Luxembourg is the hottest cruise destination in the world. The hotel barge alternatively known as floating hotel cruises on Moselle River.

The scene is breathtaking and serene.

Barge Cruise to Holland

Hopping on to a floating hotel and reaching Holland during the Tulip season is considered as the most colorful barge cruise in Europe.

Throughout the countryside of the Netherlands, tulips of myriad colors and hues will steal your heart and eyes.


The barge cruise season starts in March and ends in July. Begin your due diligence now and book your dream barge cruise package.

If you are single, barge cruise will suit you perfectly as you can foresee picking up many friends. Who knows, you may also embark upon your life partner!

Take a wallet full of cash so that you can buy a bag full of souvenirs such as wine, cheese, dresses, and art works.

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