10 Best Places to Visit in Liberia and Costa Rica

by Jane Sophia
10 Best Places to Visit in Liberia and Costa Rica

This is a photo showing Guanacaste trees. Look at the area of the shadow the trees provided. Travelers long ago used to take shelter under the trees. Cattle gave them company. Let us know 10 best places to visit in Liberia and Costa Rica in this blog post.

Over the years, the Guanacaste trees proliferated, and the name stuck. An entire province of Costa Rica was named after the Guamacaste Trees.

Our subject, Liberia, is the name of a city, and a district in Guanacaste province of this spectacular Central American country.

Overview of Liberia:

The city that is located 215 km north of San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is rated as one of the biggest tourist destinations in the country.

Liberia is a historic city and is considered as the cultural hub. It has beautiful churches, national park, a volcano, stunning waterfall, surfing-friendly Pacific Ocean, and above all, an exciting wildlife population.

How to reach Liberia, Costa Ricca?

The city is equipped with an international airport. I think other Central American countries, including the strategically important Panama, serve flights to the Guanacaste Airport.

In addition, the national capital, San Jose, is just over 200 km away. You can either drive in two and a half hours or find a domestic flight from San Jose.

If you choose the quicker option, you can reach in just 45 minutes.

Costa Rica

10 Best Places to Visit in Liberia and Costa Rica

  1. El Coco

With an alias of Playa del Coco, this is the most visited beach and town, just outside of it.

Even the Nicaraguans, from just across the border, come to Liberia’s star beach. Please be aware that Nicaragua also has the Pacific Ocean on its west coast.

I have written an exclusive article on what to see in Playa del Coco. Please take a few minutes to read that post, as an eye-opener for Liberia.

  1. Papagayo Peninsula

I reckon it is an under-visited attraction in Liberia, Costa Rica. In spite of the presence of 30+ beautiful beaches, I have not come across the place in my 7 years of career as a travel blogger.

The solitary arm of the peninsula is jutting into the Pacific Ocean, as a narrow strip of land, surrounded by the ocean on its three sides.

Location of Papagayo Peninsula:

45 km is the distance between the two tourist destinations.

All the 30 beaches spread over 24 km coastal area are worth visiting.

Do you think the hotel entrepreneurs would leave such a high tourist potential site, bare? The peninsula is dotted with numerous seafront resorts.

Some of the wealthy people of Costa Rica, have set up their permanent holiday homes. I think they let their properties out for rent, whenever, they are not touring the coast.

Yachting is a luxury pastime for the owners of holiday homes, and also for the guests of the beach resorts here.

Apart from yachting, and catamaran cruise tours, one can enjoy several water sports that include:

  • Scuba diving
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Windsurfing
  1. Beaches to visit in and around Liberia

While Playa del Coco garners all the attention, offbeat attraction finders would love the scenic beauty of the following beaches.

  • Nosara Beach
  • Carrillo Beach
  • Tamarindo
  • Sámara Beach
  • Santa Teresa Beach
  1. White water Rafting

As if the water-based adventures in the Pacific Ocean are not enough, those who dare, fall in love with the sight of Tenorio River.

The river’s rapids challenge the rafting enthusiasts.

  1. La Leona Waterfall

This waterfall near Liberia, Costa Rica, is simply awesome. In order to reach the hidden La Leona Waterfall, you have to hike through a dense rainforest, which itself is a thrilling experience.

See how adventurous, the La Leona Waterfall hike is!

This is a typical tropical site in Costa Rica.

The resulting river of the waterfall, invites rafters. You have to rent the inflatable raft before you begin the hike.

This means, you have to lug it, throughout your walk-up to the La Leona Waterfall.

The river is flowing at quite a depth of a canyon. Even as your raft surges forward, you won’t be able to resist the temptation of jumping into the river and have a swim.

Scroll down the video for about 1.30 minutes to see and admire the ‘Blue Hole’.


Watch out for monkeys, and coatis as you navigate through the forest up to the waterfall.

Join an organized tour of the La Leona Waterfall Adventure Hike. You will have to spend nearly 4 hours on this thrilling adventure.

  1. Tenorio Volcano National Park

Volcanoes capture awe-right? They are nature’s answer to so many geographical wonders. A crater on the cone of every volcano is a fine example.

As a tourist, you have to drive for about an hour from your hotel in Liberia to reach the NP. The distance to be covered is 70 km.

If you allocate a little more time, you can also see the Arenal Volcano ( I had written about it in my article on La Fortuna, Costa Rica).

Be well-prepared to see some fantastic natural wonders on your tour of Tenorio Volcano NP.

You will come across several natural geysers, thick, and dark rainforests, hidden waterfalls, and a cloud forest too.

These attractions will egg you on to continue your hike up to the summit of the Tenorio Volcano.

Beware of puma, a relative of the dreaded leopard species. Tapirs can also be spotted.

I watched a few more videos that showed trekking in the Tenorio Volcano NP;it is truly a hiker’s ultimate trail.

  1. Tapir Valley National Reserve

Obviously, you can spot numerous Tapirs, a pig-like mammal. This national reserve is located very close to the Tenorio Volcano NP.

The well protected reserve comprises 220 acres of lush rainforest. It acts as a habitat for Puma also along with several forest animals, and exotically beautiful birds.

Birds in Tapir Valley, Costa Rica.

The birds you saw in the video is just a sample. If you spend a patient afternoon, you can capture more than 50 birds in your camera.

  1. Santa Rosa National Park

This scenic NP is located about 40 km east of Liberia. It is quite a huge NP comprising nearly 500 sq.km!

The star attraction in this NP is the white-faced Capuchin Monkey.

Another big money that you can identify immediately is the “Mantled Howler”.

As usual, this NP is a haven for hundreds of Costa Rican birds of spectacular beauty. The presence of two Ramsar sites within the park is an ample proof of the birds and their abundant prey in the marshlands.

  1. Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park

Rincón de la Vieja Volcano National Park is located just outside the city.

Spend just half an hour inside this NP, and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the lush nature.

More than 300 species of birds will make you to find an accommodation nearby, so that you can visit the park several times a day.

The most elusive bird among them, in spite of its big size, is the, “Emerald Toucanet”.

Quetzal is another striking bird that pulls thousands of birders from all over the world to Costa Rica.

Hot springs, that have resulted in the aftermath of the Miravalles volcanic eruption, are everywhere.

If one trail leads you to silent rivers and mountain streams, another trail takes you to hidden waterfalls.

  1. Barbudal Hillocks Biological Reserve

For a change, the biological reserve attracts flora enthusiasts who show keen interest in the plants that grow out of rocks.

How do you find the natural attractions in Liberia, Costa Rica? Don’t you think, they deserve an exclusive trip to Guanacaste province?

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