Best Things to Do in Cape Coral

by Jane Sophia
Best Things to Do in Cape Coral

Do you know the inter-city canals in Cape Coral are longer than Venice? Let us know more about the best things to do in Cape Coral in this blog post.

It is a coastal city in the state of Florida. It’s located on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, on the western side of Florida.

Today, I will explain about the best things to in Cape Coral that justify, why this beautiful city is a terrific tourist destination.

Florida continues to amaze me. The more I study Florida’s geography, the more I come up with incredible landscape, stunning beaches, and tropical green spaces.

What is meant by ‘Cape’?

We have come across the names starting with Cape.


  • Cape Cod
  • Cape Coral
  • Southern Cape

The word ‘Cape’ explains it is a geography where a slightly elevated land that juts into a sea or an ocean.

Location of Cape Coral

Cape Coral is part of the Lee County, southwest Florida, facing the Gulf of Mexico. We have already read an article on the attractions in Bonita Springs, Lee County, Florida. It is located about 36 km north of Bonita Springs, Florida.

How to reach Cape Coral?

You fly up to the city of Fort Myers, about 30 minutes drive away from Cape Coral.

Are there any major cities near the town?

Yes! It is sandwiched between Tampa, and Miami, the two most popular, and tourist cities in Florida. Both of them act as gateways to Florida Keys, and several Caribbean Islands.

Best Things to Do in Cape Coral

The inner canals

Among the biggest attractions in Cape Coral are its breathtaking canals. It might surprise many of you that not even Venice can match the length, and breadth of these canals.

The total length of the canals measures up to a whopping 640 km!

The canals are fed by both by the seawater, and fresh water.

The Gulf of Mexico, the Kaloosahatchi River, and Matlacha Pass that causes an estuary in Charlotte Harbor is the actual sources for the 640 km length of criss-crossing canals.

If you join a tour of the canals, you will be mighty impressed with picturesque scenes all round.

Several sprawling bungalows, villas, and condominiums are seen abutting the waterfront.

The boat tour might be of two hours duration. Choose a tour that includes a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico, that is connected through some of the canals.


Don’t try to enter the waters of the canals, buddy! Alligators are on the prowl.

Please note that the canals are man-made.

Matlacha Pass National Wildlife Refuge

This is an all-time attraction in Cape Coral. Both land and marine wildlife at one place is a treat to the wildlife enthusiasts. Usually, you can quickly spot numerous aquatic birds, constantly diving into the water and coming up with their prey between their beaks.

A few small river islands serve as habitats for birds. As many as 23 islands are in the refuge. These islands are also called ‘keys’. If you are an ardent boat lover and drive great satisfaction if you cruise through lush mangroves, you will see blue, red, and even white mangroves in the preserve.

Mangroves are great habitats for hundreds of marine creatures, as well as fishing birds.

The rare seagrapes will catch your attention. I believe some birds eat them.

Fish species that are happily living amidst the mangroves-filled water include:

  • Caribbean Manatee
  • Eastern Indigo Snake

In spite of its beautiful color, it scares me.

  • Wood Stork

I think it fishes the indigo snake.

Midpoint Memorial Bridge

Midpoint Memorial BridgeThe bridge is built over the Caloosahatchee River. On its either side sits Cape Coral city and Fort Myers city.

The nearly 2 km long bridge offers a splendid view of the countryside and the Caloosahatchee River.

Four Mile Cove Preserve

This is more of a forest, and a trail meant to preserve the ecology of the region.

As one of the large natural attractions in Cape Coral, thousands of people visit the preserve annually.

The forest is quite thick. It’s flourished by a series of waterways on which, you can row a boat, or a narrow kayak.

There is a long paved canopy walk through the forest. Nature lovers would immediately fall in love with it.

The video says it all. It can be an excellent to hear birds’ songs, spot them along with some mammals such as raccoons, snake-eating birds, etc.

Tom Allen Butterfly Park

I identified the well-known Monarch Butterfly immediately.

A park full of flowering plants, and trees, that attract butterflies like magnets, is a must-see attraction, anywhere in the world.

Butterfly needs sun. That’s why tropical atmosphere suits them.

Tom Allan Butterfly Park is one of the best things to do in Cape Coral.

Sun Splash Water Park

At any given time, a water theme park attracts all age groups. We all love to splash around, sometimes posing, as if we are agile swimmers.

Here, you can enjoy the best of rides, and slides such as river tube ride, power surge, inflatables, sliding through a tube and drop into the pool, and sand dollar walk.

The electric slide is thrilling. You slide through a long tube tunnel, with curves, and bends.

Five Parks that you must visit

Please allocate some time to visit the following 5 parks.

  • Yacht Club Community Park
  • Four Freedoms Park
  • Fellowship Park
  • Jaycee Park
  • Rotary Park

 Visit the farmers’ market

I never miss visiting the local farmers’ market. I like the shopping experience on open space.

Things that you can buy include:

  • Varieties of cheese in various flavors, and shapes
  • Loaves, and loaves of freshly baked breads, buns, pizza buns
  • Irresistible looking green vegetables, and fruits
  • Homemade jams, and marmalades
  • Pure honey
  • Clothes
  • Ladies vanity bags
  • Caps, and hats
  •  Sunglasses

Even if you don’t intend to buy anything in a farmers’ market, just visit, observe, and share.

Oh, yes! You may get chances to taste fruits, cakes, and pastries.

Water sports in Cape Coral

Kayaking, either self oaring or with hired oarsman, you can enjoy a long stint in the canals of Cape Coral. If you are a fan of sport fishing, you will really be excited to catch some big fishes.

Jet Skiing is offered by Nauti Hooker at Fort Myers Beach. Standup padding, parasailing are other water-based adventures that one can indulge in.

Best places to eat

Whatever you may prefer to eat, go to the restaurants that are setup facing the Gulf of Mexico or some inter-city canals.

Three recommendations are given below:

  • High Tide Social House
  • Nauti Mermaid Dockside Bar
  • Boathouse Tiki Bar

Try to find the ‘coconut shrimp; on the menu. It would surely be your first time tasting that special local food.

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, you are sure to find ‘sushi’ on the menu.

On the drinks table

Surprisingly, the Caribbean flavor begins from here itself. There’s a rum producing factory known as Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery.

A guided visit to this place is one of the attractions in Cape Coral. You will find this program on the second day of your Cape Coral tour itinerary.

Can you imagine tasting American Run with myriad flavours that include, banana, vanilla, and even coconut?

I hope you are looking forward to this rum tasting experience when you go to Cape Coral.

Buy a full bottle of rum with a fruity taste. How about mango rum?

Sirenia Vista Park

It is an exclusive place to spot the big sea mammal, ‘Manatee’.

In addition, there are kayaks and blades for rent. Get on board a kayak, and go on a manatee watching session.

The geography of the park will surprise us. It is surrounded by water on three sides like peninsula.

Cape Escape Rooms

Oh, it is all fun, and challenging when you buy your way into these escape rooms.

You will have to be at your best of wits and cognition to figure out your way out.

Children of age 15 and above would love to take up the challenge. This is the ultimate attraction in this city.

I have written about various cities of Florida. Cape Coral is the best among them.

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