10 Superb Holiday Resorts in India

by Jane Sophia
Superb Holiday Resorts in India

The tranquility of the luxury resorts in India redefined with the hospitality shown by them.

Staying in a full-fledged holiday resort for vacation has been in vogue for the last 25 years or so. Before the advent of holiday resorts, we used to stay in a hotel that suited our spending capacity. We had no other option than to stay inside the four walls of the hotel room.

A resort that threw open the doors for holidaymakers inviting them to stay with them during the course of their holiday changed the whole idea of a vacation.

Now, when we choose to stay in a multi-purpose vacation resort, we can enjoy the outdoors and each facility offered by the resort.

Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort in India

Holiday resorts in India are located invariably outside the city premises and comprised large open spaces. The locations of fun holiday resorts include:

  • Beach
  • Forest
  • Hills
  • Lakesides
  • Farms
  • Facing beautiful waterfalls
  • Riverbeds
  • Wildlife themed parks
  • Exclusive water parks

The advantages of staying in vacation resorts in India:

  • A whole family can stay in independent cottages and villas with assured privacy
  • Large space to walk around
  • Separate play area with games for the children
  • Swimming pools for all age groups
  • Indoor games
  • Library
  • Several outdoor sports such as tennis, badminton, etc
  • More than one restaurant
  • Three or four bars
  • Shuttle service to a nearby city
  • Pick up and drop service
  • Discounts for repeat visits
  • Bank of luxury amenities inside the rooms

Which holiday resorts in India attract more tourists?

Amanbagh resorts in India

Amanbagh Resort in Rajasthan located close to famous tourist landmarks of Rajasthan, namely:

  • Bhangar Fort
  • Sariska tiger sanctuary

Tourists, especially foreign tourists, are captivated by the beautiful architecture of the Amanbagh resort in Alwar, Rajasthan.

The state capital Jaipur is about 100 km away.

The state of Rajasthan in India is known for incredible palaces built with remarkable architecture. Most of the palaces and forts used pink marble stones for construction. The architecture of Rajasthan was indigenous, belonging to the brave Rajput kings of India.

Aamanbag built on a sprawling space with a well laid out and landscaped garden.

Tourists can taste the authentic taste of rural Rajasthan’s cuisine and culture.

If you choose to stay in one of the royal suites, you will never forget all the pampering and unimaginable luxuries.

Guests can enjoy the facilities of an ayurvedic spa inside the resort.

Glenburn Tea Estate Resorts in India

India is well known for its tea tourism. Tea estates in India spread across several states that include:

  • Assam
  • West Bengal
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Kerala
  • Tamilnadu

Most of the tea estates that originated during the English period sport sprawling bungalows with more than six rooms, a spacious kitchen, patios, private gardens, and servants’ quarters.

These tea estate bungalows now converted into holiday resorts in India. Though you can’t find the same facilities offered in the recently built modern resorts by the seaside such as indoor and outdoor games, pools, etc. in the tea garden resorts, you will find your stay comfortable. Home-cooked food and original tea served in the large dining room.

Glenburn Tea Estate Resort in India is located at about an hour’s drive away from Darjeeling hill town.

Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort, Gujarat

If you love everything about Gujarat such as

  • Their Gujarati cuisine
  • Gujarati sweets
  • The Gujarati culture
  • Gujarati attire
  • And Gujarati villages

Then, no better place than visiting the Shaam-e-Sarhad holiday resorts in India located in Cutch, district Gujarat. Cutch is situated in the interior of the Gujarat state, abutting the Arabian Sea on India’s west coast.

This is a holiday resort in a Gujarati village, and the guest served by the real village people of Gujarat, including the chef.

The individual cottages are of circular structures laid with authentic Gujarati furniture without compromising your comfort.

They call it “eco-friendly accommodation” because of the huts made of mud with thatched roofs.

Also, you can opt to stay in an eco-friendly tent. It will be a unique experience when you choose this holiday resort in India.

Kumarakom Lake Resorts in India

Kerala is an Indian state full of breathtaking natural beauties such as:

  • Backwaters
  • Coconut groves on either side of the canals
  • Lovely beaches
  • Luxury boathouses
  • Ayurvedic wellness retreats
  • Holiday resorts located deep inside tropical forests

There are several places in Kerala with all the above-said attractions and Kumarakom.

Kumarakom Holiday Resorts in India

In Kumarakom, apart from the boathouses, there are several resorts built on the shores of backwater canals.

These all-inclusive holiday resorts boast of tremendous patronage. This lakeside resort is facing the vast Vembanad Lake.

There are several lake resorts in Kumarakom and also boutique hotels built on the banks of the backwater canals.

Inside these luxury holiday resorts in Kerala, the most well-equipped spa studios function with fantastic efficiency and gentleness.

Kumarakom Lake Resort is a high-end ultra-luxury vacation resort in India that strategically located close to the Kumarakom bird sanctuary.

One can choose to dine in any one of the four cozy restaurants. The breakfast and lunch are of Malabar cuisine, but foods of Northern India are also available.

VGP Golden Beach Resort, Chennai

VGP Golden Beach Resort

VG Panneerdas brothers can be called ‘pioneers’ in the resort industry in India. They are the first to develop a full-fledged beach resort in Chennai in the early 1970s. In fact, this Chennai holiday resort paved the way for the holiday resort culture in India,

Following them, so many beach resorts have come up on the East Coast Road in Chennai, on the banks of the Bay of Bengal.

The VGP Golden beach resort has several independent cottages with sea view.

For fun activities, there is no dearth of them that includes:

  • Beach volleyball
  • Swimming pool
  • Water scooter
  • Roadshows in the evening
  • Traditional South Indian folk arts

The cuisine will be predominantly Tamilian.

The service here is excellent, with guests leaving positive feedback. VGP Golden Beach Resort is one of the top holiday resorts in India.

Treehouse resorts in Jaipur

Ah, how about spending your weekend on a treehouse? Won’t it be a thrilling experience? Treehouse resorts in India are the talk of the town, and the resort’s latest addition is ‘floating villas (overwater huts).

floating villas

If you have a fear of height and water and feel comfortable staying on Earth, you can choose to stay in a small hut with mud pasting done on the exterior walls. This is an eco-friendly accommodation.

The traditional Rajasthani food will be lip-smacking. I would rate this treehouse holiday resort in India ‘unique’.

Ananda Spa Resorts in Himalayas

The trend among the holidaymakers wherever they go is, to stay in an integrated holiday resort. People don’t want just a luxury room and high-class food.

Resorts in Himalayas

They look for more physical wellness and spiritual upliftment in a resort. Such holiday resorts in India that offer:

– Various kinds of spa treatments

– Ayurvedic massages

– Meditation

– Yoga

– Organic food

A spa resort is undoubtedly an excellent choice to spend your holidays. If the spa resort located on the Himalayan Hills, it receives more visitors.

Spa Resort is in a beautiful location 20 km from Rishikesh in the Himalayas. Rishikesh is a spiritual haven in India where the slopes of the Himalayan mountain have numerous herbs.

Experts in healing and spiritual enhancements from different parts of the world visit the resort and meet the guests to offer their invaluable services.

The building once belonged to the royal family now functions as a wellness and rejuvenation resort.

There are quite several rooms of varying sizes and luxuries such as valley view suites and garden suites.

For the outdoor enthusiasts, the spa resort offers guided trekking in the Himalayas, river rafting in the furious Ganges, and bird watching. Share your feedback when you stay in this spiritual holiday resort in India.

Vythiri Greens Forest Resorts in India


Holiday Resorts in India

Vythiri Greens Forest resort is India’s first ayurvedic retreat and wellness resort. It located in the tranquil and evergreen Western Ghats, Wayanad, Kerala.

The resort located inside a tropical forest with a river flowing on the fringes of the resort.

Guests treated with great courtesy and ultimate luxury.

The resort has its herbal garden that you can visit with the help of a local guide who can speak average English.

The food is fantastic, with freshly harvested vegetables and fruits.

The highlight of the resort is the treehouse in which you can stay. The view from the treehouse is all green and serene. You can watch the birds nesting and hear their sweet songs very close.

Have you have ever seen a coffee plant or cardamom crop? Well, you can see the coffee and cardamom plantation that surrounds the resort.

Vythiri resort is also suitable for honeymooners as the location, and the privacy is excellent that would urge the couple to spend your second honeymoon.

If you want the experience of spending your vacation in a tropical holiday resort in India, Vythiri Resort is the best option.

A resort in the jungle on the banks of River Brahmaputra, Assam

Few tourists would look for a resort anywhere in Assam because of several reasons, the chief being the food that mostly cooked in sesame oil. Its smell of the Sesame oil not liked by the South Indians. Nevertheless, that would not deter people from neighboring states that include West Bengal and Meghalaya.

Brahmaputra Jungle Resorts in India

The River Brahmaputra is at its ferocious best during the monsoon, flooding thousands of acres of land. Therefore, avoiding monsoon is advised while visiting the state of Assam.

The Brahmaputra Jungle Resort located very close to Guwahati, the capital of Assam, state. This holiday resort in India built on a small hill with a breathtaking view that includes a waterfall.

The resort is perfect for taking your family as the children would scream at the sight of the waterfall in delight. Apart from the waterfalls, there is also a small lake with fresh water.

Additionally, the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary is also in the vicinity of the jungle resort on the banks of Brahmaputra River in which you can also go on a boat ride up to the Peacock Island, a river island on the Brahmaputra.

Cloud 9 retreat, Lonavala

Lonavala is a small hill station on the Western Ghats. The location is on the way from Pune to Mumbai. From Pune, you can reach the Lonavala hill station by local train.

A short video of the resort, Lonavala.

During the monsoon and winter, the hill station generally shrouded in mist. The mist-filled hills with dense trees and plants make the view from the cottage is gorgeous and dreamy.

This is more of a Homestay than a full-fledged resort.

The food served in the retreat run by a family is delicious Mumbai cuisine.

Outdoor activities near the Cloud 9 retreat:

  • Go on a picnic and spend quality time on the shores of Pawana Lake. Exercise your legs vigorously by taking a pedal boat on the lake.

Some more places to see in Lonavala hill station:

  • Lohagad Fort-it is an old fort; its walls covered with moss.
  • Bushy Dam

Resorts in India Bushy Dam

  • Karla and Bhaja Caves
  • Rajmachi Fort
  • Tiger’s Point

tiger point

I am sure there are many more holiday resorts in India. Goa state leads the bunch with 103 resorts and retreats but crowded mostly. This is just a sample of scenic and privacy-assured vacation resorts of India.

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