15 Best Places to Visit in Destin, Florida

by Jane Sophia
Best Places to Visit in Destin, Florida

Isn’t this coastal city alluring? Destin is a Floridian city that is famous for spectacular sugar-white sand beaches. Let us know 15 best places to visit in Destin in this blog post.

In addition, the Gulf of Mexico here wears a green cape. I mean, the water is distinctly emerald green.

The white and green beaches in Destin City are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Location Map of Destin:

Florida Map

The city is located in the northwestern region of Florida.

How to reach Destin, Florida?

The nearest airport to reach Destin is in Valparaiso. 20 km is the distance between the two points.

Valparaiso City is well-connected by flights from most of the major cities in the U.S.

Fort Walton Beach is another big city that is close to Destin. The distance between them is 15 km approximately.

Let us look into its attractions and see whether it is as worth-seeing as the Floridians boast about.

As a matter of fact, this region in Florida is also known as “Emerald Coast”.

15 Best Places to Visit in Destin, Florida

Destin is known for its rich fish species. The city has another title. It is said to be the World’s Luckiest Fishing” place.

The city, before attracting nearly 5 million tourists every year, was just a fishing village.

As its white and green coast color was talked about on the web, the tourist world turned to this part of the Florida coast facing the Gulf of Mexico.

  1. Harbor

The city’s port is a big cargo ship terminal, and also attracts cruise ships. Thus, the harbor is busy as a bee, and it is fun watching the movement of vessels of different sizes.

There is a boardwalk abutting the harbor. Enjoy a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk. Bars, and restaurants lure you to take a seat in the open-door diner and drink a chilled bear and take a bite of a succulent crab fry.

  1. Santa Rosa Sound

If you enlarge the World Atlas map, you can see the formation of a ‘sound’, a sea inlet.

Sounds are rare geographical features that we should not miss seeing when we tour nearby.

Norway has some of the world’s large ‘sounds’.

On either side of the ‘sound’ you can see the Pensacola Bay, and the Choctawhatchee Ba.

There is an observation platform in the shape of Pensacola Bay Bridge.

  1. Santa Rosa Island

Previously known as ‘Okaloosa Island’, it is located to the south of Santa Rosa Sound.

Santa Rosa Island is a barrier island, the sand dune is the dividing factor between the island, and the sea.

Here is an example photo of a barrier island.

Santa Rosa Island

A day trip is possible from Fort Walton Beach by boat.

It is a picturesque place and the appearance of a true, small island.

Look at its borders:

  • Pensacola Bay
  • Choctawhatchee Bay
  • Santa Rosa Sound

What can you do on Santa Rosa Island?

The clear green water of the Gulf of Mexico invites you to take a dip. Swim if you want, to your heart’s content.

The sea’s lack of depth means even children can go for a swim with their parents.

The stretch of beaches, on all four sides, retain their virgin beauty.

Other attractions include:

  • Navarre Beach Marine Park
  • Walk on the pier
  • Dolphins and turtles watching from the pier
  • National Gulf Shore
  • Water Canyon Beach
  1. Henderson Beach State Park

It’s an integrated beach park where you can swim, sunbathe, aquatic bird watching, and sport fishing.

  1. Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park.

It’s a sprawling water theme park. About 40 different rides, and slides, wave pools etc are developed both as indoor and outdoor entertainments.

Inflatables are the favorite of adults and children to stay cool in the water.

A mini golf play area is also an attraction. Have you ever played mini golf? It is all fun, and it will leave you to imagine that you are now ready to play real golf. I have enjoyed playing mini golf in Mont Bloc Resort in Canada.

  1. Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

This is the first time I am coming across the word, ‘gulfarium’. Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, it is named gulfarium.

It is an outdoor marine animal encounter place where you can touch and play with dolphins.

The animal trainers would conduct dolphin shows several times a day. You can touch sea lions, and turtles too when they come near the surface.

I noticed alligators and stingrays also in the video.

Gulfarium Marine Park is one of the biggest attractions in Destin, Florida.

  1. Clement Taylor Park

Among the top things to do in Destin, Clement Taylor Park visit just cannot be ignored.

You can walk on a pier, sip a hot tea in a water gazebo

  1. Sunset Cruise

Its full name is dolphin sunset cruise. All the passengers throng the terrace of the vessel for uninterrupted viewing of the sunset.

Sailboats also offer this sunset cruise, but there is no upper floor on this type of boat.

The boat will leave a little early before sunset so that you can see the naturally fun-loving dolphins enjoying themselves without a trainer.

The cruise will last for two hours. It is an enjoyable thing to do in Destin.

  1. Beaches in Destin

As mentioned earlier, the beaches in Destin are lucky to wear a coat of sparkling white sand that sparkles more with the contrast of the green sea.

Every beach looks absolutely beautiful. In all, you can go to 13 beaches, each with its own attractions.

Beaches in Destin you should visit:

  • Gator Beach

This beach has a sanctuary for alligators. It seems to be an omnivorous animal because it swallows everything that is thrown at it by the visitors.

I don’t think alligator feeding is an enjoyable thing to do.

  • James Lee Beach
  • Henderson Beach
  • Crab Island-this is actually a sandbar that can be accessed through a boat.
  • Crystal Beach
  • Miramer Beach-banana boat rides are offered here. It is a thrilling water sport.
  • June White Decker Beach-it has a park attached to it.

Sea Side Beach, DestinParasailing is another exciting water sport offered in this Destin Beach.

The video above shows the true color of the Gulf of Mexico and the white and beach.

The speed of this hydro jet boat is around 60 km per hour.

  1. Throw an axe

I have never heard of this thrilling game that involves throwing an axe or two axes at the same time.

The place for axe throwing is called Ratchet Hatchet, Fort Walton Beach.

Want to get a look at how an axe is thrown at a board? See it below.

I am sure this is one of the fun attractions in Destin.

  1. Magic show

There is a daily magic show in Destin. Known as Maximum Magic Show, it keeps the viewers enthralled, right through the show.

Incredible illusions are created, and the crowd frequently erupts with ‘ahs’, and ohs’.

  1. See the world’s fastest aeroplane

Did you know the name of the world’s once fastest fighter plane? Fondly named as ‘Black Bird’, its official name was SR 71 jet.

You can see this and several more United States’ fighter planes. SR 71 is now retired and relegated to a museum display.

Fighter planes in the museum of U.S. Armamments in Destin.

Don’t brush it as uninteresting. Once you see the armaments along with your children, you will truly feel proud of your nation.

  1. Science Museum.

We all have had experience of witnessing a science exhibition conducted at medical colleges.

We enjoyed every scientific experiment that was performed, such as the skeleton dance, and the blushing doll that blushed deep crimson at our touch.

If you enjoyed that, you will definitely like the science centre in Fort Walton Beach city, near Destin.

You can spend two hours of awe-inspiring scientific displays that are fun and educative too.

This attraction in Destin is for all the age groups.

  1. Various adventure games.

Destin city’s tourism is quite interesting, and diverse. There are various games involving the public.

For example, you can permit yourself to be hypnotized and answer questions while in the state of being at a different self.

Scavenger Hunt is another interesting game in Destin. As a hunter, you will go to every nook and corner of Destin.

Escape Rooms can be challenging while you try to solve some mysteries.

Don’t you think at least your children would thoroughly enjoy these interactive games?

  1. Parasailing

Again, I appreciate the tourist attracting activities in Destin. Exploiting a vast shoreline, different water sports are made available in this coastal city.

While snorkeling will lure wildlife enthusiasts, parasailing adventure will attract those who dare.

A few organized companies offer parasailing (also known as parakiting or paraskiing) adventure over the Gulf of Mexico.

In this water sport, you are attached to a parachute-like wing with ropes that are attached to a fast boat.

As the boat starts plying, your parachute raises UO. You are simply thrilled at this rather safe water-based adventure activity.

Destin is obviously an amazing city in Florida. I think every coastal city in Florida has many attractions that keep pulling visitors from all over the world to Florida, the gateway to the Caribbean islands, and the charming, and sunny Florida Keys.

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