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Spa Resorts in Florida: Highly Recommended Best Spa Resorts in Florida

by Jane Sophia
Lapis Spa resorts

Florida is the highly visited state in the United States of America. For the best of sunny beaches, Florida is the ultimate place in America. Apart from beaches, water theme parks, Disney Land, gourmet food and a range of world’s finest drinks. Florida is known for some of the most luxurious spa resorts in the world. In this blog post, I have curated a list of highly recommended spa resorts in Florida.

Florida is an all-time favorite of the sun-crazy Americans.  In spite of boasting an extensive coastline on all its three sides, somehow Florida is the most desired coastal state in the U.S.

By the way, know these most popular attractions of Florida before getting to know the luxury spa hotels, parlors and spa resorts in Florida that include Miami and Orlando, the two of the highly visited cities in the U.S.

Popular sightseeing attractions in Florida

  • Disney World, Orlando
  • Florida Keys (a chain of tropical islands located on the Atlantic Ocean)
  • Miami
  • SeaWorld, Orlando
  • Universal Studios
  • Tampa Bay
  • Disney Animal Kingdom
  • Universal’s Land of Adventure

The list of places to see in Florida is quite long and I have just named only a few. You can see all of them if you plan a three-week holiday in Florida.

  5 Highly Recommended Spa Resorts in Florida

When you are not on your feet going around in Florida, you end up getting all sorts pamperings in a high-end spa resort that is found just about everywhere in Florida. These luxury spa resorts in Florida are also frequented by literally who is who of America.

Let us know a few of the spa resorts in Florida that are recommended by the actual visitors.

In fact, there are too many day spas in various cities of Florida that offer the complete works of a spa that include:

  • Massage
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Facial
  • Various body treatments
  • Sauna
  • Herbal mask
  • Salt Scrub
  • Herbal bath
  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga

Therefore, to avail one or several of this highly sought after treatments in a spa by professionals, people plan exclusive spa holiday to visit spa resorts in Florida.

Spa at Carillon Wellness Resort, Miami Beach, Florida

Carillon Wellness spa resorts in Florida

OMG! Look at the spotless blue water of the Atlantic! You can see tall buildings with rooms facing the ocean where you would stay during your spa holiday.

Please note that the Carillon is a very posh and high-end wellness resort in Miami Beach, Florida. The spa at Carillon is housed in a sprawling area comprising both indoor and outdoor enclosures.

In the first place, at Carillon Wellness Resort in Florida, your happiness is their prime goal and they guarantee it with such confidence that you are not likely to visit any other spa resort in future.

Oh, that sounds great indeed!

The apartments allotted to you are spacious and loaded with all the amenities you can think of including the stunning views.

Outdoor activities that are arranged by the Carillon spa resorts in Florida are:

  • Canoeing
  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Wine tasting
  • Rock climbing
  • Kiteboarding

Incidentally, most of these adventure activities and more so are offered at every spa resorts in Florida. Therefore, you can conclude you get a wholesome wellness treatment.

ESPA, Sunny Isles Beach Spa Resorts in Florida

spa resorts in Florida

That’s the skyline of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Sunny Isles Beach is just not a mere beach, folks, but is a perfect city full of ultra-luxury spa hotels and wellness retreats.

Sunny Isles Beach city is a city located on an island on the Atlantic Ocean. There are several barrier islands surrounding Florida.

That sums up the location of ESPA at Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Now, let us enter the ESPA resort itself which is part of Acqualina Resort, a real role model of luxury beach hotel in the world.

It looks like an infinity pool for me. It is one of the many amenities at ESPA, Florida.

Acqualina Resort & Spa offers well-furnished ninety-eight features suites and rooms available at different prices.

The various sized rooms and suites include:

  • Multi-Bedroom Suites facing the Atlantic Ocean.
  • One Bedroom Suites with ocean view
  • Grand Deluxe Three Bedroom Hotel Suite

The availability of as many as three swimming pools would cheer up the children as they can a whole pool to themselves.

Spa  facilities at ESPA, Acqualina Wellness Resort, Florida:

  • Hair salon
  • Yoga on the open beach
  • Holistic body treatments
  • Hydra Facial
  • Spa diet

Eau Palm Beach Spa Resorts in Florida

About West Palm Beach, Florida.

America’s most coveted destination to either spend a weekend or permanently settle down in the West Palm Beach in Florida.

In fact, it is from here some of the United States’ richest and famous personalities hail that include James Buffet, Donald Trump, and James Patterson.

As a result, the West Palm Beach is dotted with several most expensive holiday resorts and spa retreats in the whole world.

Unaffected by the vagaries of weather, Florida and its various beachfront cities enjoy an unlimited sun and warm climate.

Therefore, it is no wonder you find luxury spa resorts in this part of America and one such coveted spa in Florida is Eau Spa.

Eau Spa resort offers overwhelming amenities such as

  • Various spa treatment rooms and halls
  • Garden-view villas
  • Hair and nail salon

The exact location of Eau Spa Resort is actually 20 km away from the center of West Palm Beach. Hence, there is no dearth of privacy and serenity.

Spa Palazzo at Boca Raton Spa Resorts in Florida

Spa enthusiasts would also love to play golf, truly a rich man’s game. Taking into their considerations, there are several privately-owned golf courses in Boca Raton, Florida.

Other attractions of Boca Raton apart from exotic spa retreats include sunny but crowded beaches, Red Reef Park, a sculpture garden, and a marine creature sanctuary.

Spa Palazzo has won several awards including the top-ranked Spa Resort in the world. The top rank is given by the actual tourists (source:  Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards).

Of all the spa pampering at Spa Palazzo, you won’t forget the Sevruga Caviar Facial and a special Thai Massage.

Lapis Spa treatments, Fontainebleau, Miami, Florida

It is fitting that the most beautiful spa in the U.S. is located in the beautiful Fontainebleau, Florida. I would say people who visit this spa resort in Florida know exactly what they want there.

It is the special and unique spa treatment in Lepis called “Water Journey” that carries three slogans namely, “Immerse. Infuse. Revive”.

Lapis Spa resorts

Of course, you can indulge in the usual spa treatments such as various body massages, facials, salon services including a pedicure.

In addition, the special Water Journey is a highly recommended body and soul rejuvenation programs that include the following spa treatments:

  • Jet shower massage
  • Mineral pool
  • Eucalyptus steam bath
  • Rain tunnel jet massage
  • Deluge shower with warm water
  • Heated pool


I am sure you are tempted to plan your first exclusive spa holiday in Florida. It is advisable to choose your style of stay and reserve your resort accommodation in any of the spa resorts in advance.  In addition, you need advance appointments for any kind of spa treatment.

Though you can have a gluttony holiday during your stay in Florida spa retreats. It is better to eat the spa diet they offer. So that you can enjoy all kinds of spa treatments without any inconveniences.

You know, spa resorts in Florida are much sought after by the rich and famous, and bold and beautiful.

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