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Best Submarine Tours Worldwide

by Jane Sophia
Best Submarine Tours Worldwide

Riding in a submarine is our ultimate adventure. Space travel is the final adventure left for us. Let us discuss more about “Thrilling submarine tours in the World” in this blog post.

We all have seen extraordinary marine creatures in an aquarium. However, we won’t be able to see huge species of marine lives such as manatee, barracuda, whales, and sharks.

Those big marine creatures can be seen only if we go scuba diving. The other alternative is going underwater in a submarine.

Imagine seeing manatees without getting wet! No scuba diving suit, no breathing apparatus are required to go deep down underwater.

As part of water-based adventure, many marine parks in the world have started offering submarine tours.

I remember reading that these submarines that are meant for tourism, can take up to 140 feet deep.

Submarine adventure rides are now available in various counties, and island nations.

Best Submarine Tours Worldwide

In the United States alone, you can experience the thrill of going underwater in a submarine tour in about a dozen places.

Maldives are known for the first ever submarine tours and excursion.

Let us go through the list of top places in the world where submarine tours are offered for tourists.

  1. Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii travel is yearned by every American. It is their ultimate holiday dreamland.

Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii. The most visited spot in Honolulu is the Wikiki Beach.

Here, you can enjoy getting underwater in a submarine. You can remain submerged for two hours, safely in the submarine. It may cost you around $200.

The name of the submarine in Honolulu is “Atlantis”.

The submarine ship goes up to 65 feet down. Depending on the place of submarine adventure trips, you can also see some shipwreck.

You need not know swimming at all to go underwater. Nonetheless, you should be minimum 50 cm tall. I really wonder why this condition which is not imposed in any cruise ship, ferry, speedboat, or catamaran!

  1. Puerto de Mogain, Spain

In the island of Grand Canaria, one of the Canary Islands, Spain, Mogain is a town on the Atlantic coast. Puerto de Mogain village is part of Mogain town.

Here, a submarine tour is offered. It is equipped with a unique facility of viewing your submarine ship diving in the water.

I mean the actual act of submersion can be viewed live in a television provided for every passenger of the sub.

Similarly, when the underwater vessel comes up to the surface at the end of the 40 minute duration under the Atlantic Ocean, you can watch it live in the TV.

While remaining submerged, apart from diverse marine lives near the bottom of the sea at 80 feet, you are shown wrecks of a few ships.

  1. Maui

Maui is the second most-visited Hawaiian Island. In order to show the breathtaking marine creatures off the shores of Maui Island, the same Atlantis submarine company offers the tourists to enjoy a two hour thrilling ride in the submarine.

In Maui, you go a bit deeper (100 feet). The captain of the ship will give a running commentary as every school of fish, comes into your view.

The corals also in myriad colors will fascinate us.

  1. Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is a Greek Island. It is floating in the Aegean Sea. Its main city is also named Rhodes.

Mandraki is the name of the harbor in Rhodes. From here, your submarine tour starts.

As soon as the sub leaves the harbor, you are pointed out to a large pedestal, where, the statue of Helios, the Greek Sun God stood. The original name of the 100+ feet statue was “Colossus of Rhodes”.

It lasted only 52 years until 228 BC, when an earthquake destroyed the imposing statue.

It is interesting to know that the Colossus of Rhodes was one of the “7 ancient wonders of the world”.

Poseidon Submarine

Poseidon Submarine

The submarine vessel looks bright and attractive.

The duration of staying underwater is 45 minutes. Several trips are available every day. The waiting time to get your tickets will make you impatient.

You can search online to see whether they offer a seat on this tour. In such a case, you are given the privilege of beating the queue.

Knowing the versatility of them, I am sure you will find the Poseidon Submarine excursion in Rhodes.

After you surface, see around the Rhodes Island. There are several historical places to see.

Reaching Rhodes.

Two options are available for us to reach Rhodes Island.

  • One hour domestic flight from Athens
  • 18 hours ferry ride in the Aegean Sea. The departing point is Athens. The voyage is quite beautiful in the Aegean Sea, an arm of the Mediterranean Sea.
  1. Santa Catalina Island, California

Over the years, the U.S. island in California shed its name to Catalina Island and further shrunk to just “Catalina”.

Reaching Catalina is quite easy. When you go to California, I am sure you will go to Los Angeles city, the home of Hollywood.

Long Beach is one of the highly visited beaches by the Californians. From here, Catalina Island is 50 km away approximately.

How to reach Catalina?

1 hour boat ride is operated from the busy San Pedro harbor terminal. Alternatively, helicopter ride is also available from Los Angeles city. Naturally, it is a shorter ride and takes only 15 minutes to get you across to the island floating in the Pacific Ocean.

Submarine excursion.

You remain underwater for 45 long minutes. Be alert to spot the sea lions, very rare species among the marine lives.

Other awesome marine creature that you can spot, include:

  • Sea Cucumbers
  • Reef Sharks
  • Starfish

Colorful coral reefs will get your attention. You would wish you are out in the water to touch the corals.

Please note that this is a semi-submarine. I could not differentiate much between the two (submarine and semi-submarine).

  1. Ohau Island, Hawaii

Sit up, folks! This is an incredible underwater exploration trip.

It is not a submarine ship in which you will submerge but you dive in a submarine scooter!

A submarine Scooter is a unique way to go down the sea to see diverse marine lives..

Ohau Island in Hawaii is where this thrilling underwater adventure is available.

Obviously, riding a scooter underwater is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Imagine staying submerged for two long hours in the Pacific Ocean that is a habitat for some extraordinary marine wildlife.

Of course, you, along with several more adventurers will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. No, he will not be a pillion rider but would mount on his own submarine scooter.

Shipwrecks are also lying on the seabed. As you have seen in many films such as Poseidon Adventure, you can simply enter the wreckage. Who knows; you may stumble upon a priceless gold necklace!

  1. Key West, Florida

Key West is a ‘key’ or a ‘cay’, a sort of small island or an islet. Off the Florida’s coast, there are 800 ‘keys’.

Key West, similar to the majority of the keys, is connected by a bridge over the sea from the mainland Florida.

You can enjoy a submarine tour in Key West.

  1. Split, Croatia

The peculiar name Split belongs to a very large city in Croatia’s east coast, facing the Adriatic Sea.

You can enjoy a 45 minute ride in a semi-submarine in Split. Marojeta is the name of the semi-sub.

Now, I found out the difference between a submarine and a semi-submarine.

The deck of a semi-sub remains above the water.

The passengers just climb down through an opening (this will be closed after all the passengers get in) to go 5 feet below the water surface and look at the marine lives through a glass window.

  1. Palaiokastritsa

Have you heard of a Greek Island called, “Corfu’? It is located in the Ionian Sea, on Greece’s west coast. Its northern tip lies very close to Albania.

Our destination for the underwater safari in Corfu Island is known as Palaiokastritsa, a bay on the northern coast of Corfu.

The duration of staying underwater is an hour. The vessel goes to some distance in the Ionian Sea. This will give you a chance to enjoy the rustic beauty of Corfu Island, and the jagged cliffs abutting the Ionian Sea.

When the submarine reached the exact spot, you all can go down to reach a chamber with seats in front of fairly large circular windows.

You will be baffled at the range of Greek marine lives.

It is also a chance to see around Corfu Island for the rest of the day before you return your hotel.

One can also stay in Athens and take a 2 hour ferry trip to Corfu. Enjoy the underwater safari for an hour, tour the island for three hours and be back in your hotel room in Athens for dinner..

  1. Aruba

9 Affordable Tropical Vacation Destinations to Visit in 2021 is a Caribbean Island and it is one of the Dutch Overseas Territories in the Caribbean Region.

The famous Atlantis submarine gives you an opportunity to experience an exciting and unforgettable underwater safari.

Here is a video of the submarine excursion in Aruba.

This is the best video showing a submarine ride from the beginning to end.

I mean you can clearly understand what to expect from your lifetime submarine ride in one of the world’s most pristine islands.

I noticed lovely corals and even an amber-colored Starfish.

You can boast of going underwater up to 140 feet from the surface of the sea!

This is also an hour-long ride in a submarine.

  1. Cozumel Island, Mexico

Mexico is attracting quite a large number of tourists these days. Over the past decade or so, Mexico occupied a distinct dark spot in the tourist radar.

Cozumel Island in Mexico is a paradise on earth. You have so many things to do on the island the culmination among the activities is a submarine ride in the Caribbean Sea.

Once again, it is the Atlantis Submarine that takes you below the sea.

I though the viewing chamber looked cramped. It is not difficult to stretch yourself. Elders will confirm this fact.

Submarine rides for tourism purposes are available far and wide across the world.

This also gives us an opportunity to go sightseeing in around the places where the underwater safaris are available.

When you plan a holiday trip to these islands, remember there is a submarine lurking around the harbor, waiting to give you an unforgettable time under the sea.


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