9 Extremely Colorful Umbrella Streets in the World

by Jane Sophia
Umbrella Streets in the World

What a beautiful sight! Who would ignore passing through these umbrella streets?

A street with a roof! That too is made with multicoloured umbrellas!

I believe high noon is the best time to enter the street. You would be drenched with a rainbow of colors when the sunlight passes through the umbrellas.

You can request a passer-by to take a picture of you when you are virtually painted with several colors.

I am sure this is a good idea to promote tourism-right? Even if you are not visiting the city but touring a nearby city or town, just to see the umbrella street, you can make a quick trip-wouldn’t you?

To own or rent a shop in such a street with a roof would be very profitable.

On streets that are covered by umbrellas, pavement drinking, and dining is a lifetime experience.

9 Extremely Colorful Umbrella Streets in the World

Let us know where in the world, such umbrella streets, exist.

  1. Istanbul

As such, Istanbul is sunny, perennially. Just about everyone will be walking under a personal umbrella always.

I think it is a brilliant idea to hang different color umbrellas high above the shopping, and dining street.

When I was a school student, this Turkish city was called, “Constantinople”.

Ask around for Karakoy neighbourhood when you are touring Istanbul. A tram ride from your hotel should get you there.

Once there, it is easy to locate the Hoca Tashin street which reveals itself clearly because of the floating umbrellas above its head.It is a five-minute walking distance from the tram stop.

Remember to taste a cup of hot Turkish coffee when you are there. During the noon, it will be the lunchtime.

Be prepared to eat the world-famous Turkish mutton briyani.

In all the coffee shops in Turkey, you can get delicious cookies. When you eat one or two cookies on the spot along with coffee, you are likely to buy a box of it as an edible souvenir from Istanbul’s umbrella street.

I read that umbrella street in Istanbul or for that matter, anywhere in the world, is the most romantic place to express your love. I must concur with this idea.

Spare some time to see the beautiful Bosporus Strait that connects the Black Sea, and the Sea of Marmara.

Boat excursions on the strait are available in the evening.

  1. Heraklion, Crete

Heraklion is the largest city in Crete, an island in Greece. In Heraklion, an umbrella street exists.

I found better images of this umbrella street in Heraklion. Since they are all copyright protected, I could not paste one of them here.

In Heraklion’s umbrella street, you can enjoy a snack and tea on the pavement diners.

But, more visitors come here, just to take photographs.

The official name is Tsikritzi Street.

There are quite a lot of places to see in Crete. Archaeological sites are important tourist landmarks in Heraklion and in other cities on Crete Island, Greece.

The most stunning attraction is a fortress built on the Mediterranean Sea.

Koules Fortress

Other places of tourist interest include:

  • Lions Square
  • Afios Minas Cathedral
  • Minoan Palace

We leave the shores of Crete now.

  1. London

London Umberlla street

Camden Market in London has an umbrella street.This is no ordinary market place, boss! It is a shoppers haven and a connoisseur’s place.

You can buy the best of London’s fashionable dresses. You can eat cuisines from many countries in the world.

If you are not keen on English fashion apparel, surely you can by heady English perfumes in the Umbrella Street.

Wall hangers lure you, and so too jewelry, antiques, hundreds of old English literature books.

You can find quite a lot of things to do in Camden Market. It will keep you on your feet an entire evening.

  1. Ipoh, Malaysia


The umbrella street’s official name is Concubine Street in Ipoh, Malaysia. I guess you are wincing while reading the name of the street. I join you.

Ipoh is an important tourist city in Perek State, Malaysia. It is the capital of the state. Ipoh is 200 km away from Kuala Lumpur in the northern direction.

Cafes, gift shops, hats, and caps shops, Malaysian traditional dress boutiques, Malaysian sweet stalls are the luring points in the Concubine Lane.

The food here is said to be extraordinary, and cheap too.

  1. Agueda, Portugal

Agueda, Portugal

On the web, it says this is the first ever umbrella street built in the world.

It is in Agueda city. The street’s official name is “Luis de Camodes Street”.

From the capital city of Lisbon, Agueda is 240 km away.The umbrella street in Portugal found itself listed among the most colorful places in the world.

Pavement restaurants are scattered on the street. Try the famous roasted piglet. You cannot miss it, man. It is a whole piglet that is roasted on the street itself.

You can buy locally produced knitters, clay pottery and leather goods.

  1. Rhode Island, U.S.A.

Newport is a city in Rhode Island state in the northeast United States.

The umbrella street as shown in the video is very attractive. About 500 umbrellas give colourful shade to the street.

Have you ever heard of Eclectic Shops? Such shops are situated in the umbrellas street in Newport.

This region near Boston is known as a heavy snow area. Hence, the umbrellas will be removed by the end of October, which also marks the end of the autumn season.

Try to allocate an hour or two to enjoy a stint of sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. Newport is known as the ‘sailing capital of the world’.

  1. Novigrad, Croatia

It is a coastal city facing the Adriatic Sea. There is an umbrella sky here.

Novigrad, Croatia

Did you notice a unique feature in the photo? The umbrellas are arranged neatly. It implies, all the colored umbrellas are of the same size.

The Slovenia border is at a stone’s throw away distance of only 25 km.

Novigrad’s umbrellas will be removed by the last week of October.

  1. Athens, Greece

The original name of the umbrella sky in Athens, the capital city of Greece is Pittaki Street.

Athens is one city in the world that demands a two full weeks of your holiday to see all of its spectacular, ancient, and modern attractions.

  1. Zabbar, Malta

Malta is a highly visited European Island. It is floating in the Mediterranean Sea.

Zabbar is one of the cities in Malta. Triq il-Kbira is transformed into an umbrella street,

It must be a long street because more than 1000 umbrellas are hung over the street, attracting thousands of tourists to the sky of umbrellas.

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