Where to Go for the Best English Tea and Cakes in London?

by Jane Sophia
English Tea London

Yesterday, when I switched on the television to watch the test match between England and India, I noticed it was tea time for the players. I wondered whether they are really provided the legendary English tea and if so, whether the traditional and velvety English cakes and biscuits will also be served with the English tea.If the cricket players are treated to English tea and cakes, from which famous English tea room will they order the refreshment?

No, I don’t think the pavilion in cricket grounds serve such English delicacies. If the cricket players or for that matter anybody want to drink the afternoon English tea that is always accompanied by luscious cakes and crispy biscuits, they need to go to an English tea room, or a café or a bistro (if that is available in England).

In case, if you want to know where to go in London for a ‘high tea’, here are some extremely patronized tea rooms in London where you can slowly drink a cup or two English tea and munch truly delicious cakes.

Bloom, Fulham

Address: 399 Fulham Palace Rd, Fulham, London SW6 6TA, UK

Bloom English Tea

This outlet serves as a tea room cum restaurant. They start serving breakfast too but only from 9 AM.

From what I read their menu, I noticed several French delicacies are served and only a few English specials. I suppose the proximity of France made the English people embrace anything French as their own, especially the French cuisine including French croissants that is too bland for my tongue. The most stand-out item on the menu of Bloom is their ‘fish cake. I never heard of cakes made with fish.

The cakes served in Bloom have received several rave reviews. It seems they are homemade and so do their fruit-based smoothies.

When it comes to tea in this London restaurant, you can choose any one of the following exotic tea varieties.

  • Darjeeling Earl Grey
  • Licorice root tea
  • Mao Feng Green tea
  • Tea extracted from Chamomile flowers

Laveli, London

Located at a few places in London, Laveli Bakery is visited for the great fragrance that fills up the diner. I could not find any mention of tea on their menu but I suppose it is served still. Laveli is famous for spongy cakes and heavenly tarts. One of their most sold items is the strawberry tart. They make one of the most aromatic loaves of bread in London and in recognition; the Laveli bakery has received a few awards.

lavelibakery English Tea

To know the addresses of their outlets in London,

The shop owned by a family from Slovakia and runs with passion and verve.

Oree Boulangeries, London

Address: 277 Fulham Rd, London SW10 9NY

Oree Boulangeries, English Tea

A competitor to the ‘Bloom’ who is also located on the same road in London, here, most of the dishes are French as the bakers are from France. Nantes is the exact origin of them.

Making contemporary health-conscious bakery products, here are some of their popular cakes, gluten-free loaves of bread, and desserts.

  • White Egg Omelette
  • Waffles
  • Organic Egg Benedict
  • Kugelhofs
  • Viennoiseries ( I have tasted these sweet bakery products, more like cream stuffed cones)

Tea in Oree Boulangeries.

Here is where you get to drink the teapigs, a premium brand tea owned by the Tata Global Beverages. Since its launch in 2006, more and more varieties of tea are added and now, it stands at 28 different teas now of which the Snooze Tea, a herbal beverage is gaining popularity among the French and English people.

Cake Boy, London

Cake Boy, English Tea

The image says it is a neatly maintained bakery where the cakes and pastries are aesthetically displayed giving an impression of abundance. I like such displays where the wares are closely stacked and leaving more space for the customers.

In the afternoon, if you visit the Cake Boy, you can order any vegan tea from the menu.

English Tea

Their famous tea is an ‘1837 black tea in which the waiter will spray an edible perfume to open your taste buds. What a brilliant idea!

Along with this black tea, try to taste the pistachio spongy cake that is topped with rose petals and pure rose water. It is an exotic combination and very innovative too in the cake industry.

Cafe in the Crypt, Trafalgar Square, London

It is located in a very popular tourist spot in London.

Cafe in the Crypt

It looks like a church that is transformed into a café. The size of the outlet is too large to call it a café. Both their tea range and the cakes are extensive and mouthwatering too. One of the cakes mentioned in the reviews is the lemon-drizzle cake, whatever that is.

Address: Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JH, UK

Matching the current trends, the Cafe in the Crypt makes gluten-free bread and sandwiches.

English Tea Room at Brown’s Hotel

Address: Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BP, UK

England has this tradition of having a separate tea room in big hotels serving high-end clientele. The range of tea is quite lengthy and it includes fruit-infused tea. Their best English tea option is a tea that is served with Rose Champagne. The specialty cake is ginger éclairs.

St. James’s Hotel and Club, Mayfair

The location is really elite, the Mayfair and too can be easily found as it is located right behind the Ritz.

St.James club

Address: 7-8 Park Pl, St. James’s, London SW1A 1LS, UK

The afternoon English tea is classified as a Victorian Times tea. This English tea room is located in a 5-star hotel and as such the menu sounds exclusive. For example, how do you like these cakes?

  • Tipsy Cake, soaked in sherry and served with custard
  • Lemon drizzle cake that is accompanied by custard tart
  • Victoria Sponge Cake.
  • Cheshire cheese scones

The tea actually imported from an East India Company.

Candella Tea Room, London

Address: 34 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4HA, UK

It is a typical London tea room serving English tea and cakes. The favorite of the crowd is the Lavender Earl Grey tea that sipped with relish by the locals. Other varieties of tea served are green herbal tea, black tea, white tea, and fruit tea.



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