9 Mouthwatering Hungarian Food Items You Should Know

by Jane Sophia
Hungarian Food

Hungary, a fairly big country in Central Europe was not among the list of countries that holidayers wanted to visit mainly because not only of its location but also for Hungarian food. I would say it is located rather deep or it would give such an impression when you look at the map of Europe.

Hungary map for Hungarian Food

Look at the map. Hungary seems to be hidden among other European countries that include:

  • Romania
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Croatia
  • Ukraine

Since the bordering European countries also are not big favorites among travelers, Hungary too gets indifferent treatment.

Now, the scenario is totally changed. Tourists happily apply for Hungarian visa allured by the various gourmet Hungarian food found throughout Hungary.

9 Mouthwatering Hungarian Food Items You Should Know

Generally, one can taste the best Hungarian food in the capital city of a country. When they tour the rural villages and small towns, the same Hungarian food that was available to them in the capital city won’t be served in small-town restaurants.

However, Hungarian food scene is refreshingly different. What you were able to eat in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, you can find the same along the length and breadth of the country.

Hungary is divided by the beautiful River Danube. The Hungarian food culture on both of its sides remains the same.

Hungarian cuisine also called Magyar cuisine would be palatable to tourists from any country in the world.

Let us now get to know nine of the Hungarian food that are alluring to gourmets, selective connoisseurs, foodie writers, bloggers, and general tourists.

Hungarian cuisine is primarily non-vegetarian and rice is not found as a favorite among the native Magyars. They liberally use cheese, vegetables, and fruits. Bread seems to be their staple that is accompanied by tasty meat dishes. The Asians too find a resemblance to their cuisine in the Hungarian food cooking.

Other countries that seem to have influenced the Hungarian kitchens are:

  • France
  • Austria
  • Middle East countries

These foreign influences must have occurred at a very later stage mainly to attract tourists from non-European countries too.

  • Hungarian Food: Dobos cake-

    a seven-layer desert is one of the most famous Hungarian food that a foreign tourist finds it irresistible in Hungary. Dobos cakes even serve as a memorable ‘edible souvenir’.

Hungarian food

The Hungarians call it ‘Dobosh”, a sponge cake that breaks even as you hold it with your fingers. After all, it is not called a sponge cake without a reason-eh?

  • Hungarian Food: Goulash-

    I must agree it should have been placed at the top; the majority of the travel and food bloggers do so.

Hungarian Food Goulash

However, I placed a dessert on the top because I am a big, big cake buff. When you visit Hungary, pronounce Goulash as “gooyash,”. It is the national food of Hungary. (Now do you know why it is placed on the top of Hungarian food that a tourist to Hungary should taste?). It is a stew, a hot one when served. Goulash is made of beef stalk basically, plus the stalks of carrots and onions. You must sprinkle a generous dose of red bell pepper powder (Paprika in Hungary) on the stew to enhance the taste. Being the national dish of Hungary, the goulash is served both by the top-notch restaurants and the roadside eateries.

  • Hungarian Food: Langos-

    a deep-fried flatbread. It is cooked similar to the ‘poori’ in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, and Burma.

Hungarian Food Langos

Any Hungarian food item that is deep-fried is liked by the locals as well as the tourists and quickly, such type of food is available in street corner mobile food stalls. The Langos are served after garnishing with different items such as grated cheese and finely chopped onions.

    • Hungarian Cuisine Hortobagyi-

a pancake of Hungarian cuisine. However, don’t assume it as a dessert. Hortobagyi is savory.

Hungarian Food Hortobagyi

This food is made of minced meat that is marinated in spices and then fried with chopped onions. It looks like a French Roll to me, stuffed with meat and onions.

    • Hungarian Food Túrógombóc-

a Hungarian dumpling. I was surprised to find a dumpling in a Central European cuisine as it is basically an Asian dish. It is predominantly found in India, Sikkim, Singapore, and Malaysia. This Hungarian dumpling whose name is tough to call out is a sweet dish made with quark cheese.Hungarian Food Túrógombóc

  • Hungarian Food Nokedli

It is mini dumplings made with egg. You can call it egg dumplings that are soft and fluffy. It is eaten as snacks.Hungarian Food Nokedli

  •  Meggyleves

It appears more of a pudding than a soup. It would be appropriate to call it a pudding as it is sour-sweet. The basic ingredient is sour cream. Sugar is added along with whole fresh sour cherries. The Hungarians simply love this dish (I too would love to taste it) and they eat it with a spoon. It is served chilled (all the more reason to call it a pudding).Meggyleves

  • Cabbage rolls

Not only in Hungary but in most of the Central European countries, you can find this stuffed cabbage food item listed on the menu card as “toltott kaposzta”. The stuffing inside the cabbage leaves is minced pork and paprika (red bell pepper).Cabbage rolls

  • Hungarian Cuisine Szűztekercsek –

    called as Roulade in English. Obviously, the former name is Hungarian. It is a meat roll alright.


Looks attractively wrapped as a roll, it contains tender pork, tomato sauce, and mashed spinach. It is sweet to taste.

Wow! All the nine Hungarian food that you read are unique to you-right? In the next blog post, let us go over the best restaurants in Budapest that serve all these authentic Hungarian food dishes.

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