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Know These Facts Of Great Wall of China Before You Go

by Jane Sophia
great wall of china

As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of China is trodden on by more than 10 million tourists every year. Whether you have a wish to travel to China to see around Beijing or Shangai, you must make it a point to spend at least four hours on the Great Wall of China before you pick up the first chopsticks to eat the famous and authentic Chinese dragon noodles.

Don’t discard the Great Wall of China as nothing but bare concrete structure. After you read this blog post fully, you can decide whether to visit it or leave it from your China tour.

Great Wall of China Map

Here, whatever you wanted to know about the Great Wall of China will be presented. Additionally, all the tips you need to walk on this historic and ancient monument are also given.

The Great Wall of China is truly an imposing architectural feat and certainly, it is one of the greatest man-made wonders of the world, unlike Machu Picchu which is a natural wonder on the earth.

Amazing facts of the Great Wall of China.great wall

Age of the Great Wall of China.

  • The Great Wall of China became a reality even before China was fully born as we know of it today.
  • Do you know its age? It was completed in 221 B.C. The very first Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi is said to have built it.

Length of the Great Wall of China.

great wall of china 2It is running for nearly 8900 km across China’s varied landscape and scenic regions. It begins from Xinjiang, in the northwest and terminates at the border of Korea.

The width of the Great Wall of China

When I read about it for the first time during the beginning years of my school, I wondered how can people walk on a wall as its width is hardly a couple of inches! All I knew till then was my school’s compound wall. The width of the Great Wall of China varies from 15 to 30 feet! Oh, that’s a comfortable space on which 9 people can walk side by side.

great wall of china 3

The height of the Great Wall of China.

From the ground level, it must be 25 feet on the top where you are standing on the wall.

Let us skip too many structural facts, length, height, and age etc. They are irrelevant for you and me as tourists. We will just focus on what best we can see of the Great Wall from Beijing where the majority of the tourist to China, enter.

great wall of china 4

Since nearly 500 km of the Great Wall of China is part of the Beijing’s official geographical limit, we can happily set our feet on the Wall quickly from our hotel room in Beijing.

Four sections of the Great Wall.

Do you know that a guide is necessary for tourists who intend to walk on the Great Wall of China? He would brief you about the area of the wall you can reach quickly based on your hotel’s location. There are four sections of the Great Wall of China that are:

great wall of china 5

  • Badaling-easily accessible for all age group of travelers. It is also crowded with tourists
  • Mutianyu-Not crowded
  • Simatai-not a comfortable stretch to walk on
  • Jinshanling-mountainous stretch and hence not suitable for all.

When is the best time to see the Great Wall of China?

If you do not mind mingling with thousands of eager tourists from all over the world, it is best for you to visit during May to October. In November, the winter starts in China and the world’s wonder is enshrouded in the snow.

great wall

Where should you head to set your first step on the Great Wall ?

Assuming you are starting from the Chinese capital Beijing, ideally, you should take a car to Jinshanling section that is about 125 km from the center of Beijing. This suggestion is suitable for solo travelers; I mean those who are not accompanied by their family.

With your family tagging you, it is advisable to start your historical walk on the Great Wall  from the Mutianyu section that is less crowded.

Eating during your tour to the Great Wall of China.

There is no dearth of restaurants and street food stalls along the length and breadth of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Ask your guide to stop the car near the Commune by the Great Wall. It is where you can find restaurants and eateries. You will only get Chinese cuisine here but very authentic of course.

great wall

Tips and suggestions for your Great Wall of China tour.

Certainly, it is not advisable to explore any part of China on your own because of the language barrier. You would be safe and comfortable if you book a private tour of Beijing and the Great Wall with an English speaking guide.

Suggested private tour operators in China

  • Imperial Tours
  • China Odyssey Tours

Other places of interest in Beijing

Beijing is a big city and tourist friendly with a range of staying options and abundance of restaurants. While you are in Beijing, make a visit to these places of importance:

  • Tiananmen Square
  • Silk Road-a very memorable thrilling visit it will be
  • Forbidden city
  • Longdi Jade Gallery

Address:  Zhengfu St W Rd, Changping Qu, Beijing Shi, China, 102200

Useful tips:

  • Plan your Great Wall of China hike during the afternoon due to less number of tourist presence.
  • Carry plenty of water bottles.
  • Avoid eating at any of the restaurants at the Commune as it is expensive there.


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