Cruise from Mumbai to Goa in Just 14 Hours

by Jane Sophia
Angriya Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

Indian travelers have been very thirsty for a long, long a time to hit the Indian seas. India, in spite of being a peninsula and blessed with some wonderful natural harbors in Mumbai and Cochin, offers no cruise ship at all. India has been glaringly lacking in this segment of tourism. To fulfill their dreams here is a Cruise from Mumbai to Goa in 14 hours duration.

There used to be a passenger ship long ago. It was plying between Madras and Singapore on the Bay of Bengal. Inexplicably, it was discontinued.

Finally, you can get aboard a luxury cruise ship that runs between Mumbai to Goa on the western coast of India, in the Arabia Sea. The cruise liner is called Angriya Cruise and for booking your cabin or suite

Cruise from Mumbai to Goa

The distance between Mumbai to Goa is 587 km that is covered by the Indian trains in 21 to 24 hours.

However, this distance between Mumbai to Goa is covered in just 14 hours by the Angriya Cruise Ship. Incredible speed really for a ship!

The ship leaves the Mumbai port at 5 pm and reaches Goa at 7 am the next day, giving all the passengers a chance to watch the sunset and sunrise while on the middle of the Arabian Sea. Surely, it is a rare experience.

About the Angriya Ship Cruise between Mumbai to Goa

This is the first domestic luxury cruise between Mumbai to Goa.

The ship is all luxuries personified to give the craving Indian travelers the true taste of sea voyage even though their joy lasts only for about 14 hours.

The ship is quite long measuring 130 meters in length. I suppose that much length is required to build as many as seven stories.

The ship can accommodate 400 passengers apart from a large fleet of the crew. There are different types of accommodations such as rooms, cabins, and suites.

Here is an image of a ‘couple room’ with a window giving you a sea view.

Cruise ship from Mumbai to Goa

In the span of fourteen hours, deduct your sleeping hours of six. The remaining 8 hours of the voyage can be happily spent on eating in two different restaurants. You may eat the Konkani cuisine or the delicious Mumbai food on board. I think Chinese cuisine will also be available. That is inevitable now, all over the world.

Oh, to those who would simply want to cover the distance in high spirits, there are as many as six bars. I wonder how they can be different as far as the liquor variety is served.

The Facilities in Angriya Cruise

There is a coffee shop, a massage parlor and spa and even a discotheque to pass your time.

Children with their mothers can tag them all along the ship and linger around on the spacious lounge on the deck, breathing all the unpolluted sea breeze and letting the beauty of the sea sink in their memory.

Depending on the choice of your accommodation, you may have to pay Rs.4000 to Rs.7500 per trip. If I were to get on board, I will ask if can spend the entire voyage of 14 hours on the deck.

I must admit it is expensive when compared to the flight that takes just about an hour to get you from Mumbai to Goa and the flight fare will be only around Rs.2000

The Angriya ship leaves Goa at 4 pm and reaches Mumbai at 9 am the next day.


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