Fly Dining: Hanging Restaurant in Bangalore

by Jane Sophia
Fly Dining Hanging Restaurant

That Bangalore is evolving is not just a cliché. You have to come to Bangalore and see it to believe it. The IT industry is giving birth to a new generation of youth that just wants to liberate themselves high and that includes even in their dining experiences like Fly Dining.

About 10 days or so ago, the outdoor eating scene in Bangalore made entire India turn towards the cool city with envy and admiration. Envy that their city is lacking such incredible development and admiration that the Bangaloreans welcome anything that is offbeat and thrilling.

You must have read about the “Fly Dining”, a new venture in Bangalore in various print and social media. It is all about taking your dining table high up in the air; up to 150 feet by a crane.

Amazing Fly Dining Experience in a Hanging Restaurant

Watch this short video about Fly Dining below:

That dining table with a seating capacity of 22 diners would be hoisted up in the sky with the help of a crane.

Every diner is safely harnessed on to their seat with belts. It’s so safe that you can even tilt your seat back and look up at the sky with your feet stretched and dangled in the space.

Wah! That Fly Dinning must be a thrilling and exciting experience.

You are served with a mocktail to start with followed by pre-loaded food. Yes, there is no choice of food unless all the 22 diners belong to a group and order the choice of dishes well before. This is only my guess.

In the Fly Dining video above, the water body that you see below your dining table is Nagawara Lake near the famous Manyata Technological Park in Hebbal, North Bangalore.

Fly dining concept is not new to the world as numerous countries already offer this kind of Hanging Restaurant but in India, Bangalore is the first to provide dining on the sky, Hanging Restaurant with a panoramic view of Bangalore.

I remember reading more than 40 countries in the world offer eating experience while you are suspended in the space. Some of them are:

  • Australia
  • Brussels
  • Bahrain
  • China
  • America
  • Panama
  • Greece
  • Denmark
  • France

Am I allowed to dine in the sky?

This question would pop up in the minds of children and pregnant. To answer them, pregnant are not allowed to have this wonderful experience even if they are bold. As to permitting the children, ‘no’ is the answer to those who are under 14 years of age.

Another strange condition is laid down by Whatever may be your age, if your height is less than 134.6 cm, you can’t board the hanging restaurant.

What if….

There are several ‘what ifs’ would surface such as:

  • What if I need to use the restroom?

In that case, the hanging dining table will be lowered to the ground in a minute.

  • What if the rains come?

The same answer is applicable.

This fly dining facility can be offered to a group of corporate employees for a special lunch or dinner treat. For other functions such as a birthday party or a team meeting, you can contact

Wait! You can even think of having your marriage engagement on the hanging deck. That would be the ultimate engagement experience and one to tell your children.

Cost of dining in the sky?

Sure, it is expensive. Such experiences don’t come cheaply-right? You may have to shell out Rs.4000 minimum. This might change when you are trying to book your seat.

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