6 Excellent Idly Outlets in Bangalore

by Rangan Badri
Idly Outlets in Bangalore

I was drawn into an interesting discussion about the restaurants and small kiosks in Bangalore that sell excellent idly, South India’s most preferred breakfast. There are several best Idly Outlets in Bangalore.

Idly Outlets in Bangalore

Today morning, I went to a small local restaurant nearby in Electronic City in Bangalore. The restaurant carries the name board, “Sanjeevini”. I frequent this place to eat fantastic idly accompanied the best chutney I have ever tasted in Bangalore. In addition, for just Rs.10, you get a superb cup of coffee.

Some of the regular customers that I know were sharing their experiences of having eaten excellent idlys in various restaurants and idly outlets in Bangalore.

I joined them not to share about my experience and my vote for the best idly outlets in Bangalore but to note down their recommendations of top idly outlets in Bangalore so that I could also visit and taste.

6 Fantastic Idly Outlets in Bangalore

I am sharing what I have gathered here; the names of idly outlets in Bangalore where you are assured of eating soft, fluffy and thatte idlys.

1. Sanjeevini, Neeladri Road, Electronic City-phase 1, Bangalore

sanjeevani hotel

The small place that can barely accommodate about 20 people has been functioning for 8 years. They serve great fluffy idlys and terrific chutney. For a plate of two idlys, you pay only Rs.15. It’s unbelievably cheap for such a good quality idly that is big in size. One plate would fill your stomach if you consume one cup of sambar along with the idlys.

2. Vishnu Refreshment, Domlur, Bangalore

Address: 6/7, HAL Old Airport Rd, 2nd stage Indiranagar, BDA Colony, 1st Stage, Domlur, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560071 Phone: 097399 04889

In the swanky Indira Nagar locality in Bangalore, the Vishnu’s thatte idly is doing a roaring business.

Thatte Idly means its shape is rather flat and is very different from round and fluffy idlys of Tamilnadu. Most of the idly outlets in Bangalore serve only Thatte Idly.

Thatte Idly

Thatte Idly

While preparing the idly batter, they add some sabudana (Tapiaco sago) so that the thatte idly comes out much spongier than the round Tamilnadu style idly.

Apart from the accompanying chutney and sambar, you also are served a dollop of butter or ghee that you need to spread on the idly. The resultant product’s taste is something out of the world.

Served on a banana leaf, thatte idlys at Vishnu Refreshment are not to be missed if you are in Bangalore.

3. Brahmin’s Coffee Bar, Basawangudi

Address: Near Shankar Mutt, Ranga Rao Rd, Shankarapura, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Phone: 098450 30234

This idly joint in Bangalore is the talk of the town if not the world. Yes, I am not exaggerating buddy; the Brahmin’s coffee bar idlys were mentioned in some of the world’s best foodie blogs.

I once visited this very small restaurant that offers no seats. Typical of Bangalore’s most of the restaurants, you have to stand and eat.

This idly restaurant always crowded but the counter staff manages the crowd’s demands efficiently. The idly’s are super soft and the accompanying coconut chutney tastes heavenly.

Surprisingly, the ‘sambar’ that always goes well with idly is not served here.

I also drank two cups of coffee at Brahmin’s coffee bar and I must say, the coffee was just perfect.

4. Idly Outlets in Bangalore: Veena Store, Malleswaram

The name ending with ‘store’ is certainly a misnomer for a restaurant that sells soft idlys and crispy vadas. I suppose they have not changed the name ever since they converted into a restaurant from a condiments and spices store. Nevertheless, this highly patronized idly joint in Bangalore has made the residents of Malleswaram, fiercely patriotic about it.

Again, this small vegetarian restaurant offers no seats; you have to stand and eat but as the video shows, the customers really are not bothered about the inconvenience of standing, holding the plate filled with idly, vada, and chutney.

Address of Veena Store:

183, Margosa Rd, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560003 Phone: 080 2334 4838

5. Idly Outlets in Bangalore: New Krishna Bhavan, Malleswaram

Sri Krishna Bhavan

Location: Opposite Sampige theater, Sampige Road, Bangalore, Karnataka 560020 Phone: 080 2356 0940

It is an old restaurant that attracts customers with an innovative idly called, “green idly”. I think the idly batter is mixed with mint based paste mixed with other spices and that resulting idly comes out green,

Though this unassuming idly outlet in Bangalore has received numerous reviews, personally, I like the idly in white colored.

This idly outlet in Malleswaram, Bangalore offers chairs and tables.

6. Idly Outlets in Bangalore: Madurai Idly Shop, Koramangala, Bangalore

Address: 20, 1st floor, 9th Main Road, 3rd block, Jayanagar, Bangalore


Idly Outlets in Bangalore Madurai Idlyshop

You get authentic South Indian idly here in Tamilnadu style. Apart from Koramangala, this idly kadai (shop) has branches in Indira Nagar and Marathahalli.

Apart from fluffy idlys served with traditional South Indian sambar and chutney, Idly Outlet in Bangalore also serve other breakfast items such as pongal and original filter coffee of Tamilnadu.

The rates of idly and other vegetarian dishes are affordable and Idly Outlet in Bangalore have received positive reviews from Zomato and Trip Advisor.

What else the Madurai Idly Shop need to showcase their quality?

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