5 Incredibly Unique Themed Restaurants in Bangalore

by Jane Sophia
Restaurants in Bangalore

I was expecting some feedback for my post titled, “Hanging Dining…Bangalore” but I did not expect links to incredibly unique themed restaurants in Bangalore that I should know so that I can give them a good exposure.

Being a web journalist in the travel niche, I was compelled to click on each link (about 10 of them) to visit the recommended dining outlets in Bangalore.

What impressed me the most about these themed restaurants are the basic theme of the restaurants in Bangalore such as quayside (wharf), caves, Serengeti Wildlife Park and so on.

What can you find to eat in these classy and unique themed restaurants in Bangalore?

Having visited numerous dining places in Bangalore that ranged from street food outlets to pubs, sleek and posh restaurants, what I observed one thing about the food is you can eat almost all the cuisines of Indian states that include Kerala, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Punjab, Bengal, and even Bihari food.

The range of food served in themed restaurants in Bangalore are:

  • Idli Sambar (with chutney of course)
  • Several varieties of dosa including the most unique ‘neer dosa’ that is made only in Bangalore
  • Lips smacking filter coffee
  • Exotic combinations of smoothies

Mughlai and North India delicaies.

  • Wonderful chilled beers of several countries

There are more than a handful of themed restaurants in Bangalore that warrant a visit. This side of Bangalore certainly deserves coverage and I am doing exactly that in this article.

  1. 1. Themed Restaurants in Bangalore: Ruh Restaurant, Bellandur.

Probably this video below will explain better than the words.

The media says it is Arab based theme; the video is titled as a Mediterranean theme but to me, it looks like Mughlai reign decorated all over the place including the drapes. Ah, the table-top hookah authenticates my observation. It can be safely tagged as a Middle-Eastern theme.

You can expect a rich Mughlai food that will not disappoint your palette.

Address: Ganapa Towers, 4th Floor, Outer Ring Road, Bellandur, Bengaluru-560103 You can locate this themed restaurant easily as it is located near Bangalore Central Mall. Phone: 99723 05871

  1. 2. Village Restaurant, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Address: Total Mall, 1st Floor, Total Mall, Sarjapur Road, Ph.- 080 41678382

I think this is a wonderful place to dine and dance. The ambiance is very creatively conceptualized and the range of food looks appetizing. The idea of folk music combined with traditional rural dance such as bhangra and graba before and after dining is an excellent idea. On some days, there would even be a puppet show. From the video clip, it is very obvious that the diners are enjoying without any inhibitions.

The buffet table itself thoughtfully loaded with food that includes cuisines from several Indian states such as Punjabi, Gujarati, and Rajasthani.

I noticed some live counters too and cycle vendor where you are served chaats and snacks.

I would call this Bangalore restaurant as a true ‘family restaurant’.

  1. 3. Silver Metro Themed Restaurant, Madivala, Bangalore

The whole theme of this unique restaurant in Bangalore revolves around a metro rail station. The seating arrangement includes both inside a metro train and the station platform.

The food is multi-cuisine and includes typical Indian chaats such as paani-poori. The buffet is available throughout the day, that is really unique. The food includes North Indian and Chinese cuisine. The rate is affordable to all classes of people and the restaurant enjoys great patronage. The service is widely appreciated and so also the cleanliness.

The themed restaurant of Bangalore is located at the Total Mall’s third floor in Madivala near Koramangala, Bangalore.

Phone: 080-40003333, 9731558300

  1. 4. Gufa Restaurant

The word ‘gufa’ means cave and this is the theme of this restaurant in Bangalore. I think you have already started visualizing how the interior of a cave restaurant will look like. See the video below and check whether it matches your visualization.

I am of the opinion that the video could have cut down the narration. It spoils the effectiveness of a video.

The cave themed unique restaurant in Bangalore located President Hotel situated in the posh Jayanagar area. The food is multi-cuisine including a few continental items.

Here is the full address of the President Hotel:

79/8, Pattalamma Temple Rd, Jayanagar East, Jaya Nagar 1st Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001 Phone: 99809 09053

  1. 5. Themed Restaurants in Bangalore: Jail Restaurant

Restaurants in Bangalore

Image Credit: Times of India

Have you ever dreamed of eating in a jail but not the jail food but some excellent non-vegetarian food such as mutton briyani or chilly chicken? Here is a chance to make your dream come true.
Schedule a visit to the Central jail Restaurant that is located at 28th Cross, 10th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar.

A jail-themed restaurant is a bold experiment as many people including me would not want to have such an experience even if it is only a setting.

The seats placed both inside a prison cell and outside such as a police patrolling area. For the sake of authenticity, the prison cells where the dining tables arranged and numbered. I wonder a cell bears the number 420. Sitting in it would be the laughing stock of the day.

Call 9066483438 to inquire about today’s menu.

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Abhijit October 30, 2018 - 4:01 am

Very informative.

Dipali Bhasin October 30, 2018 - 4:15 am

This is such an interesting compilation of themed restaurants and I will definitely visit them on my next trip to Bangalore. While initially, such restaurants attract attention and an increase in customers, it is ultimately the food that is the deciding factor for their popularity. Do these restaurants serve good food too?


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