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Who Offers Submarine Tours and Where?

by Jane Sophia
Submarine Tours

Submarine tours in the world’s deepest oceans are the most exciting, thrilling, and memorable experiences. Nothing can match the feeling when you go underwater in a submarine and watch the myriad marine life up close. Without being worried about getting drowned or suffocated, you can freely enjoy the submarine experience and it will be a story to tell for generations.

In this blog post, I will tell you the best oceans and seas to get under and watch the extremely busy marine creatures, marine plants, the wreckage of ships, coral reefs’ roots, and many more surprises that you would have never thought of or visualized. A live tour of the underwater world can be a lifetime experience and it is essential that you pre-learn some aspects of a submarine tour before you buy your underwater tour package.

In addition, I will share with you the names of submarine tour operators and their contact details.

Before I take you to the first submarine tour, please note down the following points of a underwater tour.

  • All Your submarine tours require you to attend the briefing of this wonderful adventure activity.
  • You will then board a speedboat to take you to the actual submarine dock. Your heart will beat faster at the first sight of submarine.
  • When all the passengers entered the submarine, it will begin to descend the Indian Ocean.
  • The underwater vehicle will descend to a depth of 100 to 3000 feet.
  • Even though you go underwater, your submerged vehicle is air-conditioned.
  • In front of each seat, there will be a circular glass window for you to look through and observe the marine life and marine vegetation.

    submarine tour

    Image Credit: Huffington Post

  • Your whole underwater submarine tour will last from 2 to 6 hours depending on the submarine operators.


Submarine Tours  in Mauritius

Submarine Tours in Mauritius

Mauritius is a paradise in the true sense and is one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. The places to see and the adventure activities you can indulge in Mauritius would entice even a reluctant traveler to start planning a trip.

Ask a scuba diver or a casual snorkeler what is in store underwater and they go off talking feverishly describing the sights of submerged life.

The marine life of Mauritius cannot be explained in words; they are to be seen from a submarine.

The Indian Ocean which hosts Mauritius is a habitat of very diverse marine creatures and plants that include:

  • Coral reef
  • The wreckage of Star Hope cruise ship
  • Coral Gardens
  • Caves
  • Spotfin porcupinefish
  • Giant moray eel
  • Indian Lionfish
  • Sting Ray
  • Crown Squirrelfish
  • Octopus
  • Moorish Idol
  • Broadbarred firefish Broadbarred firefish
  • Yellow-edged lyretail
  • Bluestripe snapper

Bluestripe snapper


Submarine Tour  in  Cozumel Island, Mexico

The places of submarine tours selected based on the availability of operators for submarine tours there. In Cozumel Island in Mexico, the well-known Atlantis Submarine offers various underwater tours. Cozumel is a popular scuba diving spot in the world and naturally, it is also suitable for submarine tours and submarine exploration.

If you are lucky, you can spot the legendary mermaids swimming along with other marine creature.

Submarine Tour  in Hawaii

Hawaii is probably the only island in the world that compels a visitor to stay for a minimum of two weeks because of a great range of places to see and fantastic adventure activities to indulge in.

The Atlantis Submarine has three platforms in the Hawaiian Islands namely Maui, Kona, and Waikiki

The Atlantis submarines are generally large and can accommodate nearly 50 people! Your Hawaiian underwater tour will last for about 100 minutes.

The Atlantis Submarine possesses 12 submarines and they are based at several destinations  and different submarine tours in the world such as Hawaii, Cozumel, Guam, Barbados, and Aruba.

Submarine Tour  in Honduras

Submarine Idabel is another exclusive company that offers underwater exploration in their submarine but it is only for two people (not necessarily a couple in the real sense). The submarine plunges to unbelievable depths in the Caribbean Sea, up to 3000 feet! I don’t think the surface light will penetrate to such depth. You remain underwater for about three and a half hours!


Lovers Deep Submarine Tours

Lovers Deep is another submarine company that operates submarine tours in a few locations in the Caribbean Islands.

Lovers Deep Submarine Tours

In the Caribbean Sea waters, the Lovers Deep’s submarines take the passengers to really deep (up to 650 feet down).

This is more of a submarine cruise trip offered to couples and honeymooners. They even offered a bedroom! Do you know what the romantic couples provided in their all-inclusive submarine cruise package? An aphrodisiac meal!


Submarine Tours to be started in Cochin

Cochin in India is a major tourist hub with beaches, islands, and cruises.  The Government of Kerala is ready to launch a submarine off the Arabian coast. The ambitious tourism project is awaiting clearance from the shipping department.

It is expected the submarine will descend up to 300 feet in the Arabian Sea and can take 24 passengers. The submarine cruise will be for three hours. When the underwater ship begins operation, it would be the first submarine tour in India.





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