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Have you seen the Coorg at Night?

by Jane Sophia
Have you seen the Coorg at Night?

Don’t miss all these must-see places in Coorg at night, the best hill station in Karnataka that is the most visited by the Americans.

I had seen Coorg long before when I was only a casual tourist. I was not a travel blogger then. Therefore, I did not do any research about the must-see tourist attractions in Coorg at night.

Moreover, like the majority of the tourist, we arrested ourselves in the hotel room and settled before the idiot box immediately after sunset.

Now, after turning into a travel blogger and tourist guide, I realized what a wasted trip it was.

Turn nocturnal in Coorg and discover stunning attractions

Coorg has more than 50 hidden attractions that are unknown to a normal tourist. Out of those 50+ places of sightseeing importance, about five or so must be visited after dark only.

Are you surprised that a hill station that certainly lacks the colorful lights of a city and busy nightlife and disco bars has places of natural attractions that are not to be missed in the night?

Well, Coorg too has a few exiting pubs and bars that you can go after 9 pm but we will address first the other places of interest that you should see in the night.

I assure you, after reading this blog post fully, you will let out a loud ‘wow’, bookmark this page and make use of the information during your future trip to Coorg at night.

In addition, you are most likely to share this blog post in social media.

Best Places to Visit in Coorg at Night

Ok, here we turn nocturnal in Coorg and find the unknown tourist attractions.

  1. Coorg jungle safari at night

Animal safaris can also be thrilling at night. However, not many tourists don’t prefer to roam the forest after darkness set in. I don’t blame them as the wildlifes are more courageous at night that might turn to be dangerous to us. In addition, their eyesight also suits them to hunt in the darkness.

In spite of this low risk, you should hop on to a closed safari vehicle and foray into the thick jungle around Coorg at night.

The chances of spotting the big cats that include the jaguar, tiger, and lions are more during the night.  Don’t be surprised to see a gang of spotted deer looking up at you as if to ask if there is anything they can do to you.

Moreover, you will be able to spot them and the violent hyenas clearly due to the lighted eyes reflecting the vehicle’s headlight.

Coorg at Night

With an experienced forest officer accompanying you, undertake a hike through the trails where the animals walked. It can be a thrilling experience.

Additionally, your safari companions can sit around a bone fire and watch the fireflies darting around. If you have sharp ears, you can distinctly hear the calls of nocturnal creatures such as crickets, owls and even the roar of lions.

  1. Coorg at night:Trekking at night in the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Passionate wildlife photographers usually go wildlife watching in the forests of Western Ghats only during the night. They have fine-tuned ears and sharp eyes to notice pugmarks in moonlight too.

If you are wise, join them for a trekking through the rugged hills of Coorg at night.

The best place to see Coorg at night is the Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. This top Coorg at night attraction is located close to Kerala’s Wayanad border, another exciting place for natural beauty and bird watching.

The evergreen Western Ghats are home to some most beautiful flora though they are better appreciated during the sunny time.

Opt to join a night animal safari and trekking tour; there are a few organized jungle safari tour organizers.  Try to spot the wildlife by first identifying their night calls.

Your safari team leader will also tell you which sound came from which animal or bird and from which direction. He will also accurately predict the exact distance of the forest animals’ and birds’ origin of the sound from where you are.

If you wish to go to Brahmagiri Wildlife Park from Bangalore, hire an SUV and go. The distance to cover is about 260 km.

Jungle Safari in Coorg at Night

Reach Coorg first, check into a hotel or forest lodge and start your nighttime animal safari after 9 pm. The gate to the wildlife reserve is 60 km away from Coorg’s center.

If your safari guide is a knowledgeable person, he will stop for several minutes in a ‘shola’, the habitat for mountain birds.

Walk through a bamboo grove to listen to the sounds of forest in the night. It will be an electrifying experience.

Stop by the Brahmagiri River and stay silent for an hour or so without any light. You are likely to watch elephants and come to drink water. Their sound will be loud and clear.

Carry a very good night-camera and it will capture several forest animals that include:

  • Elephant
  • Sloth bear
  • Wild boar
  • Jungle cat
  • Fox
  • Wolf
  • Lion-tailed macaque
  • Loris
  • Spotted deer
  • Barking deer
  • Tiger
  • Mongoose
  • Porcupine

Be careful not to step on to a snake. They are seen swarming the forest during the night.

Mountain Drive in Coorg at Night

When you plan your trip to Coorg at night, start your journey from Mysore after 6 pm so that you drive through the Western Ghats Mountain range in the night. That night drive, buddy, will make you feel glad that you started your car travel in the night.

As you drive through the Ghat road with dark jungles on either side, you will appreciate the star-lit night sky in front of your windscreen.

Go to Abbey Falls at night.

Abbey waterfalls are located in a place that is stunningly beautiful to look at during the daytime. You will have to walk for about 15 minutes through tall trees, coffee plantations, and pepper plants.

You will reach the Abbey falls soon. If you go the falls at night, you will experience an unforgettable night. The sound of falling water and the resultant stream flowing can be real music to the ears.

Civet Creek Waterfalls and campsite

Civet Creek waterfalls is another natural attraction in Coorg. Somehow, it gained popularity as the best campground in Coorg. Try to stay in a cozy and small tent for a night and enjoy nature at its very best.

Throughout the night, the sound of the waterfall can give you company along with other nocturnal jungle calls and crickets’ untiring ‘screeches’.

Visit Chettalli at night.

This is another night drive through the countryside of Coorg. Chettalli is a scenic village that is located about 35 km from Coorg town on the way to Siddapur.

The sight will take your breath away. The stunningly silent hills, the sudden sound of mountain stream will make you feel happy that you have decided to drive to Chettalli.

The real nightlife in Coorg that you have been waiting thus far patiently includes a visit to some bustling bars and restaurants.

The names of the pubs, bar cum restaurants in Coorg.

  • Planter’s Club-Mahindra Holiday homes
  • Hive Bar-Vivanta Taj hotel
  • The Falls Restaurant
  • Silver Oaks Restaurant

Staying in Coorg.

Coorg’s hotels and resorts are certainly expensive. Somehow, Coorg is considered as an elite weekend escape by Bangaloreans and Keralites.

Coorg is one hill station in Karnataka where secluded resorts set amidst beautiful and scenic settings are more than ordinary hotels with drab rooms that will seem like walled jails when compared to staying in resorts that offer all-inclusive Coorg weekend package.

CoorgHere are a few highly recommended resorts in Coorg.

Note: These picturesque resorts in Coorg need advance booking. Don’t image you can gate crash and hope to get a cottage.

  • Orange County Resort
  • Amanvana Spa Resort
  • The Tamara Coorg
  • Heritage Resort, Coorg
  • Mahindra Holiday Homes, Coorg
  • Magnolia Estates and Resort, Coorg
  • Ibnii Resort-I would rate this as the best and most beautiful resort in Coorg.
  • Coorg Jungle Camp Backwater Resort

Food in Coorg.

Due to a large number of western tourists, all the resorts in Coorg serve continental breakfast. However, when it comes to lunch and dinner, you can eat 100% authentic Coorgi cuisine which will resemble more of Malabar food than Karnataka cuisine.

Though rice is the staple in Coorg, there is no dearth of any meat-based menu in the classy restaurants of resorts.

Special foods of Coorg.

  • Kachampuli Sauce

This is an invention of the original Kodavas of Coorg. It is basically a flavoring sauce and is dark in color.  It is made of a sour-sweet fruit called Gummi-Gutta.

  • Nool puttu- a kind of native noodles. It is known as ‘idiyappam’ in other parts of South India. The word ‘puttu’ is a Malayalam word and hence you can safely assume the ‘nool puttu’ is a Malabar dish but somehow got into the dining tables of Coorg.
  • Wotti- Wotti

It looks a ‘dosa’ version. It is known as ‘appam’ in Kerala and Tamilnadu, the neighboring states of Karnataka

  • Kadumbuttu-rice balls that are steam cooked


Again, this is another south Indian good item that carries another name ‘Kozhukkattai’.

  • Kajaya-a sweet dish made of jaggery, Its alternative name is ‘Athirasam’.
  • Kozha puttu-

Kozha puttu Coorg at Night dinner

This is 100% Kerala breakfast item that is widely made in every roadside food stalls in Kerala apart from restaurants.

I hope you find this Coorg at night travel article informative and useful. I would suggest you to book your all-inclusive Coorg package tour. Else, hire a car from Mysore, switch on your Google map and enjoy your own adventure in Coorg at night.

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Amazing place. My cousin recently visited coorg.
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