Mumbai to Bangkok Cruise

by Jane Sophia

Two days before, I read a news article with the above subject line and instantly I clicked on the title to read fully as I am a big buff of cruises like Mumbai to Bangkok Cruise, especially of sea voyages. India, in spite of being a peninsula with several port cities and small towns on all its three sides, doesn’t offer a single sea cruise. The tourist potential in Indian cruise packages is tremendous but unfortunately, the Indian Government is not tapping the potential.

Bangkok Cruise Map

Finally, Viking Ocean Cruises has taken the initiative and proposed to offer cruise tour from Mumbai to Bangkok from September 2018. Yes, that is more than six months away but I foresee the tickets getting sold well in advance being the first of its kind in India after a long time. The Mumbai – Bangkok cruise is named as “Across the Bay of Bengal”.

Bangkok Cruise

Several years ago, Chennai (then Madras) was operating a regular ferry service to Singapore and back. Now it is history.

Bangkok is one of the very frequently visited holiday destinations in the world that is attracting tourists from various continents. Among Indians, it is the second most visited foreign travel destination; the first place is of course Singapore.

Overview of the Mumbai to Bangkok Cruise

This romantic Bangkok cruise in a semi-luxury ship will be in service from September 8th 2018. The duration to reach Bangkok will be 16 days. This sea ferry voyage is going to be offered by Viking Ocean Cruises, a Swiss company.

The Bangkok cruise will sail through the Arabic sea, Laccadive Sea, Indian Ocean, and the Bay of Bengal.

I read that the passengers will be delighted to know that the ship will anchor at:

  • Goa
  • Lakshadweep ( I think the ship would just pass through the Laccadive sea)
  • SriLanka
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore
  • Koh Samui.

Viking Mumbai To Bangkok Cruise Detail Here

Oh, that would be a lavish passage indeed and the lucky travelers are in for a big treat during the inaugural voyage.

Other features of the Bangkok cruise package from Mumbai:

Bangkok Cruise

  • There will be eight guided tours on the 5 stoppages.
  • The semi-luxury cruise liner offers 14 different types accommodations on board.
  • The most expensive type of accommodation is the penthouse.
  • Thermal suite
  • Scandinavian-style spa
  • Fitness center
  • Al-fresco dining
  • Theater
  • Swimming pool
  • Bar and Restaurant

The price tag of the Mumbai Bangkok cruise:

Yeah, I think it is very expensively priced at $4,999 (INR 3,24,555). Though your ticket price includes accommodation, food, complimentary cruise activities, port taxes and gratuities (whatever that means), at present, only rich can afford. For that price, two or three persons can travel to Bangkok and come back by plane. Of course, the luxury of visiting 5 countries with a guide is not there in alternative travel mode.

I wonder whether the Viking Cruise company entertains travelers to board the ship from the other countries where the ship docks.

I am sure the entire Bangkok cruise would be filled with fun and frolic combined with great food and booze.

Reaching Mumbai:

Mumbai is very well connected by planes and trains from all parts of India.

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