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Safe and Fun, Log Flume Ride in California

by Jane Sophia

Of all the various rides in the theme parks, water rides such as Log Flume Ride are less scary and more fun because, irrespective of our age, we love water, splash on us, more during summer. Have you ever watched less than a year old kid splashing in a mini water tub screaming with pure delight? If you tried to lift the kid from the water tub, it would refuse to budge resolutely.

In any amusement park, there are several fun water rides such as:

  • Bumper boats
  • Log flume
  • Waterslide
  • Aqua Loop
  • Shoot the Chute
  • Tornado

Water rides are certainly less scary and their duration is much less than any other types of rides.  I am happy to share some wonderful and useful information about the best water log flume ride such as Log Flume in California, U.S.

What is meant by Log Flume?

Log flume is also known as log rides, employ man-made logs in which a hollow is carved out to seat people. Yes, you can call them as improvised boats. The log carries the passengers along a water chute. The log moves forward with the water current. Along the length of the ride, you enjoy different artificial or natural wonders and at one stage, the log descent on a slope, splashing water all over and comes back to the starting point. The drop will not be from scary heights and it will be gentle. The passengers thoroughly enjoy the short log flume ride.

There is one more name for the log flume and it goes by the name, Calico log ride

Timber Mountain Log Ride”

I stumbled onto the gentlest of a water ride called, “Timber Mountain Log Ride” at Knott’s Berry Farm, the fifth most visited amusement park in the United States.


Address: 8039 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620, USA Phone: +1 714-220-5200

The video on Timber Mountain Log Ride inspired me to compose this blog post. Please watch the video until the end so that you too vicariously enjoy the passage filled with life-size figurines of lumberjacks, blacksmiths, and so on. The ride goes through a few dark tunnels before finally descending with a splash. This log ride has been in existence since 1969. That’s almost 50 years ago! None other than the English movie ‘Hatari’ fame, John Wayne took the first ride!

No wonder it is the fifth most visited amusement park in America, Knott’s Benny Farm amusement park operates 30+ rides including other water rides and roller coasters.

Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel

Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel, Log Flume Ride

People visiting the Buena Park, California tend to stay overnight or for a weekend because of so many rides in the park cannot be taken on a single day. Keeping them in mind, the amusement park owners have built a very good looking hotel called, ‘Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel ‘. It is quite spacious comprising of 320 rooms. The hotel’s facilities and amenities include all the latest luxuries such as:

  • Gym
  • Children friendly swimming pool
  • Restaurants

The hotel is offering three different kinds of packages namely, the bread and breakfast, classic, and ultimate package.

There must be more such log flume in America. I will find about them and compose a separate blog post. Stay tuned for #Logflumes  #WaterRides hashtags.

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