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Must Visit Beaches in Greece to Enjoy the Perfect Family Vacation

by Jane Sophia

The most popular destination for any family has to be the beach. When we go out with our families we want to avoid any trouble and usually beaches are full of them. Whether it is a parking issue or just rough waters, it can ruin the entire trip. Sometimes the place is so crowded you can’t even breathe. If only there was some list of beaches that are perfect for your family.

Well, that is exactly what this is! Must visit beaches in Greece to enjoy the perfect family beach holiday.


1This pebbled beach near Rhodes town is a beautiful place that is known its hot springs that are said to have medicinal properties. Kallithea is not too crowded, so you won’t have a hard time parking the car.

Golden beach

A visit to the beach justifies its name. The soft, warm and golden sands have a welcoming luminance. The waters are shallow and pristine. They also have play areas for kids. Grownups can recline under the under the umbrella on a sunbed and admire the view while getting a nice tan.


2People might be a little sceptical, but setting foot on this man-made beach drives all the doubt away. Just a ten minutes’ drive from the Gaios coast, Mongonissi is equipped a small bay for children. The shallow sea makes this beach a little paradise for families.


This organized beach close to Zakynthos Town (only 6km) is a must visit if you are with teenagers. They are probably bored with their parents and this place will provide the perfect mingling opportunity for them. Parking is not an issue as the facilities are well maintained.

Porto Vromi

3Porto Vromi is a little far from Zakynthos Town (37km north) but it is something that not many people experience, mainly due to its distance from the town. This is exactly why it is the perfect place for the family. A little road trip and voila! A beautiful and secluded white beach and a breath-taking lagoon. The rocky surroundings are excellent for a mild hike.

Agios Prokopios

One of the most attractive beaches of Naxos, Agios Prokopios is only 6km away from Chora. Its long sandy arms are warm and welcoming. If the kids are old enough they can also join the local diving club.

Rethymno Town Beach

Rethymno beats all other beaches in Crete just by its sheer size. Going on for over 20km, this beach is always bubbling with visitors. The size of the beach will ensure that you find quieter spots for your family.

Amylrida Beach

The fun tourist friendly village, Amylrida, in Crete has a small shallow water beach that is perfect for children. The soft sand and well organized surrounding offers a full family holiday experience.


This calm family beach east of Zakynthos Town is the ultimate rest and relaxation destination.  It is not entirely organised but it does have beautiful clear waters and supple, warm sand. It is a little on the secluded side but it is really safe and the waves are also pretty calm.

Agios Ioannis

4The crystal clear waters the Agios Ionnis beach in Lefkada is a good place for an adventurous family. The exquisite water sports facilities will fulfil all your needs. From kitesurfing to jet skiing to windsurfing. Agios Ioannis is famous for its water sports centres where you can rent water sport gears and and take courses for windsurfing and kitesurfing.


This long and captivating beach located near Chora is perhaps the most attractive beach on the Naxos Island. The water is lovely and the view of Paros is brilliant. Although it is a very popular beach, parking is really a breeze.


Located a short drive away from Chora, Sahara is a golden beach with clean, unsoiled waters. It is just behind the Mikri Vilga. It is partly organised and family friendly.

Agios Gordios

5The blue-green colour of the sea in Agios Gordios is due to the fantastic scenery of greenery that surrounds the huge bay. This beach in Corfu Island is sandy and an optimum location to relish under the sun with the family. It is a lively place and surrounded by accommodations so access is not a problem. The beach is not fully organized but there are nice cafeterias along the beach. The sea is mellow and welcoming.


Koukounaries is the most popular beach on the Island of Skiathos. It is the ideal young for children. It is located on the south coast of Skiathos and it boasts of a long stretch of golden beach meets the shallows sea as if it was meant to be. It nicely organised and is particularly a must visit for families with small children.

Agios Georgios

The beach of Ageos Georgios is located only 2km to the south of Chora and it the closest to it. It is huge. The terrain is sandy and the water is lovely, almost crystal like. It is organised and family friendly. A perfect place to just sit back and relax.


Myrtos beach is famous for its white pebbles. It is located on the Kefalonia Island. In fact, it is a place that has the most number of photographs in the world. Owing to its large size, it never gets too crowded, so you can enjoy a lovely sunbath without being disturbed. You can also take your spouse and the kids to explore a small cave that is there on the beach at one side.



Kolympia is perhaps one of the most peaceful beaches in Rhodes. A short drive from Rhodes town, this pebbled beach is one of the calmest places around. Interestingly it also very well organised, which is uncommon for a beach this peaceful. A nice spot for your R&R needs.


Kamari is a beach resort that is located in south Santorini. It is a short drive from Fira. The sandy sprawl of land is very well organised and also has a diving club. Perfect for the family.

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